Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 125

“Lao Tzu asks if you have it, and you can answer yes or no. There is so much nonsense.” Yang Qing was a little impatient.
“Yes, yes! Qing Ye, there was a surname Chen just now. We ate here with him. There were a total of more than forty people. In the end, he invited guests, and in the middle, he had conflicts …” Liu Bo didn’t dare to conceal, he told everything together, including Chen Feng and Xu Dongliang’s wine fight, and finally hitting Li Xue, as well as the fact that Kari had a billion.
“It’s Chen Shao undoubtedly.” Yang Qing is not sure about hearing anything else, but when he hears one billion, Yang Qing can be sure that that person is definitely Chen Feng. No one except Chen Feng. Generous.
“Chen Shao?” Liu Bo and Zheng Jia couldn’t help but their eyes widened. There was no problem with their ears, Yang Qing actually called that person Chen Shao.
Yang Qing did not explain the meaning to the two of them, and directly ordered: “Liu Bo, let the finance take out 1.8 million yuan in a while, and give the money back to Shao Chen. Shao Chen came to us for dinner to give us the face of Huaqi Mansion , We can’t charge Chen Shao.”
Yang Qing’s words made the two open their mouths again and fell into the petrochemical process. What is the identity of the young man just now? ! Yang Qing didn’t even dare to accept his money!
“In addition, you can’t disclose half a word of what happened here today, otherwise, you will be at your own risk!” Yang Qing snorted and threatened. Now in Jinling, there are only a few people who know Chen Feng’s identity. Other irrelevant people know Chen Feng’s identity, and they may cause trouble.
“Yes, Qing Ye.” Liu Bo and Zheng Jia nodded hurriedly. Listening to Yang Qing’s tone, this Chen Feng’s background is obviously so big that they dare to offend such petty people.
Soon, Yang Qing told Yang Tai that Chen Feng had gone to Kowloon International. Yang Tai called and notified several core shareholders of Kowloon International. It happened to take advantage of this opportunity today to let these core shareholders know Take Chen Feng, after all, Chen Feng is now the largest shareholder of Kowloon International.
Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao and Li Xue sat in the back of Xu Dongliang’s car, while Wang Jiameng did his part to grab the co-pilot seat, talking and laughing with Xu Dongliang along the way.
“Brother Liang, I heard that if you want to enter Kowloon International, you must have a membership card of Kowloon International. Is this true?” When approaching Kowloon International, Wang Jiameng asked curiously. She had only heard of Kowloon International before. , But I have never been here.
Xu Dongliang shook his head and said with a smile: “No, there are many areas in the Kowloon International Manor, some ordinary leisure and entertainment areas, you can enter with or without membership cards, but some high-level leisure and entertainment areas are only accessible to members.”
“Kameng, you don’t know. The high-end leisure and entertainment area of ​​Kowloon International is divided into several grades. Your lowest-level silver members can only enter the area of ​​silver members. Gold members can enter gold members. In the area above, there are platinum members, platinum members, you can enter the core areas of Kowloon International, such as the hunting garden and shooting range.” Li Xue said with some complacency, in fact, she has never entered the Kowloon International, but But there was a lot of hearsay, and it happened to be showing off on Wang Jiameng.
“Is the grading of Kowloon International members so strict?” Wang Jiameng was a little surprised, but also curious about what level of membership Xu Dongliang is.
“That is, when Kowloon International was founded, it was positioned as an aristocratic manor, dedicated to serving the social elite. Ordinary people who wanted to enter Kowloon International had no door.” When Li Xue said this, she glanced at Chen. The peak seems to be indicative.
“By the way, Brother Liang, you must be a member of Kowloon International, right?” Li Xue asked suddenly, with some meaning to praise Xu Dongliang’s stinky feet.
Xu Dongliang nodded, and said triumphantly: “I am a gold member of Kowloon International.”
“Golden member?” Li Xue covered her mouth in surprise, and said, “Brother Liang, the annual membership fee for gold members costs 500,000 yuan, right?”
Xu Dongliang continued to nod his head, his expression even more triumphant: “Yes, it is half a million. If you add in the money spent playing in the manor every year, it will be more than half a million.”
“Brother Liang, when will I be as rich as you.” Li Xue said with some envy. She is now working as a designer in a small company, working hard for a year, and only has an annual salary of 150,000, while Xu Dongliang does With a membership card, the membership fee alone is 500,000 yuan per year. How can the gap between this person and other people be so big?
Xu Dongliang coughed and said: “Li Xue, you have to look a little longer. I am now a gold member of Kowloon International. You think I am rich. If I become a platinum member of Kowloon International next year, Don’t you want to treat me as the richest man.”
Xu Dongliang’s words are faintly showing off that he will become a member of Kowloon International next year.
And Li Xue was also very knowledgeable about current affairs and hurriedly asked: “Brother Liang, what is the annual membership fee for platinum members?”
“Not much, only one million!” Xu Dongliang’s tone was indifferent. He felt that one million was a hundred yuan.
“Wow, Brother Liang, one million is not too much?” Li Xue looked at Xu Dongliang in admiration, and said: “Brother Liang, you may not earn this million for some people in your lifetime.”
“Chen Feng, how long does it take if you want to earn one million by delivering food?” Li Xue still only vaguely alluded to Chen Feng, but Wang Jiameng directly aimed at Chen Feng. After all, there were two people sitting in this car. A man, one Xu Dongliang, one Chen Feng, and Chen Fenggang had offended Xu Dongliang. At this time, it was natural to embarrass Chen Feng.
“Ten years.” Chen Feng said lightly. Based on the salary of six or seven a month, it is true that one million can be saved without eating or drinking for more than ten years.
“Ten years?” Wang Jiameng smiled contemptuously, and said: “Did you not spend money on food, clothing, housing and transportation for more than ten years?”
“Then decades, are you satisfied?” Chen Feng’s tone was also a bit sarcasm. Didn’t Wang Jiameng just want to see herself making a fool of herself? Then just satisfy her by yourself.
Wang Jiameng’s tone was stagnant, a little uncomfortable, this stinky cock, even dared to mock himself.
“Chen Feng, what are you doing so aggressively? Ren Jiameng is right. You can’t save a million without eating or drinking for more than ten years.” Li Xue said dissatisfied.
“Well, it’s impossible.” Chen Feng nodded, he knew when he was young, he can’t reason with a idiot. If you say something to a idiot, you are right. If you are reasonable with a idiot, you will only turn yourself into a idiot. .
“Huh, Mengyao was really blind at the beginning, how could he fall in love with you. The same man, if you look at Brother Liang, you can spend 1 million to get a membership card in Kowloon International, and you, I Haha.” Li Xue continued to ridicule.
Chen Feng’s face became cold, and it was enough to mock himself, and to mock Xia Mengyao, he couldn’t bear it anymore.

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