Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 126

“Which eye do you see, I don’t have a membership card for Kowloon International?” Chen Feng said with a cold face. He also has a membership card for Kowloon International, and there are only three supreme membership cards in the entire park. The certificate of the largest international shareholder!
“You said you are also a member of Kowloon International?” Li Xue seemed to have heard some joke, her expression was very exaggerated.
“Don’t believe it?” Chen Feng sneered.
“Hahahaha! Believe! I believe it!” Li Xue laughed loudly and said, “What level of membership are you in Kowloon International? Black iron or brass?”
Li Xue’s remarks are naturally ridiculing. Kowloon International does not have members of the level of black iron or brass.
Chen Feng didn’t bother to bother, wait a while to enter the Kowloon International, Li Xue, this idiot, naturally knows what level of membership he is.
“Li Xue, don’t say that about the Chen Feng brothers. The Chen Feng brothers must be the legendary diamond members of Kowloon International. Only diamond members are worthy of the Chen Feng brothers’ identity.” Xu Dongliang also sneered.
“Kowloon International still has diamond members?” Wang Jiameng is more concerned about this. Just a platinum member, the annual membership fee is one million, then diamond members, isn’t it going to go to heaven.
“Yes.” Xu Dongliang nodded and said with some fascination: “Kowloon International does have diamond members, but a diamond membership card is not something you can do if you have money. If you want to apply for a diamond membership card, you must be recommended by the shareholders of Kowloon International. , And after becoming a diamond member, the annual membership fee alone will cost 10 million.”
“Ten million!” Wang Jiameng was shocked and covered her little mouth. With a membership fee of 10 million, what level of supernatural power must this be?
“Well, but if someone can become a Kowloon International Diamond member, it is not worse than the ten million.” Xu Dongliang said lightly. Within the Kowloon International, several exchange meetings for diamond-level members are organized every year, and each exchange meeting is given to these diamond members. The benefit brought is definitely more than 10 million.
Wang Jiameng didn’t know what to say anymore. She found that her eyelids were too shallow before, and she actually felt that a person with tens of millions of assets was a very rich man.
“Brother Liang, what level of membership is Sister Yue?” Li Xue asked suddenly.
“Sister Yue? My brother is one of the shareholders of Kowloon International. What level of membership do you say?” Xu Dongliang shook his head and said, Du Ziyue is naturally a diamond member of Kowloon International. After all, there is a shareholder in Kowloon International. Brother.
Li Xue was agitated. Du Ziyue was indeed a diamond-level member, and she was going to shoot Du Ziyue’s flattery this time. If she could become Du Ziyue’s shit again, then she would have turned over again.
Seeing Li Xue and Wang Jiameng, I was so excited just to hear a diamond member. Chen Feng’s expression was a little weird. If these two idiots knew, he who is sitting in the same car with them now is the biggest in Kowloon International Shareholders, what expressions will they look like.
Soon, the car drove into the Kowloon International Estate.
The one who came out to greet Xu Dongliang was a male foreman in a suit.
“Mr. Xu, please here.” Seeing the dozens of people behind Xu Dongliang, the male foreman’s expression was a little surprised, but he didn’t say anything, and directly led everyone to a small manor.
Here is a small villa, swimming pool, picnic spot, billiard court and other facilities are all available, and the environment is also excellent.
As soon as I walked in, a few girls took out their mobile phones and started taking selfies frantically, wishing to take all the places in the villa. After all, after passing this village, there would be no such shop anymore. Next time I want to use the Kowloon International Manor to act as a force. I don’t know when to wait.
Li Xue and Wang Jiameng became rare and reserved, and did not mix with a few women, and even vaguely began to despise a few women in their hearts, feeling that they were already a grade higher than a few others.
“Brother Liang, when will Sister Yue come over?” Li Xue couldn’t help but ask. It has been ten minutes since I came here. There was only one foreman who received them, and Du Ziyue didn’t show up at all.
“Sister Yue…” Xu Dongliang hesitated. He also wanted to know where Du Ziyue was, but he didn’t dare to ask, for fear of disturbing Du Ziyue. After all, the relationship between him and Du Ziyue was not a friend relationship, more like subordinates and leaders. .
At this time, a handsome young man with his head combed appeared.
The figure of the young man is a bit taller than Xu Dongliang, and the figure is extremely well-proportioned, just like a male model.
“Brother Feng.” Seeing the youth, Xu Dongliang’s attitude immediately became respectful.
“He is… Zhou Shaofeng?” Li Xue and Wang Jiameng soon recognized the handsome young man. It was because of him that Du Ziyue threw Xia Mengyao into Jinbo Lake.
Zhou Shaofeng at this time has long lost his youthful appearance in school. He looks more mature and handsome. He still has an inexplicable richness on him. If it were not for Xu Dongliang’s shouting, everyone would not recognize it.
“Have you brought people here?” Zhou Shaofeng’s expression was very arrogant, as if he didn’t put Xu Dongliang in his eyes at all.
“Brought here, Brother Feng.” Xu Dongliang’s attitude is still respectful, not daring to be dissatisfied.
“It’s over there.” Xu Dongliang pointed to Xia Mengyao who was not far away. At this time, Xia Mengyao was cuddling in Chen Feng’s arms and did not look over here.
“Yeah.” Zhou Shaofeng nodded slightly, the eyes looking at Xia Mengyao were a bit complicated, and there was a bit of chill in the eyes looking at Chen Feng.
“Ziyue has gone to receive a few shareholders. She will come after the reception. I’ll take you to the hunting park first.” Zhou Shaofeng said lightly.
“Hunting park? Feng Ge, we don’t seem to be able to get in there.” Xu Dongliang was stunned, saying, the hunting park is the high-end entertainment area of ​​Kowloon International Estate, which is only open to platinum members, and he is only a gold member.
There was a touch of disdain in Zhou Shaofeng’s eyes and said, “I am now the general manager of the Kowloon International Outer Park. If you can’t get in, I have the final say.”
“Brother Feng, have you been promoted?” Xu Dongliang looked overjoyed and asked, when he came to Kowloon International last time, Zhou Shaofeng was only the supervisor of one of the manor houses. In a blink of an eye, Zhou Shaofeng turned out to be the general manager of Waiyuan. A terrific position, the general manager of the outer garden, means that Zhou Shaofeng can come into contact with a lot of big people. These big people, any one, can bring unimaginable resources to Zhou Shaofeng.
Zhou Shaofeng nodded slightly. He can become the general manager of the Outer Park of Kowloon International. It is entirely dependent on Du Ziyue’s operation. His own Zhou family is just a small family with assets of less than 30 million yuan. Without Du Ziyue, he would never be able to climb. Now this seat.

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