Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 120

“Madam, may I ask…” The waiter turned his gaze to Li Xue and wanted to ask Li Xue to check out.
Li Xuezi pointed at Chen Feng and hurriedly interrupted: “Don’t find me, find him, he will settle the account!”
The waiter was helpless, and turned his attention to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng didn’t say anything, he just smiled and said, “Swipe your card.”
An unexpected look crossed the waiter’s face. The man in front of him didn’t look like someone who could afford 1.8 million, but he thought so in his heart, but he smiled: “This Mr. Yi, please follow me to the front desk to brush.”
Then everyone left the box and walked to the front desk.
“Everyone is optimistic about Chen Feng, don’t let him run away.” Li Xue reminded loudly.
“Li Xue, my husband is not that kind of person.” Xia Mengyao said with a cold face. Li Xue’s behavior is a typical way to treat a gentleman’s belly with a villain. Since Chen Feng said that he would treat guests, let alone a treat. One hundred and eight million, even 18 million, he would ask.
Li Xue sneered and said, “Xia Mengyao, Chen Feng is your husband, not my husband. How do I know who he is? In case he wants to talk as fart, and we run away without paying attention, this hundred Will you pay for the 800,000 meal?”
“You…” Xia Mengyao’s tone was stagnant, and she realized that she couldn’t talk with someone like Li Xue.
The complexions of several boys changed, and they began to lean against Chen Feng without a trace. What Li Xue said was not unreasonable, but it was 1.8 million. Chen Feng was really going to run, and Xu Dongliang would definitely not dig it all out. At most, you can pay out a few hundred thousand. What’s more, they can share the rest. Everyone has to put out three to four thousand.
Thirty to four thousand, but most of them earn half a year’s salary, if they spend it for a meal, they still have to feel bad.
In this way, a group of people gathered around Chen Feng and came to the checkout counter. Liu Bo happened to be here. However, at this time, Liu Bo had no good expressions on the group, especially Xu Dongliang, who left Liu Bo’s impression even worse. To the extreme.
“Check out, I can wait to call your father.” Li Xue put her arms around her chest and looked at Chen Feng coldly.
Wang Jiameng was holding Xu Dongliang’s arm, waiting to see Chen Feng’s jokes. She knew Chen Feng’s details. She was a takeaway. Even if she had deposits in the past few years, she would never have too much. One thousand and eight hundred yuan is still possible, but one thousand and eight hundred yuan is used, pure dreaming!
Chen Feng smiled, took out a card from his pocket and handed it to the front desk cashier.
Seeing Chen Feng seemingly emboldened, Li Xue frowned. Does this waste really have so much money?
“You really have 1.8 million in this card?” Li Xue couldn’t help but speak.
Chen Feng smiled but smiled: “Are you scared?”
“Fart! How could my old lady be afraid!” Li Xue stubbornly explained with a stubborn neck: “My old lady is just afraid that you will use an empty card to pretend to be here, and then we will lose our faces together.”
“Li Xue is right, Mengyao, if your husband really has no money in the card, there is no need to swollen face to fill the fat man. I have a card with three million in the card. I can lend it to your husband and wait for you. If you have money in the future, you will return it to me.” Xu Dongliang smiled and took out a black gold card, but the meaning in his words was also very clear. The money was lent to Chen Feng, not to Chen Feng, so Chen Feng If not, Xia Mengyao, as Chen Feng’s wife, might not be able to escape his clutches.
“No, my husband is rich.” Xia Mengyao said coldly.
rich? The corner of Wang Jiameng’s mouth raised a touch of disdain, how rich can a food delivery person be?
At this time, the cashier finally swiped Chen Feng’s card with a poss machine.
The bank card passed through the card slot, and a long string of zeros appeared on the computer. Suddenly, the cashier’s pupils tightened, and then he rubbed his eyes fiercely.
“What? Isn’t there a dime in this rubbish card?” Seeing the cashier’s reaction was a little strange, Li Xue raised her brows and gritted her teeth.
The faces of the rest of the people also became difficult to look at. Sure enough, they shouldn’t expect a food delivery person to spend 1.8 million.
The cashier pursed his lips and said nothing, and even his hands trembled. It was not that Chen Feng’s card had no money, but that Chen Feng’s card had too much money! She can’t count them too much!
A 1 at the beginning and nine 0s at the back!
A whole billion!
After five years of cash register work, all the cards she had seen did not add up to the money in Chen Feng’s card alone!
She suddenly felt that the so-called local tyrants and rich second generations she had met before were so weak!
In front of a man like Chen Feng who has a billion in his card, everything is a cloud!
“What are you stupefying? If he doesn’t have money in Kari, just say it, don’t worry about his face.” Wang Jiameng looked at the cashier dissatisfied.
“Mengyao, let your husband swipe my card. I have money in my card.” Xu Dongliang also smiled and turned his eyes to Xia Mengyao. As long as Xia Mengyao accepts his money, he will have the confidence to turn Xia Mengyao into him. Plaything.
Xia Mengyao did not speak, she was also a little strange at the moment, why is the cashier’s expression so strange? Is it that Chen Feng Cari really has no money, is she swollen face to fill her up?
“What’s wrong, the card balance is not enough?” Liu Bo also frowned. Zheng Jia is a veteran cashier at Huaqi Mansion. He has seen everything. How could he be so gaffe today.
At this moment, Zheng Jia finally reacted, shook her head hurriedly, and said, “Enough!”
With the money in Chen Feng’s card, let alone paying for a meal, it is not a problem to buy the entire Huaqi Mansion!
“Swipe your card if you have enough, what are you doing there.” Liu Bo reprimanded.
“I’m sorry, Manager Liu, I’ll do it right now.” Zheng Jia hurriedly apologized. She was indeed too gaffe today. After all, she is an ordinary person. Seeing one billion in front of her at once, there is no reason to shock.
Seeing Chen Feng lost the password and paid for the meal, everyone opened their mouths and looked very strange.
This waste is really 1.8 million? !
Li Xue was even more incredulous, and looked at Liu Bo and said, “Manager Liu, is your cashier wrong? How could this stinky dick have 1.8 million?”
“Our cash register can’t be mistaken.” Liu Bo said with a black face. This is 1.8 million. If Zheng Jia is really wrong, she has to pay for it herself.
“How can it be impossible? Manager Liu, you probably don’t know. This stinky dick is a takeaway. How could he spend 1.8 million yuan for a takeaway.” Li Xue still didn’t give up. Problem.
“Why can’t the takeaway take out 1.8 million?” Liu Bo’s face was a little gloomy. Although he is now the lobby manager of the Huaqi Mansion, he was also a takeaway five or six years ago. So he hates it the most. Others look down on the delivery.

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