Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 137

“Brother Liang, what is Chen Feng’s identity?” Li Xue asked. If there are still people who believe that Chen Feng is a food delivery company, it is because of the feces in the brain, so that the prince Yang Tai can call respectfully. If Chen Shao’s person is a takeaway?
“You ask me, who am I going to ask!” Xu Dongliang said in a bad tone. He is also upset now. After all, he offended Chen Feng before. If Chen Feng wants to settle accounts with him, his ten lives are not enough to die. . As for Chen Feng’s identity, he might have guessed that he is at least a shareholder of Kowloon International, and he is also the largest shareholder. Otherwise, Yang Tai would not have such an attitude towards Chen Feng.
“Brother Liang, Chen Shao won’t bother us.” Li Xue asked weakly, now she dare not call Chen Feng directly.
Xu Dongliang sneered: “Now that I know I’m afraid, why did you go there early? At that time, you ridiculed Chen Shaoxing the most sarcasm. Even if Chen Shao was looking for trouble, he would trouble you first!”
“Brother Liang, don’t scare me, Chen Shao doesn’t have such a small heart.” Hearing Xu Dongliang’s words, Li Xue almost cried. When she was in the Huaqi Mansion, she spurned Chen Feng and scolded him. Xia Mengyao was shameless, but Chen Feng slapped her face.
The point is that after coming out of the Huaqi Mansion, she didn’t have a long memory. She was still on the road mocking Chen Feng for earning less than a million and couldn’t afford the membership card of Kowloon International. Now recalling her stupid behavior at the time, Li Xue His face was hot and sore.
In front of the largest shareholder of Kowloon International, he said that he earns less than one million yuan. He also mocked that they could not afford the membership card of Kowloon International.
Xu Dongliang snorted coldly, but didn’t say anything. In fact, these people are all fish on the chopping board now, and they can only pray that Chen Feng will not think of them, otherwise, none of them can escape.
After sending Xia Mengyao to the hospital, Chen Feng called Liu Wanmei and asked Liu Wanmei to rush over from Cangzhou.
Although Xia Mengyao didn’t seem to be seriously injured, Chen Feng still had to treat it with caution. After all, Liu Wanmei was a closed disciple of Sun Xici, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, who could surpass her in medical skills. The entire Qiannan Province was only three fingers.
Three hours later, Liu Wanmei came to the hospital and began to examine Xia Mengyao’s wounds.
On the hospital bed, Xia Mengyao’s pretty face was pale, and her expression was very haggard. Chen Feng looked distressed.
After dealing with Jinliu’an, he had to send Xia Mengyao back to Jinling immediately. Chen Feng thought to himself, he found that Jinling is an ominous place for Xia Mengyao. Xia Mengyao came to Jinling in just a few days and met. Two life and death crises.
Chen Feng never believed in Feng Shui’s fate, but for Xia Mengyao, he would rather believe it once.
“Young Master, the madam is not in serious trouble, but she has been overwhelmed. The Young Master should accompany the woman more these days.” Liu Wanmei said respectfully.
“That’s good.” Chen Feng nodded, and said: “What’s the situation in Cangzhou recently? Can Han Long and the others be safe?”
“Young Master, the situation in Cangzhou is very stable. Han Long has always behaved very well and has nothing to go beyond, but the Xia family…” Liu Wanmei stopped talking.
“It’s okay, Aunt Mei, just say it!” Chen Feng frowned.
“Young master, when his wife left Cangzhou, Xia Qichao and his sons began to intervene in the Yuquanshan project without authorization. They contracted several key projects in the Yuquanshan project to some local real estate companies at a price of five million. Most of the companies do not have construction permits. In the past, they were all tofu projects.”
Chen Feng sneered. As expected, Xia Qichao and Xia Hao and Xia Hao really couldn’t help eating shit. He and Xia Mengyao had only left Cangzhou for a few days, and the two fathers and sons couldn’t sit still and began to profit from the Yuquan Mountain project.
Normally, if you want to contract for several key processes of the Yuquanshan project, each will cost at least 10 million, or even 20 million. However, Xia Qichao and his son sold them at a low price of 5 million. It can be seen that, They are very urgent, because once Xia Mengyao comes back, they will never let them contract out those projects.
Moreover, the cheap sales are all companies that do not have construction permits. One can imagine what Yuquanshan will be ruined.
“Lin Zongwei did not stop Xia Qichao and his son because he didn’t get clear instructions from the young master.” Liu Wanmei said again.
Chen Feng nodded. After all, Lin Zongwei belonged to the Chen family, not his. It was impossible for him to do his best in this matter. However, Chen Feng knew in his heart that Xia Qichao’s father and son still didn’t have the courage, and behind this incident, there must be Xia Yunsheng’s tacit approval.
It seems that Xia Yunsheng, the old fox, is not at peace, and wants to take this matter to test his own bottom line. Chen Feng couldn’t help but sneered. Or, when I get to Cangzhou, I will let you know where my bottom line is!
Soon after Liu Wanmei left, Xia Mengyao woke up.
Seeing Chen Feng looking at herself tenderly by the hospital bed, Xia Mengyao’s nose couldn’t help but tears poured down her eyes: “Woo, Chen Feng, I thought I would never see you again…”
Only through life and death can you understand who is the most important person to you in this world.
At the moment the black wolf pounced on him, the figure that emerged in Xia Mengyao’s mind was not Lin Lan, nor Xia Weiguo, but Chen Feng.
She can face death calmly, but she can’t face the loss of Chen Feng.
“It’s okay, it’s all over.” Chen Feng gently hugged Xia Mengyao, patted Xia Mengyao on the shoulder, and said softly.
At this moment, Xu Feirong also hurriedly arrived. Seeing that Xia Mengyao was fine, she was relieved.
“Chen Feng, how did you take care of Mengyao?!” Xu Feirong questioned her head and face. In just a few days in Jinling, Xia Mengyao was first slapped by Yan Chunmei, and today she was thrown into the black wolf hole. After being buried in a wolf belly, Xu Feirong was not angry, so that Xu Feirong’s good feelings for Chen Feng had finally disappeared in just a few days.
“It was my fault, I was careless.” Chen Feng calmly admitted that Chen Feng did not take Xu Feirong’s attitude in his heart, and was even a little happy for Xia Mengyao, because Xu Feirong was not like Wang Jiameng. Plastic sister, she cares about Xia Mengyao from the bottom of her heart.
“Fei Rong, it’s not about Chen Feng’s problem…” Xia Mengyao smiled bitterly, she really didn’t mean to blame Chen Feng, because the people she met these days were all the kind of psychopathic strange flowers, one Yan Chunmei, one Du Ziyue , This kind of poisonous woman, many ordinary people, may not meet in a lifetime, but it happened that she met all of them in just a few days when she arrived.
“What does it mean is nothing to do with him? He is your husband, you man, isn’t it just natural for him to protect you!” Xu Feirong said with some dissatisfaction, but she knew in her heart that these two things are really related to Chen Feng It didn’t matter much. Although Chen Feng didn’t protect Xia Mengyao, Chen Feng didn’t let anyone else hurt Xia Mengyao.

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