Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 165

There are almost no words to hear Xia Hao scolded, so Yue Ling has been very curious these past two days.
What kind of strange thing is Chen Feng that can be so disgusted by Xia Hao.
I finally saw it today, although Chen Feng was not as unbearable as Xia Hao said, but Yue Ling was also unsightly.
“it’s him.”
Xia Hao said with a cold face. Now in the entire Xia family, the person he hates most is not Xia Mengyao, but Chen Feng!
Especially after knowing that Lin Zongwei was Chen Feng’s classmate, he hated Chen Feng to his bones.
Because if there was no advice from Chen Feng, Lin Zongwei would not humiliate him and Xia Qichao like that.
Even without Chen Feng, the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project now is Xia Hao, not Xia Mengyao!
So seeing Chen Feng, Xia Hao was unprecedentedly hot, but right now in front of Yue Ling, he didn’t have a chance to attack.
Of course, the most important thing is that he has seen Chen Feng’s skills, and he feels that if he has a seizure, he will be beaten to death by Chen Feng.
“Lingling, remember the appearance of this rubbish. When you see this rubbish in the future, you should try to stay as far away as possible to prevent him from disgusting you.” Xia Hao snorted coldly. Although he couldn’t do anything to Chen Feng, he would strike Chen with words Peak is still ok.
“Don’t worry, I won’t let him appear within three meters of me.” Yue Ling glanced at Chen Feng proudly. Her perception of Chen Feng is also very poor, but any man with a little ability would not do it. Come home son-in-law, eat soft rice.
“That’s good.” Xia Hao nodded.
“Okay, Xia Hao, you go back, my bestie is coming over soon.” Yue Ling glanced at the time and urged.
See your best friend? Chen Feng’s face is weird, and he ran to the hotel to meet his girlfriend? How did he feel that there was a green grassland on Xia Hao’s head.
“Okay, baby, after you see your girlfriend, call me, I’ll pick you up.” Xia Hao said with a flattering expression.
“Well, I see, you can leave now.” Yue Ling nodded impatiently.
“Okay, baby, I’ll go first.” Although Xia Hao was reluctant to give up, he still moved, thinking in his heart that he is still some distance away from capturing Yue Ling’s heart. If not, Yue Ling will take it today. He saw his best friend together.
After Xia Hao left, Chen Feng also entered the elevator. It is estimated that in a dozen minutes, Han Long and Gu Dongchen should also come.
As soon as Chen Feng entered the elevator, Yue Ling followed in. However, when she saw that Chen Feng was going to the 16th floor, Yue Ling felt a little uncomfortable. When she thought, she wanted to be with someone like Chen Feng. She felt sick when she stayed in the elevator for dozens of seconds.
“Can you go out and take the next elevator?” Yue Ling frowned and asked.
Chen Feng raised his brows and said, “This elevator belongs to your house?”
Yue Ling glanced at Chen Feng in disgust, and said, “The elevator is not in my house, but I am sick to take the elevator with you.”
“You can go out if you feel sick, no one will stop you.” Chen Feng said with a faint smile. A woman like Yue Ling is probably used to being licked by dogs like Xia Hao, thinking that people all over the world should let her, but he is not like Xia Hao.
“You…” Yue Ling pointed to Chen Feng’s nose, a little annoyed, this stinky cock dared to talk back to herself.
“What am I?” Chen Feng put his hands around his chest and looked at Yue Ling lazily.
“You kind of trash, in this life you will be the life of a door-in-law!” Yue Ling let go of her hand coldly, and at the same time comforted herself in her heart, not to be inferior to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng curled his lips. Lao Tzu likes to be a door-to-door son-in-law. Lao Tzu is happy. Can you control it?
The elevator finally reached the sixteenth floor.
Yue Ling stepped out of the elevator without looking back, unwilling to stay with Chen Feng for another second.
With his hands in his pockets, Chen Feng slowly stepped out of the elevator door and walked towards the suite he had booked.
But as soon as he reached the corner, Chen Feng heard a familiar voice.
“Um… slow down…”
“Ah… Brother Leopard… hurts.”
So hungry? The doors are not closed? Chen Feng’s eyes widened, watching the scene in front of him.
Yue Ling, who had just repaid her incomparably tall order, was pressed against the door by a middle-aged man with a big belly at the moment, kissing and chewing.
It’s really nibbling.
The middle-aged man is like a hungry ghost who hasn’t seen a woman in hundreds of years. While chewing on Yue Ling’s fragrant neck, he put his hand into Yue Ling’s clothes.
Yue Ling gasped constantly, and her face became extremely ruddy.
“Cough cough.” At this moment, Chen Feng couldn’t stand it anymore. He had no doubt that if he didn’t stop him, the two of them would do the firewood directly at the door.
Chen Feng’s soft cough finally awakened the two of them.
Yue Ling hurriedly pulled her clothes to hide the spring light that was exposed. When she saw that the person standing in front of him was Chen Feng, Yue Ling’s face suddenly became green: “You trash, you dare to follow me?”
Chen Feng did not answer, but sneered and asked: “Is he the best friend you want to see?”
If Xia Hao knew that the woman who had just knelt and licked his front foot, another man pressed her back foot to the door and kissed him, what would Xia Hao look like? Chen Feng thought a little bit nasty.
“Yue Ling, who is this guy?” The middle-aged man with a big belly looked at Chen Feng with a cold face.
“Brother Leopard, this rubbish is called Chen Feng, the son-in-law of the Xia family.” Yue Ling explained hurriedly, as if she was afraid that the middle-aged man would misunderstand.
“The son-in-law of the Xia family?” The middle-aged man frowned. He seemed to have heard someone say where he was, but he couldn’t remember it for a while.
Yue Ling nodded, and said, “Brother Leopard, you have to clean up this waste. When he was in the elevator, he wanted to molest me, but I scolded him. I thought he was scolded and ran away. Unexpectedly, he was so unreasonable that he dared to follow.”
“Don’t worry, baby, I’ll take care of him.” Liu Bao soothed, and then looked at Chen Feng with a gloomy expression: “Boy, I’m so courageous, you dare to touch Laozi’s woman!”
“Your woman?” Chen Feng sneered. It was not just the middle-aged man who gave Xia Hao a green hat, but Xia Hao gave the middle-aged man a green hat.
“What do you mean? Did Yue Ling have other men out there?” Liu Bao couldn’t help but glance at Yue Ling as if he heard what Chen Feng meant.
“Brother Leopard, I don’t have one, don’t listen to him talking nonsense! He framed me!” Yue Ling hurriedly shook her head to explain, but she hated Chen Feng to death in her heart. A female anchor like her naturally gave her a gift. Many, who is her girlfriend.
She and Liu Bao, who also gave her a gift of more than 500,000 yuan, she slept with Liu Bao.
Of course, Xia Hao also gave her a lot of money, about 300,000 yuan, but for Xia Hao, Yue Ling didn’t like it at all.
After all, Xia Hao was just the young master of a declining family, and Liu Bao was a backbone figure of the underground forces in the Eastern District. Following Liu Bao’s power, he was far beyond what Xia Hao could compare.

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