Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 176

“Good! Very good!” Madam Lin gritted her teeth for a long time, and no one dared to offend her so much.
“Abiao!” Mrs. Lin yelled coldly, and the words fell. A muscular man in a black suit and a headset came out. The man was 1.95 meters tall and he felt a very strong sense of oppression while walking. Obviously It’s a role like bodyguard.
“Mrs. Lin.” A Biao bowed slightly.
“Plap the mouth! Give me a slap on this bitch’s mouth!” Madam Lin pointed at Lin Lan and said viciously.
“Yes, Mrs. Lin!” A Biao nodded vaguely like a machine without emotions, and then walked towards Lin Lan.
Seeing such a big man walking towards him, Lin Lan suddenly panicked: “What are you going to do? I warn you, my daughter and her boyfriend…”
Before Lin Lan finished speaking, he was interrupted by A Biao and’interrupted’ with the slap!
The power of A Biao’s slap is not comparable to that of a woman like Wang Xiaohong.
With just a slap, Lin Lan flew upside down like a kite with a broken wire. After flying four or five meters away, Lin Lan hit the model of the house.
Lin Lan fell heavily, spitting out three or four bloody teeth, lying on the ground and groaning constantly.
Seeing A Biao walking towards him again, Lin Lan suddenly panicked and almost ran out.
But A Biao only took three steps to catch up with Lin Lan.
Then he grabbed Lin Lan by the back collar, like a chicken, pulling Lin Lan up.
“Kill!” Lin Lan let out a horrible howl like a pig.
A Biao slapped the other half of Lin Lan’s face again, and the corners of Lin Lan’s mouth cracked and the blood spattered.
Wang Mei, who was not far away, saw this scene, and her calf was trembling.
Seeing that A Biao didn’t mean to stop, Lin Lan knelt directly in front of Mrs. Lin with a popping sound, snotting her nose and kowtow begging for mercy.
“Spare, spare! Madam Lin, I was wrong, and I will never dare again…”
Lin Lan wiped her tears and begged for mercy. She was a spineless person and liked to bully the soft and fear the hard.
When she was at home on weekdays, she insulted Chen Feng. Chen Feng had always been tolerant of her. This gave her the illusion that Lin Lan was very powerful and the whole world should be around her.
It is precisely because of this illusion that Lin Lan has always been outdated when going out.
Unexpectedly, today I ran into Mrs. Lin who was more horizontal than her.
Give her a good lesson!
“I know it is wrong now?” Madam Lin sneered, like Lin Lan’s cheap bones, if you don’t hurt her, she will never know what the sky is high and the earth is thick.
“Knowing it is wrong, knowing it is wrong.” Lin Lan nodded hurriedly, with an extremely humble attitude.
“Huh, do you dare to ask your daughter and her boyfriend to clean up me?” Madam Lin snorted, sarcastically.
“Don’t dare, don’t dare.” Lin Lan hurriedly shook her head, saying that she didn’t dare, but what she thought in her heart was that when Xia Mengyao brought her boyfriend, she must skin Mrs. Lin.
“Hmph, count you acquainted!”
“Xiao Wang, tell the security guard to throw her out.” Mrs. Lin looked arrogant and waved her hand as if she was driving a dog.
“Yes, Mrs. Lin.” Wang Xiaohong bowed and became more respectful to Mrs. Lin. Today she has seen what power is. The Lin family where Mrs. Lin is located is only a small second-line family in Cangzhou, even Mrs. Lin It’s not directly from the Lin family, but Mrs. Lin didn’t have the slightest fear of taking action.
If Lin Lan is not a cartilage and don’t kowtow to admit her mistake, she will definitely be beaten to death by Mrs. Lin’s bodyguard today!
Wang Xiaohong didn’t have the slightest doubt!
Soon, the security guard from the sales department ran over and grabbed Lin Lan, like a dead dog, dragged Lin Lan out of the sales department and threw it on the road outside.
Lin Lan at this time, how could he get a tragic word.
His hair was disheveled, his clothes were covered with blood, his face was bruised, and there were not a few teeth left in his mouth.
“Lin Lan, are you okay, do you want me to take you to the hospital…” Wang Mei asked concerned. Just now Abiao fought Lin Lan’s posture and scared her stupidly. She even felt that Lin Lan was going to be Killed.
“What kind of hospital to go to! The old lady hasn’t come out yet!” Lin Lan said angrily. She had never been cleaned up like this before. She was beaten all over the floor looking for teeth, and finally kneeled down to beg for mercy. Finding the place, she will not be laughed at by neighbors in the neighborhood.
“But, that Mrs. Lin has a very background at first glance. She always takes bodyguards when she goes out.” Wang Mei said in a congenial way. These days, those who take bodyguards when going out are not ordinary people, and most of them came from a big family.
“Background? What background can that bitch have! Isn’t he just a bodyguard? Who can’t afford to hire? When my daughter and her boyfriend arrives, I will ask him to hire ten bodyguards for my old lady, who will take them every day. I will see that bitch once and beat that bitch once!” Lin Lan said viciously, and now she put all her hopes on Xia Mengyao’s’boyfriend’.
In her opinion, no matter how old Mrs. Lin’s background is, she is no bigger than Xia Mengyao’s boyfriend.
Wang Mei sighed, she still felt that Xia Mengyao’s’boyfriend’ was not necessarily reliable.
At this moment, a Koenigsegg drove towards him.
Seeing Koenigsegg, Lin Lan jumped up in excitement, pointing to Koenigsegg, and holding Wang Mei’s arm with the other hand, and exclaimed excitedly: “Wang Mei, look at it, it’s a luxury car, it’s a luxury car. It must be my daughter and her boyfriend here!”
“How do you know that your daughter is in this car?” Wang Mei was suspicious. Did Xia Mengyao really bring her’boyfriend’ to find a place for Lin Lan?
“Who else could be my daughter? Who can afford to drive such a good car on this mountain?” Lin Lan took it for granted. Although she didn’t recognize the Koenigsegg logo, she could also tell that the Ferrari Lamborghini style The car is not in the same class as the one in front of you. The average rich man simply cannot drive it.
Only rich people living in the hilltop villa area can use this kind of car, and it happened to be that she drove over after she finished calling Xia Mengyao. Except for Xia Mengyao and her’boyfriend’, it could not be anyone else!
The roar of the sports car gradually approached, and a few seconds later it finally stopped in front of Lin Lan, the butterfly door opened, and Lin Lan stepped forward excitedly, ready to pay homage to the respect of her daughter’s’boyfriend’.
But immediately, the smile on Lin Lan’s face completely solidified.
How is this waste? !
It was Chen Feng who got out of the car, and he saw Lin Lan from a distance. He didn’t want to take care of him. But after seeing Lin Lan’s miserable behavior, Chen Feng couldn’t help turning his head.
It’s not that Chen Feng is guilty, but that Lin Lan is Xia Mengyao’s biological mother after all. If she wants to do something, you can imagine what Xia Mengyao’s mood will be.

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