Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 135

Du Ziteng was a little panicked now. The reason why he was not afraid of Chen Feng was that Yang Tai would choose to be neutral between him and Chen Feng. After all, there was the Du family behind him. Even if Yang Tai values ​​Chen Feng, he should not Will offend the Du family for Chen Feng.
But now, looking at Yang Tai’s appearance, it is obvious that he has never considered the Du family at all!
I am afraid that the importance of Chen Feng in Yang Tai’s mind is beyond his imagination!
In fact, the others were dumbfounded at the moment. Yang Tai’s respectful attitude towards Chen Feng was seen by them.
But who is Yang Tai?
Prince Jinling!
It is not an exaggeration to even call it the number one in Jinling.
Have they ever seen Yang Tai talk to people in this tone?
The few youths who stood close to Du Ziteng had been far away from Du Ziteng without a trace. As the top group of people in the rich second-generation circle of Jinling, they were not stupid. There was something wrong in Tai’s attitude, so he naturally wanted to hug Du Ziteng to resist Chen Feng, the largest shareholder.
But now, Yang Tai’s attitude shows that Chen Feng’s identity may be beyond their imagination. Even if they are tied together, they cannot stand against Chen Feng!
Wang Jiameng and Li Xue were also dumbfounded. Du Ziteng just called Chen Feng Chen Shaoshi. They still doubted Chen Feng’s identity. But now, even Yang Tai has this attitude towards Chen Feng. They have to doubt it again. It’s white long!
When everyone was guessing Chen Feng’s identity, two army green trucks carrying iron cages drove over.
In the iron cage, there are two Siberian tigers as tall as a person. Even if they are separated from the iron cage, everyone can smell the ferocity of the Siberian tiger.
Du Ziyue panicked too. Chen Feng asked Yang Tai to bring the Siberian tiger over. It was self-evident that he wanted to use the same methods she had used in Xia Mengyao’s hands on her.
“Brother, save me.” Du Ziyue looked at Du Ziteng pleadingly, saying, Xia Mengyao can escape from the wolf’s mouth, but she may not have such good luck to escape from the tiger’s mouth.
Du Ziteng’s expression was ugly, and he stood in front of Chen Feng again and asked coldly: “Shao Chen, really want to live with my Du family?!”
Du Ziteng moved out of Du’s house, he had to move out of Du’s house! Now Yang Tai is not on his side, the only thing he can rely on is the Du family!
“Du’s family?” Chen Feng shook his head, with a look of disdain, and said: “You may not have heard what I said just now. I asked Yang Tai to send 38 million to your Du’s family, which means that even if you Du Family, you can’t stay out of the matter. Mengyao’s injuries, your Du family’s thirty-eight direct lines, everyone will suffer it again intact, so it’s not your Du family and me that never die, but me and your Du family. , No! Die! No! Hugh!”
One word, the whole house is silent!
Before that, except for Yang Tai, everyone had no idea what Chen Feng wanted to give to the Du family of 38 million, and now they understand it!
Chen Feng was venting his anger for Xia Mengyao. Before he went out, Du Ziteng said that he would compensate Xia Mengyao’s wounds one million yuan!
But this is too overbearing!
Xia Mengyao was injured anyway, Du Ziteng said this, but the Du family was directly affiliated with 38 people, but it didn’t matter at all.
But now, Chen Feng is going to let the 38 members of the Du family directly suffer the injury that Xia Mengyao suffered, and then give you 38 million!
What kind of domineering style is this!
Du Ziteng’s complexion flushed. He didn’t expect that Chen Feng would have been arrogant to this point. Hearing this, he planned to let the Du family go from the beginning, which meant that he would even afflict the nine clans.
However, standing behind him is the Du Family!
A family that has rooted in Jinling for more than 800 years, has a complex force in Jinling that can even influence the economic trend of Jinling. Why is Chen Feng so arrogant!
“Chen Shao, my sister is just ignorant. Why didn’t Chen Shao refuse to give her a chance?” Du Ziteng sternly shouted. Now, he dare not gamble whether Chen Feng has such a great energy at this time. , He can only be soft.
“Non-sensible?” Chen Feng’s expression suddenly became cold, and he wanted to expose the matter when he was ignorant?
“Shao Chen, for the injury that caused Madam, our Du family will ask the best doctor to treat it with all their strength. In addition, I will take Ziyue home this time and punish her well, and will not let her step out of the Du family again in the future. Step…” Du Ziteng bit his head. This is already the biggest concession he can make.
“No, Mengyao’s injury, I will treat it myself!” Chen Feng waved his hand and said coldly.
“As for this poisonous woman, don’t say I didn’t give her a chance, let her enter the black wolf cave, and stay for three minutes. After three minutes, if she can come out alive, I can leave it alone!” Chen Feng looked coldly. He glanced at Du Ziyue and said.
“Impossible!” Du Ziteng’s expression changed drastically. There are no black wolves in the black wolf cave now, but there are two more Siberian tigers, so Du Ziyue can stay with the two Siberian tigers, which is different from killing Du Ziyue directly.
“I won’t go in!” Du Ziyue also screamed, tears streaming down her feet, and she couldn’t stand still in fear.
“Impossible?” Chen Feng sneered, and then moved his icy eyes to Du Ziteng: “Then you can go in with her!”
“Chen Feng, dare you! I’m the only male in the Du family. If you want me to go in, let the Du family end, our Du family will never let you go!” Du Ziteng’s face was shocked and he shouted sharply. I thought that Chen Feng had become lawless. He was the heir of the Du family. Let him go in. That would be a complete offense to the Du family. The Du family would never die with Chen Feng, and there was no room for maneuver.
“The Du family won’t let me go? Do you think I will let your Du family go?” Chen Feng raised his eyelids and asked lightly.
“Yang Tai, do it.” Chen Feng glanced at Yang Tai and said.
Yang Tai’s scalp was a little numb, he couldn’t help but glanced at Du Ziteng, and asked, “Shao Chen, Ziteng…will you go in too?”
What he said was a bit of pleading for Du Ziteng. If Du Ziteng were really allowed to enter, the Du family would be furious, turning into a mad dog and biting people everywhere. Although Chen Feng was the instigator, he was an accomplice and could not escape it. blame.
Yang Tai is a little regretful now. He thought that tying Chen Feng to the ship of Kowloon International would bring unimaginable benefits to Kowloon International, but he did not think that it was simply to lead a wolf into the room. Chen Feng was so cruel! He certainly wanted to vent Xia Mengyao, but it didn’t happen, to remove Du Ziteng’s hidden danger, and then to kill the chicken and the monkey. After all, Du Ziteng was in the conference room before, showing his dissatisfaction with Chen Feng.
“Are you not willing?” Chen Feng raised his brows.
Yang Tai’s tone stagnated. At this time, if he said he didn’t want to, he would completely offend Chen Feng. Then, did all the actions he did to win Chen Feng in vain?
Thinking of this, Yang Tai gritted his teeth and finally made a decision.

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