Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 118

“Continue.” Chen Feng said with a smile. Xu Dongliang is really looking for death. It is not good to compare with him. He must be compared to drinking. He is a martial artist who cultivates vigor. No matter how much liquor he drinks, his vigor can directly evaporate liquor. , Can be described as a thousand cups in the true sense of not drunk.
Xu Dongliang’s face changed and didn’t say anything. He picked up a glass of white wine and drank it all in one shot. However, when he drank this time, he was not as relaxed as the previous two, and he felt a little hot on his face.
Although his drinking volume is good, he is not so good that he drinks white wine as water.
“Can you drink more?” Chen Feng looked at Xu Dongliang with a smile.
“Is there anything I can’t drink! I just warmed up now.” Xu Dongliang bit his head.
“I hope so.” Chen Feng smiled deeply, opened another bottle of Moutai, raised his neck, and drank it.
Everyone looked straight, and even gave birth to a feeling that Chen Feng was drinking water.
Xu Dongliang threw the wine glass heavily on the table, looking at Chen Feng with red face.
Chen Feng took out Moutai and continued to drink it all.
The two of you came and went, and in just three minutes, there were eight empty wine bottles on the table.
Chen Feng drank eight bottles of Moutai alone, while Xu Dongliang drank less, but the total amount was almost two catties.
Looking at Chen Feng as a okay person, Xu Dongliang’s face was red like a monkey butt, apparently the spirit of white wine came up. At this time, Xu Dongliang only felt that there were human shadows everywhere.
After Chen Feng had another bottle of liquor, Xu Dongliang finally couldn’t help it.
“Waiter! Get out of here!” Xu Dongliang shouted with red eyes.
“Sir, what can I do for you?” Several waiters came over in a panic.
Xu Dongliang pointed to Moutai in front of Chen Feng and cursed: “Your Moutai, TM is not fake!”
Fake wine?
Hearing Xu Dongliang’s words, the head of the waiter’s complexion suddenly changed and he hurriedly said, “Sir, this is impossible, our Huaqi Mansion, but the most high-end restaurant in Jinling, every bottle of wine is taken directly from the Moutai Distillery. The most authentic liquor that comes here is absolutely impossible to appear fake.”
“Fart! If it wasn’t for fake wine, why is he not drunk after drinking eight bottles alone!” Xu Dongliang pointed to Chen Feng and said.
“Eight bottles?!” The waiter in the lead was also taken aback, only to discover that in front of Chen Feng, there were eight empty wine bottles neatly placed, but Chen Feng was standing like an okay person.
“Mr., you really drank eight bottles by yourself?” The waiter asked Chen Feng incredulously.
Chen Feng nodded.
“Wait, I’ll call our manager over.” The waiter said with a solemn expression. She felt that things were a little big. If Chen Feng really drank eight bottles and it was all right, there might be something wrong with the wine.
A few minutes later, a middle-aged man in a suit walked over.
“Gentlemen and ladies, my name is Liu Bo, the lobby manager of Huaqi Mansion. I’m sorry that this situation has disturbed your meal.” The middle-aged man glanced at everyone apologetically.
Then he turned his gaze to Xu Dongliang and asked, “This gentleman, you said that the Maotai in our Huaqi Mansion is a fake wine?”
Xu Dongliang was a little overwhelmed at this moment, and started a drunken madness: “Even if it is not fake wine, it must be mixed with water, otherwise he can drink eight bottles alone?”
Liu Bo took a look at Chen Feng. He was also shocked that Chen Feng drank eight bottles by himself, but he was sure that this batch of Moutai was taken directly from the factory, and there is no fake wine.
“This gentleman, your suspicion is very reasonable, but what I want to tell you is that all the wines on this table are from the same batch of Moutai, that is to say, the Moutai you have drunk and this gentleman There is no difference between the eight bottles of Moutai I have drunk.” Liu Bo said in a hurry.
“So what?” Xu Dongliang’s consciousness was a little unconscious, and he didn’t reflect the meaning of Liu Bo’s words.
Liu Bo sighed and said, “This gentleman, I mean, if our Maotai is fake, you won’t get drunk at all.”
“Fart! I’m not drunk!” Xu Dongliang became angry, and he also reacted. He did something stupid. Even if it was fake wine, it was the same fake wine. After drinking it, Chen Feng was not drunk. He was drunk, no matter what, he was inferior to Chen Feng.
Liu Bo said helplessly: “Well, sir, you are not drunk, but I can also assure you that there is absolutely no problem with our Moutai. Next, I will test it on the spot.”
Liu Bo said that he put the eight empty bottles that Chen Feng had drunk in front of him, and began to scan the QR code one by one. Soon, the production batches and numbers of the eight bottles of liquor appeared, indicating that it was the Guojiao Winery The authentic liquor produced has no possibility of fake liquor.
“Sir, you have also seen that our liquor is indeed real. If you still don’t believe it, you can still let people from industry and commerce come over and check it.” Liu Bo said sternly.
Xu Dongliang’s face was a little ugly, and he doubted: “Could it be your waiter who opened the wine halfway and then mixed the liquor he wanted to drink with water.”
A cold color flashed across Liu Bo’s eyes, and Xu Dongliang was already entangled in this way.
“Sir, you can eat rice indiscriminately, but you can’t talk nonsense. You are already slandering the reputation of our Huaqi Mansion. If the situation is not true, you will be legally liable.” Liu Boleng said coldly.
When he heard that he was legally responsible, the cold sweat on Xu Dongliang’s forehead suddenly broke down, and most of the wine became sober in an instant. Behind the Huaqi Mansion, but the Yang family, if he really made a mistake today, then the Yang family would definitely let him eat Can’t walk around.
“Sorry, sorry, Manager Liu, I drank too much, I made a mistake.” Xu Dongliang hurriedly apologized.
Liu Bo’s complexion is still cold and severe. With his eyesight, it is natural to see that Xu Dongliang and Chen Feng are not dealing with each other. They estimated that they are fighting for alcohol at the wine table. As a result, Xu Dongliang loses, and then becomes angry and wants to throw the pot. Huaqi Mansion, so I can step down.
But this is the Huaqi Mansion, not the small restaurant outside. If you want the Huaqi Mansion to take the blame, what are you Xu Dongliang!
“Manager Liu, I’m sorry, our brother Liang did drink too much. Don’t take what he said. There is nothing wrong with your wine.” Wang Jiameng also sneered and helped Xu Dongliang make a round. But the Huaqi Mansion, let alone their wine is okay, even if there is a problem, you dare not say.
“Hmph, if you can’t drink enough, don’t do it. Next time, I won’t be so polite with you.” Liu Bo snorted coldly, then turned and left.
Xu Dongliang nodded hurriedly, blushing like a monkey butt. If someone else dared to humiliate him so much, he might rush up and slap a few slaps on the spot, but Liu Bo is the manager of Huaqi Mansion and borrowed him 100,000. He didn’t dare to do anything to Liu Bo.

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