Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 174

Wang Mei nodded and affirmed: “I read it right, Mengyao came down from the villa area on the mountain.”
“However, Lin Lan, I heard people say that a villa on the top of Yuquan Mountain costs at least two to three billion yuan, and only first-line families in Cangzhou are eligible to buy villas there…” Speaking of which, Wang Mei After a pause, she didn’t go on, but she meant it was obvious that Xia Mengyao could not have two or three billion. Even if it did, the Xia family is now only a second-tier family and not qualified to live on the top of Yuquan Mountain.
So the villa cannot be Xia Mengyao’s.
The villa was not owned by Xia Mengyao, but Xia Mengyao stayed on the mountain for another night. It is already obvious that there is something tricky in this…
Lin Lan also reacted, and then looked at Wang Mei suspiciously, “You mean, my daughter is related to the owner of a villa on the mountain?
“I’m afraid it’s not just about having a relationship.” Wang Mei smiled deeply. Xia Mengyao had been on the mountain for one night. Who would believe that nothing happened to her and the owner of the villa? After all, Xia Mengyao is known as the number one beauty in Cangzhou.
Although Wang Mei didn’t say it straight, Lin Lan was not stupid. Naturally, Wang Mei meant that Xia Mengyao might have been taken care of by people on the mountain.
But yesterday Xia Mengyao was still going to die with her for Chen Feng, why did she fall into the arms of others in a blink of an eye?
“Wang Mei, do you think it’s possible that the villa on the mountain was bought by my trash son-in-law?” Lin Lan frowned and asked, but after she said this, she felt that she was in the head, just Chen Feng That waste can afford two or three hundred million villas?
“Your son-in-law?” Wang Mei curled her lips and said: “Lin Lan, you say that he is a trash, how could it be him. If you want me to say, it’s a certain rich man on the mountain near Mengyao.”
Lin Lan nodded. Although Wang Mei’s words were not very good, there was a high probability that they were true. Xia Mengyao might really be a certain rich man on the mountain and still be a junior.
Lin Lan’s mood was both worried and happy.
What’s worrying is that Xiaosan’s reputation is not good after all, and if it spreads out, her face will not be glorious.
Happily, Xia Mengyao was a junior for the wealthy living in Yuquanshan Villa District.
Needless to say, the status and status of the wealthy who can live in the Yuquanshan villa area is definitely more than tens of billions of dollars.
To be a junior for such a rich man, start with at least a few hundred thousand in pocket money each month, which is much more than working hard to earn.
Thinking of this, Lin Lan didn’t worry anymore, not having any light on her face was nothing but asking for money.
“Lin Lan, why don’t you call Mengyao to find out what’s going on?” Wang Mei urged that mothers depend on daughters, and Xia Mengyao is next to the rich. Lin Lan, the mother, will end the hardships. , If Lin Lan is developed, can she forget her failure?
“Okay, I’ll call and ask.” Lin Lan took out her mobile phone and found Xia Mengyao’s number.
But after dialing out, I heard the announcement of Xia Mengyao’s phone shutting down.
“Shut down…” Lin Lan frowned, why did it shut down? Xia Mengyao seldom shuts down.
“It’s turned off?” Wang Mei was stunned, and then said: “Since it’s turned off, let’s go to the mountain and ask if we can ask something.”
“Good.” After hesitating for a while, Lin Lan nodded heavily. She had to find out which rich man Xia Mengyao was the junior in the mountain, and then make a decision. If the other party is a person with a good face in Cangzhou, she can let her Xia Mengyao asks for more money every month.
Soon, the two took a taxi to the sales department of Yuquanshan.
As soon as he entered the sales department, Lin Lan saw a woman with heavy makeup and a bald man wearing a flowered shirt. The two were looking at the houses in the high-end residential area on the mountainside under the leadership of the sales lady.
Lin Lan walked up to the sales lady a few steps, looked at the sales lady and said, “Hey, I’ll ask you something.”
The tone is high.
The sales lady is also a master of watching dishes and dishes. I thought that Lin Lan’s tone might have a terrific background, but when she saw Lin Lan’s dress, her expression suddenly changed. It turned out to be an ordinary middle-aged woman.
“Have you seen me taking a client to see the house? I’ll ask if you have anything else!” The sales lady suddenly became a little impatient. She sees a lot of middle-aged women like Lin Lan. She is just a hillbilly who likes to follow the trend. Others said that the house in Yuquanshan was good, but everyone came to see it. In fact, they didn’t have a penny in their pocket, and they couldn’t afford the house in Yuquanshan. Every time she came, she wasted her time.
“Hey, what’s your tone? Do you know who I am?!” As if hearing the contempt in the sales lady’s tone, Lin Lan suddenly refused. Her daughter Xia Mengyao is now able to enter and leave Yuquan Mountain Villa anyway. The person in the district, Lin Lan, may live in the villa district in the future.
A sales lady in a small area, she doesn’t have to be respectful to herself, she dare to talk to herself in this tone?
“Who are you?” The sales lady hadn’t spoken, but the woman with heavy makeup beside the bald man spoke first. She hated such arrogant women as Lin Lan. The sales lady was showing them to the house. Lin Lan just came over and interrupted without asking questions. They didn’t care about it at all.
If there is any background, that’s all. If there is no background, what do you put on here?
“Who am I?” Lin Lan snorted coldly, and said, “Listen!”
“My mother’s name is Lin Lan!”
Lin Lan?
The sales lady, the big bald man with heavy makeup, and the three women looked at each other. Who is Lin Lan? Is it awesome?
Seeing the expressions of the three people, Lin Lan didn’t get angry, but continued: “You may not know my name, but you must have heard of my daughter’s name.”
“Oh? Who is your daughter?” The woman with heavy makeup raised her brows and asked with interest.
“Xia Mengyao!” Lin Lan reported Xia Mengyao’s name with great air. Xia Mengyao is still a bit famous in Cangzhou. After all, he is the number one beauty in Cangzhou, and now Xia Mengyao has a relationship with the rich in the mountain villa area. The sales lady working here should have heard the gossip. If she knows her, she should come up and lick her at this moment and apologize to her.
Lin Lan thought very well, but the sales lady sneered and cursed directly: “Insane!”
Isn’t it neurotic?
Thought that just giving a name would make her cry for father and mother?
Don’t take a piss and take pictures of yourself!
The woman with heavy makeup also looked at Lin Lan disgustingly, and said: “Xiao Wang, what do you do for the security of Yuquan Mountain, how can you let this kind of trash come in? It simply lowers our grade.”
“I’m sorry, Mrs. Lin, I will let those security guards pay attention in the future.” Wang Xiaohong bowed and apologized.

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