Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 157

“In the final analysis, Lin Zongwei still sees the strength of the Xia family. This rubbish asks for help. People just agree to it. Do you really think it is the rubbish?” Lin Lan dismissed.
“Mom, you don’t understand!” Xia Mengyao stomped, Lin Lan didn’t know how humbly the Xia family was in front of Dingfeng Real Estate. If Chen Feng didn’t speak, Xia’s family would never have a chance to cooperate with Dingfeng Real Estate.
“Don’t understand?” Lin Lan sneered, “Xia Mengyao, I don’t know what ecstasy soup this trash has poured into you to make you believe him so much, but I will put it here today. In this family, there is him without me, with me. Without him!”
“You said you don’t want to divorce him? Yes! Take him out of the Xia family! In short, as long as I stay at home for a day, this waste, don’t even want to step into the door of the house.” Lin Lan cut the railway, she also knew , It is very difficult to get Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng to divorce, so she is the second best, let Chen Feng move out of Xia’s house, at least not in her field of vision.
In this way, Chen Feng, the dead star, would not be able to overcome her.
“Mom, why are you so unreasonable?” Xia Mengyao’s pretty face is full of anger. Chen Feng’s performance in the Xia family in the past three years has been seen in her eyes. It can be said that she has almost perfectly fulfilled the responsibility of a son-in-law. For Lin Lan, Chen Feng treated him as a real mother, and had never been unfilial.
But what about Lin Lan? She treated Chen Feng as a dog and didn’t say anything, and she always mocked and criticized Chen Feng. In her eyes, Chen Feng was not good, and that was not good. Nothing was right.
But did Chen Feng really do something wrong? He didn’t!
If not, why should Lin Lan treat Chen Feng like this? Xia Mengyao wanted to ask these words in her heart out loud. She really endured Lin Lan for a long time. Today, she didn’t want to endure it anymore!
“I’m unreasonable?” Lin Lan’s voice began to sharpen, “Xia Mengyao, you white-eyed wolf, dare to say that I’m unreasonable. You touched your conscience and said, who is pulling you like shit and piss? big?”
“Could it be that this waste is not made?” Lin Lan pointed at Chen Feng’s nose and asked with a sharp voice.
“You have been against me again and again for this waste. Last time you divorced this waste and married Shen Junwen, you refused!”
“This time, this rubbish threatens my life. You still chose to stand on this rubbish side. If you don’t help your own mother, you ran to help an outsider. You are so ungrateful, how can your face say that I am unreasonable? !” Lin Lan cursed, she was convinced of the Taoist priest’s words, Chen Feng came to Xia’s family, and came to kill the family.
First Xia Weiguo, then Xia Mengyao, if she doesn’t make any moves, she will be the next one to be defeated!
Lin Lan’s remarks immediately made Xia Mengyao too angry to speak.
At this time, Chen Feng glanced at Lin Lan with a faint smile, and said, “Do you think I am a dead star?”
“Isn’t it?” Lin Lan raised her brows. If Chen Feng hadn’t joined the Xia family three years ago, then the Xia family is definitely in a different situation now. With Xia Mengyao’s beauty and beauty, it is definitely not difficult to marry a rich family.
Once Xia Mengyao marries into a wealthy family, then her and Xia Weiguo’s status within the Xia family will also increase. No one dares to look down upon her and Xia Weiguo. Her Lin Lan will also live in a spacious and bright house instead of the current situation. , Climbing the stairs in the sky, living in this small black centipede of more than 100 square meters.
“Well, you say yes.” Chen Feng suddenly shook his head and smiled. He was thinking of arguing with Lin Lan, but then he thought about it, what can he say with a snob like Lin Lan? In her eyes, there is always only money, only power, you have no power or power, she will never look at you high.
“Meng Yao and I will leave the Xia family today.” Chen Feng paused, and then said: “But before leaving, I will give you one last piece of advice. You want to gain power and wealth, no problem, but don’t get involved. Mengyao!”
“If you let me find out again that you regard Mengyao as your stepping stone to clinging to the powerful, I will make you regret and come to this world!”
Chen Feng’s words are naturally reminding Lin Lan not to make any more of the stupid thing of Xia Mengyao Chuye last auction.
But after Lin Lan heard this, she was immediately furious. This rubbish who had given herself footwashing water for three years now dared to threaten herself!
“Meng Yao, let’s go.”
Before Lin Lan’s attack, Chen Feng smiled slightly and took Xia Mengyao’s hand.
“Yeah.” Xia Mengyao nodded slightly, she was completely disappointed in Lin Lan, and she would just find herself uncomfortable if she stayed in Xia’s house.
“Wait!” Seeing that the two were about to go out, Lin Lan suddenly became anxious.
“What else?” Chen Feng was a little impatient.
“You can go, but you have to keep the money!” Lin Lan said confidently.
“What money?” Chen Feng frowned.
“Just the one and a half million that Gu Jichen gave to Mengyao last time.”
“The 1.5 million is paid to Mengyao, what does it have to do with you?” Chen Feng said coldly.
“Why it has nothing to do with me, I raised this white-eyed wolf so big, fed her food and drink, and provided her for school. Isn’t it worth the 1.5 million dollars that I have paid over the years?” Lin Lan took it for granted. After Shen Junwen was about to go and get a hundred million, she is still in pain. Now I naturally have to use Xia Mengyao’s 1.5 million to compensate myself.
After all, Xia Mengyao is her daughter, and it is only natural for her mother to ask her for money.
And if she didn’t get the money back, sooner or later she would be deceived by Chen Feng’s waste.
Instead of giving it to Chen Feng, she would rather use the money to feed the dog.
Hearing Lin Lan’s words, Xia Mengyao’s eyes immediately turned red. Is this something a mother can say? She is her daughter. Doesn’t she know that saying this will make her heart cold?
1.5 million, it turns out that the relationship between herself and her mother and daughter is worth 1.5 million.
“Are you sure you want to take this money?” Chen Feng sneered. Lin Lan, this idiot, was going to cut off the last trace of love between himself and Xia Mengyao. Although he and Xia Mengyao left the Xia family, no matter what, Xia Mengyao would also care about it. Lin Lan’s motherhood will never turn a deaf ear to Lin Lan’s identity in the future.
But when Lin Lan asked for this one and a half million, it was tantamount to cutting off Xia Mengyao’s last thought.
Between the mother and daughter, there is no connection anymore!
“Of course it is!” Lin Lan still didn’t realize what he had missed.
“Chen Feng, I know that you are a trash, and you are also paying attention to that 1.5 million. But I can warn you, you better behave. You have already taken half a million from those 1.5 million , Bought an Audi. If you still dare to pay attention to the remaining money, don’t blame me for fighting with you!” Lin Lan threatened smartly.

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