Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 133

The answer to Zhou Shaofeng was Chen Feng’s anger.
Seeing that Chen Feng didn’t mean to give himself face, Zhou Shaofeng was also very simple, shrinking his neck and backing away, and pushed Du Ziyue to Chen Feng again.
Du Ziyue suddenly began to scream like a cat with blown up fur: “Zhou Shaofeng, you are a trash! Are you going to watch your wife be beaten by another bastard?!”
Zhou Shaofeng smiled on his face, but sneered in his heart. At this moment, I remembered that I was your husband? When you brought those wild men home to fuck, why didn’t you say that I was your husband?
Chen Feng sneered and slapped Du Ziyue’s face with a slap. “Bang”, Du Ziyue flew out and hit the wire wall.
When he landed again, half of his face was already swollen.
This is still the result of Chen Feng’s retention. If not, Chen Feng will slap Du Ziyue’s head with all his strength!
Seeing Chen Feng walking toward him again with a deep face, Du Ziyue was finally frightened. With a puff, he knelt on the ground and began to beg for mercy: “Big brother, don’t hit me, I was wrong…”
“I knew it was wrong at this time?!” Chen Feng’s eyes were cold. If he had just arrived one second late, Xia Mengyao would have entered the wolf belly at this time. If he arrived in time, Xia Mengyao’s arm was also bitten off. , Du Ziyue, this woman, has refreshed his vicious perception of women!
He didn’t know exactly what kind of hatred or resentment it was that made Du Ziyue think of feeding a living person to the wolf!
“Big brother, I didn’t mean it. I just wanted to make a joke with Xia Mengyao.” Du Ziyue was weak and weak. Although she wanted to cut Chen Feng a thousand swords, she also understood that at this time her life was in Chen. Feng is in his hands, so I absolutely dare not make a mistake.
just kidding!
Chen Feng’s eyes were spitting fire, his teeth creaked, and he threw a living person into the wolf’s den, only to make a joke!
it is good! well!
Chen Feng clenched his fists, his body was filled with a substantive killing intent, and the few people closer to Chen Feng couldn’t help but shudder.
too terrifying!
At this moment, Yang Tai and Du Ziteng came over.
Yang Tai saw Du Ziyue half-kneeling on the ground at first glance, but he had no time to care about Du Ziyue at this time. What he wanted to know was how Chen Feng’s wife was doing.
Yang Tai looked around the crowd with anxious eyes. When he saw Xia Mengyao who was leaning against the wall and fell into a coma, Yang Tai’s pupils shrank. Although Xia Mengyao was not dead, it seemed that the injuries were not minor.
That’s it!
There is only one thought in Yang Tai’s mind at the moment, today’s Kowloon International, I am afraid that there will be an unprecedented earthquake!
At least Du Ziyue, don’t want to get out of Kowloon International alive.
Du Ziteng didn’t think so much. His eyes were all on Du Ziyue. When he saw his sister who was treated as a princess at home, he was kneeling in front of Chen Feng with a swollen face. Du Ziteng’s face immediately became gloomy and walked to Chen Feng. Angrily said: “Chen Shao, what do you mean?!”
Chen Shao?
Everyone was stunned. Why, Du Ziteng, would be called Chen Feng and Chen Shao?
Wang Jiameng and Li Xue couldn’t help but glance at each other. Could it be that this trash has another identity?
“Brother, kill this bastard! He beat me, woo…” Seeing Du Ziteng, Du Ziyue’s eyes renewed his spirit, and he crawled behind Du Ziteng, looking at Chen Feng and cursing .
“Sister, don’t worry, I will let him give you something!” Du Ziteng said with a sullen face, since childhood, Du Ziyue has been the treasure in the hands of all the Du family members, even if the words are heavy, they have not been said. But today, Du Ziyue was beaten like this by Chen Feng, how could this make him bear it.
“Brother, grab him, I’m going to smash every bone in that bitch in front of him.” Du Ziyue said bitterly. No one has ever dared to make her so embarrassed and not repay her Sleeping and eating! Don’t you like Xia Mengyao? That old lady will let you watch, how did the old lady break every bone of that bitch!
That bitch?
Du Ziteng only noticed Xia Mengyao who was leaning against the wire wall, and suddenly understood that this was Chen Feng’s wife.
Seeing that even though Xia Mengyao was injured, he was still alive, Du Ziteng couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. It would be nice if he didn’t die. If he died, he couldn’t stand up for Du Ziyue.
“Shao Chen, don’t you want to say something?” Du Ziteng’s tone at the moment was a bit aggressive, he knew very well that Du Ziyue must have been looking for something between Du Ziyue and Xia Mengyao, so the truth is not on his side, he must preemptively. Suppress Chen Feng up and down in momentum.
“I want to know, why do you treat Mengyao like this?” Chen Feng suddenly turned his eyes to Du Ziyue and asked calmly.
Directly facing Chen Feng’s calm gaze, Du Ziyue couldn’t help but shrank her neck, but when she thought that Du Ziteng was next to her, she had nothing to fear, so she said with confidence: “This bitch, she is shameless and seduce my husband not to say. I asked my husband to give her one hundred thousand yuan a month to support her, can I not teach her a lesson?!”
Chen Feng nodded, then turned his gaze to Du Ziteng: “Do you believe it?”
Du Ziteng’s gaze narrowed slightly. Du Ziyue didn’t know Chen Feng’s identity. He still knew that the 39% stake in Kowloon International’s largest shareholder meant that Chen Feng had at least 5 billion in his body and other assets. I’m afraid it’s more than tens of billions in total. With his net worth, it is impossible for his wife to seduce other men for one hundred thousand dollars.
But I think so, but at this time, he can’t say it. He must stand on Du Ziyue’s side, otherwise the truth will not be on Du Ziyue’s side.
“Chen Shao, I don’t understand Madam Chen’s behavior, but I think that since my sister said so, she must not be aimless. Maybe Madam Chen has such a habit.” Du Ziteng said lightly, although his words sound ambiguous. , But anyone with long brains can hear that he is affirming what Du Ziyue said.
“Well, I understand.” Chen Feng nodded.
I understand? Du Ziteng is a little confused, what do I mean?
In fact, at the moment, Yang Tai was the only one who knew what Chen Feng was thinking about. Chen Feng was liquidating!
He wants Du Ziteng Du Ziyue brothers and sisters to die clearly! At the same time, he also gave himself a reason to kill Du Zi Teng Du Zi Yue two brothers and sisters!
Poor Du Ziteng and Du Ziyue brothers and sisters are still complacent, without realizing it.
Yang Tai sighed. At this time, he would no longer think about fishing for Du Ziteng. He was afraid that he would even get in if he did it again.

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