Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 131

“Is it urgent? What could be more urgent than meeting our brothers!” The young man named Du Ziteng snorted coldly.
Chen Feng glanced at Du Ziteng and asked faintly, “Do you think you are important?”
Du Ziteng’s face changed, Chen Feng’s look made him feel a lot of pressure, but in front of so many people, he couldn’t be subdued.
“It’s not that I’m important, but our brothers are important. Although Chen Shao now controls 39% of Kowloon International’s shares, the total number of shares controlled by our brothers is not much less than that of Chen Shao. Chen Shao does not treat us like this. In my eyes, it’s too unreasonable.” Du Ziteng said solemnly. He knew very well that he alone could not resist Chen Feng. Only by dragging others to a battleship could he have a fight with Chen Feng. Power.
Except for Yang Tai, the others didn’t mean to say anything, apparently acquiescing to Du Ziteng’s statement.
You Chen Feng is the largest shareholder, yes, but the rest of us add up, it’s not easy to mess with!
“Du Ziteng, don’t talk nonsense here. Shao Chen doesn’t ignore you, Shao Chen…” Yang Tai was a little anxious to explain. If Du Ziteng and Chen Feng are really against Chen Feng, then Kowloon International is afraid. Without an outsider’s action, he would disintegrate from the inside.
At this time, Chen Feng waved his hand and directly interrupted Yang Tai.
“Yang Tai, you don’t need to explain, I just look down on them.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. The rich second generation of a few second-tier families really take themselves seriously, if they think they have some shares in Kowloon International. , You can sit on an equal footing with yourself, that would be too despised of him Chen Feng.
Hearing this, the faces of several people suddenly became cold, and Chen Feng had said this, and there was no room for maneuver on the matter.
Yang Tai was very depressed. He didn’t understand what happened to Chen Feng today, so angry, even if you really don’t put Du Ziteng in your eyes, you shouldn’t say it.
“Since Chen Shao despises a few of our brothers, there is no need for this shareholder meeting today. Brother Tai, I will take one step first.” Du Ziteng snorted coldly, preparing to leave with a gloomy face, and he never thought about going there. What about Chen Feng here? After all, Yang Tai is here. If he does something to Chen Feng, it will be difficult for Yang Tai to do it.
“Du Ziteng, are you sure you want to give me face?” Yang Tai said in a deep voice, and now that he can no longer be a stumbling block, he can only choose to stand in the team, choose Du Ziteng or Chen Feng, the answer is obvious.
“Brother Tai, it’s not that I don’t give you face. The prerequisite for any cooperation is equal to each other, but Chen Shao actually looks down on our brothers. How can we brothers cooperate with him?” Du Ziteng suppressed angrily. .
In fact, Du Ziteng is also very surprised at the moment. Yang Tai would choose to stand on Chen Feng’s side. You know, Kowloon International, shareholders like him, but there are six, six of them behind, six second-line standing The family, together, is not much different from the first-line family. Yang Tai has been operating in Jinling for nearly ten years before winning their six major families. Now, Yang Tai actually wants to give up his ten-year painstaking operation for the young master of the Chen family of Yanjing, and choose to stand on Chen Feng’s side. Yang Tai is too irrational like this.
Yang Tai sighed. Du Ziteng’s words did make sense, but that was Chen Feng, the heir of the Chen family of Yanjing. They didn’t understand what the identity of the heir of the Chen family meant to them.
Yang Tai is a little regretful now. Before, we should not conceal the fact that Chen Feng abandoned Bai Guangyi and Yang Qing in the Kowloon International from Du Ziteng and others, and that Chen Feng is a warrior.
“Du Ziteng, let alone I didn’t give you a chance, you stay now, and I apologize to Shao Chen. Master Chen has a lot and won’t have the same knowledge as you.” Yang Tai didn’t give up, trying to keep Du Ziteng again.
But Du Ziteng snorted coldly, and said, “Brother Tai, I understand your kindness. As for the apology…When Young Master Chen puts down his airs, it will not be too late for me to apologize to him.”
“Du Ziteng, you better not regret it!” Yang Tai took a deep breath and said.
Du Ziteng curled his lips in disdain, regretting? There is no regret in Du Ziteng’s dictionary!
And this is Jinling, not Yenching. No matter how awesome you are, Chen Feng, what can you do to me in my territory?
At this moment, a black-clothed security guard hurried in.
“Master Tai, something went wrong over the hunting park!”
“What’s all the fuss about? Do you still understand the rules?!” Yang Tai scolded angrily.
Heiyi’s Anbao swallowed and hurriedly apologized: “Master Tai, I’m sorry, it’s really urgent.”
“A woman in the hunting park offended Miss Du. Miss Du threw that woman into the black wolf cave!”
“Hunting Garden?!” Chen Feng’s expression changed drastically, and then he rushed out of the meeting room like crazy.
Everyone looked at each other, not understanding what happened to Chen Feng.
“Du Ziteng, does your sister have any grudges with Chen Shao’s wife?” Yang Tai asked hurriedly. If the woman who was thrown into the black wolf hole by Du Ziyue was Chen Feng’s wife, then I am afraid that the entire Kowloon International will be over today. !
“Mrs. Chen Shao?” Du Ziteng was confused. Although he loved Du Ziyue very much, he rarely asked Du Ziyue’s personal affairs, so he really didn’t know who Du Ziyue had hatred with.
Yang Tai stomped heavily and said, “Du Ziteng, you’d better pray now. It is not Shao Chen’s wife who was thrown into the black wolf hole by your idiot sister. If so, your Du family will wait to be buried with Mrs. Chen. Right!”
Let the Du family be buried? Du Ziteng curled his lips in disdain, and said, “Brother Tai, you take that Chen Feng too seriously. I admit that the Yanjing Chen family is indeed very powerful, but that Chen Feng is not known to be the Chen family. How many heirs, and this is Jinling, you said he could let our Chen family bury his wife and kill me, I don’t believe it.”
“You idiot! You will know if what Lao Tzu said is true when your Du family is wiped out!” Yang Tai scolded angrily. Du Ziteng didn’t know what the Chen family meant.
Kill the door? Du Ziteng couldn’t help being surprised. Why did he even pull out the door?
“Brother Tai, don’t scare me. His wife is really going to die. The big deal is that our Du family will do something to find him a more beautiful one. Can he really destroy our Du family for a woman?”
Find another one? Yang Tai sneered, and went straight out with a green face, and then Du Ziteng glanced at each other and followed Yang Tai.

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