Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 121

Seeing that Liu Bo was a little angry, Li Xue was immediately confused. She was right. Although she thought so, Li Xue didn’t dare to say that. After all, Liu Bo was even Xu Dongliang’s. No face, let alone her.
So Li Xue hurriedly explained: “Manager Liu, I didn’t mean that…”
“I don’t care what you mean!” Liu Bo directly waved to interrupt, and said: “In short, this gentleman’s account is now closed. Even if there are any problems, I, Liu Bo, will take full responsibility, so you don’t have to worry about it.”
Li Xue was speechless. Liu Bo said so, what else could she say.
“Li Xue, the account of my husband has been settled, you should fulfill your promise too.” Xia Mengyao looked at Li Xue coldly.
Li Xue’s face turned blue and red, and she really made her call Chen Feng’s father in front of so many people. Where did her face go, but the cruel words have already been put down, otherwise it will only make others look down on her even more. .
“Dad.” Li Xue gritted her teeth and shouted to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng smiled and didn’t respond. For him, asking Li Xue to call him father was just a little pastime when he was bored. He didn’t expect to recognize a goddaughter.
“Are you satisfied now?” Li Xue looked back at Xia Mengyao coldly and said.
Xia Mengyao lazily said, “I’m satisfied.”
“Xia Mengyao, don’t be too proud, don’t think I don’t know, your husband’s 1.8 million is all your savings, today your husband is pretending to be cool, but when you go home, you two Just wait and eat the soil.” Li Xue sneered. Anyway, she doesn’t believe that Chen Feng is really the kind of local tyrant who can take out more than one million eyes at once without blinking. Don’t look at Chen Feng’s appearance now. Calm, but my heart might already be bleeding.
“Oh, Mengyao, we all know that you want to prove to us that your husband is not a waste, but you can’t use this method. Let your husband pay 1.8 million out of it and invite everyone to dinner. Could you? Don’t you feel bad?”
“That is, you don’t understand your husband for a while. After all, he is a takeaway, 1.8 million. He can’t make it back for ten years of hard work. It’s good for you. Let him squander it all with one meal.
Several women who had a good relationship with Li Xue began to speak strangely. Xia Mengyao almost got angry. Why do these people still think that Chen Feng is a food delivery company, and one of them can really not blink his eyes? 1.8 million to invite people to dinner?
“You think too much, let my husband entertain, not to prove anything to you, and my husband doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone.” Xia Mengyao said sternly, she didn’t bother to explain anything to this group, anyway, what did she say, these No one will believe it.
The only thing they are willing to believe is that they have had a miserable life and that their husband is a waste.
“Cut, if your husband is not a trash, why would you go to be a junior?” At this moment, Li Xue curled his lips in disdain, which was amazing.
As a junior? When did this happen? Xia Mengyao suddenly became a little confused.
“Still pretending? Xia Mengyao, don’t think we don’t know. You went to be a junior, and then you were caught by your original partner and slapped a few times in the street.” Li Xue sneered again and again. She didn’t intend to tell the matter. But Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng just let her make such a big ugly, she naturally had to return.
“Li Xue, what are you talking about? When did I become a junior?!” Xia Mengyao’s face turned pale, and she finally understood why they looked at themselves with that kind of eyes when they first saw Li Xue and his party.
“I’m nonsense?” Li Xue sneered and said, “Xia Mengyao, do you dare to say that you haven’t been slapped in the street?”
Xia Mengyao’s tone was stagnant, she was slapped in the face, but what does this have to do with being a mistress.
Seeing Xia Mengyao not speaking, Li Xue was even more proud and couldn’t help but ridicule: “Xia Mengyao, Jiameng told me everything. I didn’t expect you to be this kind of stuff.”
Xia Mengyao fiercely shifted her gaze to Wang Jiameng, who was aside. At this time, if she could not think that it was a rumor made by Wang Jiameng, then she would be too stupid.
Seeing Xia Mengyao looking at herself, Wang Jiameng not only did not have the slightest guilt or guilty conscience, but said with a cold face: “Mengyao, you were slapped in the face. I said, but I didn’t say that you should be a junior. .”
The implication is that Xiao San’s affairs were fabricated by Li Xue.
“Do you think I am a three-year-old child?” Xia Mengyao gritted her silver teeth. She took Wang Jiameng as a friend to tell Wang Jiameng the truth of the matter, but unexpectedly, Wang Jiameng sold her in a blink of an eye. , And if this matter hadn’t been guided by Wang Jiameng, no one would have thought of that.
“Believe it or not.” Wang Jiameng curled his lips, not caring about Xia Mengyao’s opinion.
“Xia Mengyao, you have done all the shameless things, and you are not allowed to be said to others?” Li Xue sneered. In fact, she also understood that Wang Jiameng’s words had many doubts, but she was unwilling to pay attention to those doubts, and she preferred Yu, Xia Mengyao really cheated.
“Who do you mean to be shameless?” At this time, Chen Feng said coldly. Originally, he didn’t want to care about with a group of women, but Li Xue went too far. He didn’t talk about splashing dirty water on Xia Mengyao, and now it has risen to the point. Personal attacks.
Directly facing Chen Feng’s cold gaze, Li Xue couldn’t help but feel a bit palpitating. How could this trash have such a terrifying gaze? But even though he was afraid in his heart, in front of so many people, Li Xue didn’t accept it softly: “What, am I wrong? You are a trash, your wife has a green hat…”
Chen Feng directly raised his hand and slapped Li Xue’s face with a firm slap, hitting the words behind Li Xue back into his mouth.
This sudden occurrence made everyone in the hall stunned. How dare this rubbish actually hit someone?
“Ah~ My old lady fights with you!” After being stunned for three seconds, Li Xue screamed and rushed towards Chen Feng.
Chen Feng sneered and kicked Li Xue to the ground. Here, there is no rule not to beat women.
Although Chen Feng only used less than one percent of his strength on this leg, he still kicked Li Xue hard enough and curled up on the ground with his belly.
“You’re still not a man! Even women?” Xu Dongliang shouted with a ugly expression. It depends on the owner to fight a dog. After all, Li Xue is also his spokesperson. Chen Feng beat Li in his face. Snow, how can this make him live up to his face.
“Are you not convinced?!” Chen Feng’s icy gaze suddenly moved to Xu Dongliang, Xu Dongliang suddenly choked, only feeling a bit cold on his back.

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