Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 175

When the two of you said something to me, Lin Lan was instantly blown up!
“Smelly bitch, who are you mad at you!” Lin Lan was furious, and she would go up and pull Wang Xiaohong’s collar when she was swearing. The woman with heavy makeup had some background at first glance. She didn’t dare to provoke her, but a sales lady dared to scold her. , It’s just looking for death!
With a crisp slap in the face, Lin Lan was slapped fiercely by Wang Xiaohong before she even touched Wang Xiaohong. She fanned around in a big circle, and her right cheek instantly became red and swollen!
Obviously, Wang Xiaohong is not a good crop either!
This slap also made Lin Lan immediately calm down. Although her eyes were still resentful, she did not dare to make any more movements. She just looked bitterly at Wang Xiaohong and threatened: “You dare to slap me?! You’re done. Don’t even think about doing it in the sales department!”
“What? Old stuff, you want your daughter to expel me?” Wang Xiaohong sneered, and did not take Lin Lan’s cruel words to heart. In her opinion, Lin Lan is a hillbilly who has no background. You really need a background. If you do, you will come to her and ask her something?
“Expelling you? It’s all light to expel you!” Lin Lan said sharply. After she found the rich man near Xia Mengyao, she wanted the rich man near Xia Mengyao to tear Wang Xiaohong’s mouth apart! Break Wang Xiaohong’s leg!
“Okay! I’m waiting! Waiting for you to fire me!” Wang Xiaohong sneered again and again. If Lin Lan had any background, the old sow could climb the tree!
After the harsh words were finished, Lin Lan turned around and left, but at this moment, her mobile phone rang.
Xia Mengyao!
Seeing the caller ID, Lin Lan’s expression immediately became excited!
“Daughter, where are you?” Lin Lan couldn’t wait to ask after pressing answer.
“I… was outside.” Xia Mengyao said. After the phone was broken by Wang Yunna, she went to the mobile phone shop, bought a new phone, and reissued the original calling card.
“What are you doing outside? Why don’t you stay in the villa area?” Lin Lan deliberately said this very loudly, especially the three words in the villa area, and I wanted everyone to hear it.
“Mom, how did you know that I live in the villa area?” Xia Mengyao frowned. She didn’t plan to tell Lin Lan that Chen Feng bought a villa on the top of Yuquan Mountain. She knew how greedy Lin Lan was.
If he knew that Chen Feng had bought a villa on the top of the mountain, he would definitely try his best to occupy it.
“Your Aunt Wang told me, daughter, tell your mother honestly, who is your boyfriend?” Lin Lan asked. Naturally she couldn’t be so stupid to ask who Xia Mengyao had been with. Instead, she used the euphemism of her boyfriend. word.
“Boyfriend?” After hearing this, Xia Mengyao was confused, and then asked a little puzzled: “Mom, what are you talking about? Where is my boyfriend, I am now Chen Feng’s wife…”
Before he finished speaking, Lin Lan interrupted him in a low voice: “Mengyao, it’s okay for you to hide from others, why do you even want to hide from mom?”
Xia Mengyao was even more confused, and asked, “Mom, what am I hiding from you?”
“On the matter of your being kept, your Aunt Wang told me!” Lin Lan whispered.
“Nurturing?!” Xia Mengyao was so angry that she didn’t know. When did she get fostered again?
Why does Wang Mei slander her so much?
“Mom, I’m not supported by anyone!” Xia Mengyao said angrily.
Lin Lan curled her lips and said, “If you are not taken care of by anyone, why can you live in the villa area on the top of the mountain for one night? Don’t tell me that you bought the villa on the top of the mountain.”
“I didn’t buy it, but I was not taken care of by anyone!” Xia Mengyao didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t tell Lin Lan that Chen Feng bought a villa on the top of the mountain, but she couldn’t admit that she was taken care of.
“Daughter, let’s not talk about who bought the villa. Mom is in the sales department of Yuquan Mountain. There is a bitch hitting me here. You can quickly call your boyfriend over.” Lin Lan looked back at Wang Xiaohong and Lin Madam glanced, when Xia Mengyao’s boyfriend came over, neither of them wanted to run, they had to kneel down and apologize to her!
“Mom, what are you going there for?” Xia Mengyao stomped angrily. No accident, it must be Lin Lan who took the initiative to cause trouble.
“Mom came to you.” Lin Lan took it for granted.
“Okay, wait for me, I’ll come over right away.” Xia Mengyao took a deep breath and said, anyway, Lin Lan is also her mother, she can’t really let Lin Lan leave.
After receiving Xia Mengyao’s affirmative answer, Lin Lan’s expression was immediately pleased, and she did not forget to say: “Remember to call your boyfriend.”
Xia Mengyao hung up the phone and stopped a taxi directly.
boyfriend? Her only boyfriend is Chen Feng.
However, she couldn’t trouble Chen Feng in this matter, let alone say that she was separated from Chen Feng temporarily, even if she did not separate, she would not go to Chen Feng.
Because of Lin Lan’s attitude towards Chen Feng, letting Chen Feng go is purely uncomfortable for Chen Feng.
“Huh, bitch, did you hear that? My daughter and her boyfriend will come over right away. If you are acquainted, you should kneel down for your old lady and confess your mistakes. If your old lady is in a good mood, maybe you can spare your life. “Lin Lan glanced at Wang Xiaohong, and resumed her pretentious expression.
“Stupid!” Wang Xiaohong sneered. Lin Lan, a idiot, didn’t give up, thinking about threatening her. Is she Wang Xiaohong so easily threatened?
“These days, any cat or dog dared to come out and pretend to be a big-tailed wolf.” Madam Lin also curled her lips in disdain. When Lin Lan called just now, she heard the sentence that her daughter was living in the villa area.
But Lin Lan, this idiot, pretended not to be decent, and even said that his daughter lived in the villa area.
Villa area, what is that place?
That is the gathering place of Cangzhou’s top powerful celebrities!
It is the back garden of first-line families!
A hillbilly like Lin Lan, it is awful to say that she doesn’t even have the qualifications to be a servant in the villa area, so how could she have a relationship with the owner of the villa area.
“Old woman, who do you call a cat or dog?” Lin Lan was a little unhappy.
“Believe it or not, wait for my daughter and her boyfriend to come, and I will let him slap your stinky mouth!” Lin Lan at this time was a stunner, maybe just now, she was afraid of Mrs. Lin’s background, but now, she But she doesn’t pee at all. No matter how old Mrs. Lin’s background is, can she be older than the rich man next to her daughter?
When the rich man next to her daughter arrives, the so-called Mrs. Lin still has to kneel down for her!
“Flap my mouth?!” Mrs. Lin’s face suddenly became gloomy and terrible. She didn’t bother to see a hillbilly like Lin Lan, but now, this hillbilly Lin Lan is going to ride on her head and pee and scold her for being old. Forget the woman, even dare to say things like slap her mouth.
“Why? You still don’t believe it?” Lin Lan sneered, “Believe it or not, when my daughter and her boyfriend arrive, your stinky mouth will be slapped.”

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