Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 117

“Are you sure?” Chen Feng smiled playfully.
“Yes! Chen Feng, if you are a man, don’t dare, we will blow directly at each other.” Xu Dongliang said domineeringly.
“Okay, then blow to it.” Chen Feng sighed and said, since you are looking for death, you can’t blame me.
“Waiter, come here with a few cases of beer.” Xu Dongliang shouted loudly.
“What’s the point of blowing beer, there is liquor here, let’s just blow up the bar.” Chen Feng said lightly.
Xu Dongliang’s face stiffened, blowing white wine? Are you a fool? Blowing down a bottle of liquor may cause a perforation in the stomach.
Other people looked at Chen Feng like a fool, and felt that Chen Feng was joking. Anyone who has drunk liquor knows that a small cup of a small cup of liquor like Moutai is fine, but you can take it directly. When I get up and blow, I’m afraid my stomach will be burnt through.
“Why, don’t you dare?” Chen Feng raised his brows and said.
Xu Dongliang’s face turned black. Is this a question of dare to dare? If you really want to blow white wine, I’m afraid it will kill you.
“What is it that I dare not? I’m afraid that you can’t drink enough, and you can pour a bottle of white wine down, and you will have a stomach piercing. If you die on the wine table, what should your family do if you trouble me?” Xu Dongliang said with his neck. He seemed to be thinking about Chen Feng’s words, but in fact he was still persuaded. He wanted to hit Chen Feng in the face, but there was no need to hit him with his own life.
“To put it bluntly, I still dare not.” Chen Feng smiled disdainfully.
Xu Dongliang blushed, but said nothing.
“In this case, you can drink one cup after another.” Chen Feng said again.
“What about you?” Xu Dongliang asked subconsciously.
“I’ll blow one bottle directly.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“You look down on me?” Xu Dongliang was a little annoyed. What does this waste mean, let himself have a drink, and he drink a bottle, isn’t this obviously looking down on himself?
Chen Feng nodded, and said straightforwardly: “Yes, I despise you.”
Xu Dongliang’s tone was stagnant, well, you are awesome!
“Okay, let’s start drinking, but I’ll say it first, if you have any problems with drinking, don’t rely on me.” Xu Dongliang said coldly.
“Don’t worry, I will bear the responsibility if there is any problem.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Hmph, there are so many people watching at the scene, they can all serve as witnesses, as well as your wife, who are all here, I hope you can count on your words!” Xu Dongliang snorted coldly.
“Yes.” Chen Feng said.
“Chen Feng…” Xia Mengyao hesitated to say something, but in fact she also felt that Chen Feng was a little too big, but she couldn’t say these words, and she might lose Chen Feng’s face when she said them.
“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything uncertain.” Chen Feng blinked and said.
“Yeah.” Xia Mengyao nodded slightly. Indeed, she should believe in Chen Feng, Chen Feng is not the kind of person who is aimless.
“I hope you can still be so confident when you drink into a dead dog in a while!” Xu Dongliang gave Chen Feng a sneer and said, “Serve wine!”
Soon, the wine in the box was concentrated on Xu Dongliang’s table.
In front of Xu Dongliang, a dozen cups of liquor were lined up in an orderly manner. It was not a small cup, but a medium-sized cup, which showed that Xu Dongliang was also very confident.
In front of Chen Feng, there were more than a dozen bottles of white wine, which made his scalp numb at a glance.
“Dare to fight with Brother Liang for drinking, and he is so big, I really don’t know how to write dead words!”
“What would he look like if he knew that when Brother Liang was a junior, he had drunk five big Hans in eastern Henan alone.”
“I don’t know, I might regret my death.”
“How many bottles do you think he can hold?”
“How many bottles? You overestimate him. I bet he will be unconscious if he has at most one bottle.”
“I also think a bottle. If he doesn’t pour a bottle, I will eat it.”
Other people in the box also gathered around and started watching the show. Of course, no one was optimistic about Chen Feng.
“Are you ready? Start drinking when you are ready.” Xu Dongliang looked at Chen Feng coldly.
“Wait.” Chen Feng said suddenly.
“What are you waiting for? Are you TM?” Xu Dongliang frowned and said.
Chen Feng shook his head and said: “I am not counseled, but I have a suggestion.”
“What advice?”
“You should call an ambulance.” Chen Feng said.
“Call an ambulance?” Xu Dongliang sneered, “I also said you didn’t counsel, how could you call an ambulance!”
“You misunderstood, the ambulance I was talking about was called for you. I’m afraid you are poisoned by alcohol.” Chen Feng said lightly.
Xu Dongliang almost didn’t spit out a mouthful of old blood, why is this idiot so crazy? !
The rest of the people almost laughed at the words, before they even started drinking, they began to think about calling an ambulance for their opponents, it was crazy!
“No! I don’t want to call an ambulance even if I die!” Xu Dongliang said viciously. He drank a glass at a time and Chen Feng drank a bottle at a time. He didn’t believe that he would kill him. He would call the ambulance.
“Well, then don’t regret it.” Chen Feng sighed and said.
“I don’t regret my death!” Xu Dongliang gritted his teeth, then took up the white wine in front of him, raised his neck, and drank it.
“Bang” the wine glass was placed on the table again, Xu Dongliang turned his gaze to Chen Feng: “It’s you!”
Chen Feng smiled, did not say anything, picked up the liquor in front of him, and started blowing directly into his mouth.
“Gudong Gudong”
Like drinking water, Chen Feng quickly drank a bottle of Maotai weighing a catty in less than ten seconds.
After drinking, Chen Feng just burped, but his complexion remained unchanged.
This scene immediately made everyone dumbfounded. The mouth was big enough to stuff two eggs. This is Moutai, not boiled water. You just drank it like that? Is your stomach beaten with iron?
Xu Dongliang’s complexion is also uncertain, this waste, is it really so drinkable?
“Continue.” Chen Feng put the empty wine bottle on the table and said lightly.
Xu Dongliang gritted his teeth, picked up the wine glass in front of him, and drank it again. After placing the wine glass on the table, Xu Dongliang looked at Chen Feng unconvinced, and said, “It’s you!” He didn’t believe it anymore, Chen Fengzhen You can finish the second bottle of liquor without changing the color!
Chen Feng smiled, picked up the second bottle of Moutai, opened the cap, and started blowing directly into his mouth.
“Gudong Gudong”
The sound of liquor entering the throat hit everyone’s hearts like a war drum, causing everyone’s hearts to tremble. They were afraid that in the next second, Chen Shanfeng foamed at the mouth and died directly here.
But soon, the second bottle of liquor was blown out by Chen Feng. The expected scene of Chen Feng foaming at his mouth did not appear. The only change in Chen Feng was that his face became a little rosy, but it was similar to the two catties. Compared with white wine, this ruddy is nothing at all.

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