Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 138

Yan Chunmei only slapped Xia Mengyao a few times, and Chen Feng abandoned a hand. In the end, Qin Hu of the Dragon and Tiger Club came forward and failed to save her. Although she didn’t know what Yan Chunmei would end in, it must have been miserable.
By the time Du Ziyue, it can no longer be described as miserable, and he has paid the price of his life directly.
Although Xu Feirong was not present at the time, she heard the wind, and she didn’t know what Du Ziteng had heard Yang Tai said. She was so frightened that she shot herself. Du Ziyue wanted to kill Xia Mengyao, but Yang Tai slapped him to death.
The Du family, with its boundless beauty, died of two direct descendants in one day, but until now, the Du family has no intention of seeking revenge on Chen Feng.
The implications of this are so terrifying that Xu Feirong dare not even think about it.
She originally thought that Chen Feng was only on the one-third acre of land in Cangzhou, with a layout, but now it seems that even the capital cities of Qiannan Province, Jinling and Chen Feng have stepped in.
Qiao Xiaoyue, Chairman of Dalong Real Estate, Prince Yang Tai…
No matter which one, Xu Feirong needs to look up to, but they are respectful to Chen Feng.
What is Chen Feng’s identity? Why did he endure three years in Xia Family?
Xu Feirong shook her head and tried to keep herself from thinking about it. She felt that Chen Feng was enveloped in a huge mystery. She could not imagine the forces involved behind this mystery.
At this moment, the Du Family Manor was also overcast, and the people in the manor were even more silent, walking back and forth without even daring to breathe the atmosphere.
They would never have thought of killing them. Du Ziyue and Du Ziteng, who were still alive yesterday morning, just went to Kowloon International and lost their lives there.
The two brothers and sisters died. At the moment the news came, Du Ziteng and Du Ziyue’s mother were heartbroken, crying and fainting several times in one night.
But what surprised many people was that until now, there is no rumor that Patriarch Du Kangling wants to avenge Du Ziteng brothers and sisters, as if Du Ziteng brothers and sisters died in vain.
In the Du Family Hall, all the heavyweights of the Du Family were present.
Du Kangling sat high in the main seat, beside him, was a graceful young woman in luxurious dress. The young woman was Du Kangling’s wife, Fang Ling.
A few years earlier, Fang Ling was also a great beauty who was famous in Jinling, but after hearing the news of the death of her children last night, this great beauty turned white all night. Even now, her beautiful eyes are still red and swollen, and the tears on her face are clear. visible.
Below Du Kangling and Fang Ling, sitting directly from the Du family, the second child Du Kangyun, and the third child Du Kangrui, as well as the young children of the Du family.
“Big Brother, what Yang Tai said is true?” Seeing Du Kangling’s gloomy expression, Du Kangyun couldn’t bear to ask. Last night, Yang Tai personally came to the door and pleaded guilty, saying that the death of Du Ziteng brothers and sisters could not be separated from him. I would like to let him go. Du Kangling disposal.
Although Du Kangling was extremely angry at the time, he also contained his murderous intentions against Yang Tai. He knew very well that Yang Tai was just the executioner for the death of his children. The real murderer behind the scenes was Chen Feng.
He wanted to ask the killer to go to the hospital to end Chen Feng, but Yang Tai said that Chen Feng was a martial artist, and immediately caused a cold sweat on his forehead.
Huajin Warrior!
Which assassin organization dared to assassinate Huajin fighters? Unless this killer organization seems to be uprooted!
Even if there is a killer who dares to take orders and kill a warrior, the remuneration required is a sky-high figure, starting at least 50 billion!
Yes, 50 billion! And it can kill you without a ticket!
50 billion, even if the Du family went bankrupt, they couldn’t get it out!
So Du Kangling dispelled the idea of ​​seeking revenge on Chen Feng last night. Of course, what made him even more desperate was what Yang Tai said later that Chen Feng was the only heir to the Chen family of Yanjing.
The heir of the Chen family of Yanjing, let alone killed, even if one hair was injured, the Du family would be wiped out.
Thinking of this, Du Kangling seemed to be ten years old for an instant, and sighed feebly, and said: “It’s true. Yang Tai can’t lie to me about this. That young man is indeed Yan Jingchen. The heir to the family, and he’s also a powerful fighter.”
With a word, the whole house is silent!
Quiet needle drop can be heard!
The heirs of the Chen family, the martial artist, no matter which one, is not something the Du family can afford!
“Hey, Zi Teng and Zi Yue two children, why are their lives so bitter.” Du Kangyun sighed sadly.
However, the others in the hall were sneered. Du Kangyun is a typical cat crying mouse. The death of Du Ziteng and Du Ziyue means that the position of the next Patriarch of the Du family will fall to his son, Du Kangyun, so In Du Kangyun’s heart, it’s too late to be happy now, sad? It was just for Du Kangling.
Du Kangling’s expressionless face, what others can see, he can naturally see it, but it has already happened, what can he do, let’s talk about grief, who has the grief of being a father, who has raised him for more than 20 years All the children died in one day, but he didn’t even see the last side.
If it were not for the hundreds of people in the Du family, he would have gone to Chen Feng desperately, even if Chen Feng was a martial artist, he would splash Chen Feng’s blood when he died.
But for the Du family, Du Kangling had to suppress the hatred like ants biting their hearts.
“From now on, all the Du family members who encounter people surnamed Chen must retreat and must not have any conflicts with those surnamed Chen! This is the family rule of the Du family, if there is any violation, expel from the Du family!” Du Kangling’s voice was haggard , But everyone in the Du family was shocked when they heard this.
Sure enough, Du Kangling didn’t plan to seek revenge from Chen Feng, and even wanted to clarify his relationship with all the Du family members who sought Chen Feng’s revenge!
This is the enemy of murder! Many people in the Du family have mixed feelings in their hearts. If they were replaced by them, would they be able to let go like Du Kangling?
“Have you heard what the big brother said? No one is allowed to provoke that Chen Feng again! If you provoke me, get out of Du’s house!” Du Kangyun shouted forcefully.
The younger generation of the Du family is busy nodding their heads. In the past, Du Ziteng and Du Ziyue were two big rocks that were placed on the heads of all the younger generations of the Du family.
Everyone dared not say anything about the arrogant behavior of these brothers and sisters, and they could only secretly call them the devil and witch.
But just yesterday, overnight, the Demon King and Witch in their eyes died at the same time, and Du Kangling didn’t even dare to put a fart.
Therefore, in the hearts of many younger generations at this time, Chen Feng is a more terrifying existence than the Demon King and Witch. It is no different from the evil star.
They didn’t dare to mess with Du Kangyun!
Yang Tai quickly reported the Du Family’s reaction to Chen Feng. Chen Feng was a little surprised. Can you bear the hatred of murder?
Although the Du family said that they would not retaliate, Chen Feng was still a little worried and asked Yang Tai to stare at the Du family and report every move of the Du family to himself.
He himself was not afraid of Du’s revenge, but Xia Mengyao was an ordinary person, and any killer could put Xia Mengyao’s life on the line.

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