Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 166

“Shut up!” Liu Bao gave Yue Ling a cold stare, then looked at Chen Feng: “What did you mean by that?”
“It doesn’t mean anything.” Chen Feng smiled playfully, and said: “Yes, a few minutes ago, I just saw your woman and my cousin, and my cousin called her baby…”
“You nonsense!” Yue Ling screamed and wanted to jump on her.
But Liu Bao grabbed her from behind and stared at Yue Ling viciously, “Is what he said is true?”
“No…it’s not true! Leopard brother, he is lying to you.” Yue Ling shook his head with tears, pretending to be pathetic.
“Like me?” Liu Bao was a little doubtful.
At this time, Chen Feng sneered and said: “I didn’t lie to you, you will know if you go to see the hotel monitoring.”
Upon hearing the hotel monitoring, Yue Ling’s expression turned pale.
Liu Bao is not a fool, so it can be seen from Yue Ling’s face that what Chen Feng said is true.
“Smelly bitch!”
With a “pop”, Liu Bao raised his hand and slapped Yue Ling’s face with a heavy slap, immediately bleeding the corners of Yue Ling’s mouth.
“Brother Leopard, listen to me, I’m just playing with him, I don’t really like him…”
“Brother Leopard, I just use that silly B as a cash machine. The only person I really love is you.”
“Brother Leopard, you believe me…oooo.”
Yue Ling wiped her tears, and Chu Chu began to cry pitifully.
“Play? You slut! Lao Tzu gives you more than 100,000 yuan a month, not enough for you to play?” Liu Bao was furious. He gave Yue Ling a gift of more than 500,000 yuan before he asked Yue Ling out. , Yue Ling also agreed to be his junior and will only be with him in the future.
Unexpectedly, Yue Ling turned around and hooked up with other men, how could this make him bear.
“Brother Leopard, I’m sorry… I’m sorry, I’m too greedy.” Yue Ling hugged Liu Bao’s thigh, crying horribly, “Brother Leopard, I will return the money to that silly B, Leopard Brother, please, forgive me…”
Liu Bao snorted coldly, and stood there without speaking. He still had some feelings for Yue Ling. After all, Yue Ling’s skill in bed was quite good. After waiting for him for a long time, he really wanted him to abandon Yue Ling, and he did it too. Less than.
“Well, I will forgive you this time, but if I let Lao find out that you have hooked up with other men, I will interrupt your legs! Did you hear that!” Liu Bao said coldly.
Yue Ling nodded hurriedly: “I heard that, Brother Leopard, don’t worry, I will never have any relationship with other men in the future, I only love you…”
“Okay, get up.” Liu Bao snorted coldly before Yue Ling dared to stand up.
At the end of the drama, Chen Feng shook his head with some enthusiasm, thinking that Liu Bao was still a bit too easy to talk, and he only slapped Yue Ling.
Not addictive, not addictive.
Seeing Chen Feng shaking her head and smacking her tongue, Yue Ling’s eyes were almost full of anger, but at this time, she did not dare to say anything about Chen Feng. After all, to Liu Bao, Chen Feng was still half a man.’ Hero’.
“Boy, for the sake of reminding Lao Tzu that you molested Lingling, Lao Tzu won’t let you go.
“Get off.” Liu Bao waved his hand and said impatiently. He was still a little unhappy with Chen Feng, because Chen Feng’s attitude and tone when talking to him were not very respectful. He always felt that Chen Feng was eye-catching. Li looked down on him.
“Do you really think I would molest this kind of stuff?” Chen Feng squinted his eyes and said. Yue Ling’s black fungus, ten meters away, can smell the sorrow of her body. No matter how hard Chen Feng is, he can’t look down on Yue Ling.
“Boy, don’t be shameless!” Liu Bao’s tone was cold. Chen Feng not only scolded Yue Ling, but also scolded him together, just as if Liu Bao was also an infamous person.
Chen Feng shook his head, and was too lazy to be familiar with Liu Bao, and walked directly to the suite he had booked.
Seeing Chen Feng daring to ignore him, Liu Bao suddenly became a little annoyed.
Why is he such a tugging son-in-law?
“Stop!” Liu Bao stepped forward and pressed Chen Feng’s shoulder.
Chen Feng stopped, his tone calm: “Let go.”
“Stupid stuff, what if I don’t relax?” Liu Bao provocatively asked.
“Not loose?” Chen Feng turned around, smiled faintly, and said: “If you don’t loosen, you will regret it.”
“Regret?” A frightening trace across Liu Bao’s face: “I don’t regret these two words in Liu Bao’s dictionary!”
“From today, you have it.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Heh, stupid…” Liu Bao just wanted to scold the stupid, this trash, even dared to threaten himself irresponsibly.
But before the forced words were spoken, Chen Feng’s eyes suddenly sharpened when he saw him.
In an instant, Liu Bao felt that he was surrounded by an overwhelming aura, and his breathing became difficult.
Yue Ling on the side didn’t know what happened.
I thought Liu Bao was going to clean up Chen Feng and vent her anger.
There was already a bright smile on Yue Ling’s face, dead waste! Dare to tell my old mother’s secret!
Liu Bao is a black man, and Chen Feng’s trash is just a waste home son-in-law who eats soft rice. Liu Bao’s cleaning up of Chen Feng is not as simple as his father’s cleaning up his son.
But the next moment, the smile on Yue Ling’s face completely solidified.
Because the “dad” in her eyes actually knelt down!
Yue Ling rubbed her eyes fiercely, feeling that she must be dazzled.
How could Brother Leopard kneel down to that dead sack?
“Impossible, impossible…” Yue Ling muttered blankly.
But even if the tears came out, the scene that caught the eye was still Liu Bao kneeling in front of Chen Feng.
“Now, do you have regrets in your dictionary?” Chen Feng asked with a faint smile.
Liu Bao, who was kneeling on the ground, said with a trembling voice, his body trembling like chaff, the shock in his heart could no longer be described in words.
Encountered hard stubble!
This is his only thought!
With his momentum alone, he can be crushed to his knees without even having to make a move.
Such a person is a waste? !
Liu Bao was desperate, ready to ask for mercy, but at this moment, he saw a figure that he hadn’t expected.
Han Long!
Why did Han Long come here? !
“Master Han!” Although he couldn’t figure it out, Liu Bao’s emotions suddenly became excited.
Master Han is here!
Now I have saved it!
Yue Ling’s face turned gray when she heard Liu Bao calling Han Ye.
Han Ye!
It turned out to be Han Ye!
Yue Ling was a little excited. From the day she was taken care of by Liu Bao, she knew that Liu Bao’s immediate boss was the underground emperor of the entire eastern district of Cangzhou City!
A true legend!
Han Ye stomped his feet, and the whole Cangzhou was shaking three times!
Yue Ling’s face flushed. This was the first time she had come into contact with such a big person, and she could perform well in a while.

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