Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 180

Lin Lan was stunned, how did Lin Zhaozhong agree… so refreshing? !
Do you want less? It should cost one million. Lin Lan started to suffer from gains and losses, but she had already said her words. At this time, she had to regret it. What if Lin Zhaozhong didn’t agree?
“Cash it.” After hesitating for a long time, Lin Lan decided to get the 500,000 yuan first. The reason why he didn’t want the bank card was because he was afraid of Lin Zhaozhong’s manipulation on the bank card.
“Okay, Auntie, I’ll call someone to send you half a million.” Although he was disdainful, Lin Zhaozhong did not show a half mark on the surface, but was very respectful.
Lin Lan nodded, and then vigilantly said: “It’s 500,000 yuan, not 50,000 yuan, and it won’t work for one point!”
Lin Zhaozhong smiled and said, “Auntie, don’t worry.”
Xia Mengyao on the side was a little helpless, Lin Lan could be said to have completely lost the money.
If she knew that her son-in-law, whom she had always looked down on, had a villa worth more than 300 million yuan on the top of the mountain, wouldn’t she be going crazy?
Soon, Lin Zhaozhong’s people drove a Land Rover and delivered a box of cash. Lin Lan carefully nodded in front of everyone before nodding with satisfaction.
Then Lin Zhaozhong bowed slightly to Chen Feng, and then took Lin Fang away.
“Unexpectedly, you are still a bit useless.” After Lin Zhaozhong left, Lin Lan couldn’t help but glance at Chen Feng. She thought that after cursing Lin Fang’s stinky bitch, Lin Fang would just tear her up. But I didn’t expect that Lin Fang slapped him. In the end, Lin Zhaozhong paid her 500,000 yuan.
Lin Lan naturally understood that the sudden change in Lin Zhaozhong’s attitude was not because of her, but because of Chen Feng, the trash in her eyes, who could only wash his feet.
Of course, it was not Chen Feng’s background that frightened Lin Zhaozhong, but the luxury car he used to pretend to be rented. Lin Lan felt that Lin Zhaozhong might have seen a luxury car and thought that Chen Feng had a big background, so he chose Take out 500,000 to settle down.
Thinking of this, Lin Lan suddenly felt that she should buy a luxury car too, and then drive the luxury car out to see those neighbors in the neighborhood, who dare to look down on her.
“Chen Feng, if you rent this car, how much will it cost if you buy it?” Lin Lan asked. In her opinion, this car looks a bit more popular than Lamborghini Ferraris, and the price is at least Five million goes up.
“Twenty-six million.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“How many?!” Lin Lan’s eyes widened, she heard that right, two thousand… six million? !
“Twenty-six million.” Chen Feng smiled and said, he probably guessed Lin Lan’s thoughts, and when he said the price of Koenigsegg, Lin Lan gave up.
“You trash didn’t lie to me? How could a car sell for 26 million?” Lin Lan swallowed, still unbelievable, 26 million, which can be bought in the fourth and fifth tier cities. Ten suites now.
Chen Feng shrugged: “If you don’t believe me, you can check it online.”
Lin Lan stopped talking now. It’s the Internet age. Everyone has a mobile phone. Chen Feng couldn’t lie to her in such matters. Therefore, the original price of the car that Chen Feng rented was really 26 million.
“A 26 million car, how much does it cost to rent a day?” Lin Lan thought of another question. It is said that a luxury car like a Ferrari Lamborghini can be rented for almost tens of thousands a day. That 26 million god Cars, the price of renting for one day, can’t go to heaven.
“Fifty thousand.” Chen Feng casually told a number, in fact, he didn’t know.
“Fifty thousand!” Lin Lan felt that her breathing was a little unsmooth, and she actually wanted fifty thousand!
Lin Lan’s idea of ​​renting a car to act as a force disappeared instantly.
But then, she thought about Chen Feng renting a car with 50,000 yuan, and couldn’t help being even more angry.
“You prodigal, who asked you to take so much money to rent a car! Our Mengyao’s money was not made by the wind!” Lin Lan pointed at Chen Feng’s nose and cursed. In her opinion, Chen Feng himself I can’t take out 50,000 yuan to rent a car, but I can only get it from Xia Mengyao, which is probably Xia Mengyao’s project money in Yuquanshan.
“Mom, Chen Feng didn’t use my money.” Xia Mengyao frowned. She used Chen Feng’s money if it was used, but there was no way to explain this to Lin Lan. She could never tell Lin Lan. Chen Feng is actually a member of the Chen family of Yanjing. The assets he holds now are conservatively estimated to be more than 100 billion yuan.
“You still speak for him!” Lin Lan glared at Xia Mengyao and scolded: “If your grandfather knows that you embezzled the Yuquanshan project’s public funds to this waste, can you still be the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project! ”
“Mom, I am no longer the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project.” Xia Mengyao shook her head. Originally, she planned to go to Xia Yunsheng and ask why Xia Hao appointed Wang Yunna as the company’s vice president, but later, she was If you want to understand, it is meaningless to ask this.
Because even if Xia Yunsheng knew what Xia Hao did, he would only punish Xia Hao symbolically, and would not hurt Xia Hao.
As Xia Hao said, the Xia family is his after all.
And Xia Mengyao, in Xia Yunsheng’s eyes, has always been an outsider.
That being the case, she didn’t have to bother about the Yuquanshan project, so she might as well leave early.
Of course, Chen Feng also had a part of the reason. She didn’t know that the Yuquan Mountain project was prepared by Chen Feng for her, but now she knows.
Now that she knew it, she naturally wanted to stand on Chen Feng’s side.
In fact, she has always been aware that the Xia family has no strength at all. If they participate in the development of the Yuquanshan project and force the development, although the Xia family can benefit, the entire Yuquanshan investor will lose money.
In the past, she considered the problem from the perspective of the Xia family, so it was not very important for her to lose money on the Yuquanshan project.
But when the biggest investor in the Yuquanshan project becomes Chen Feng, it has something to do with her. Between the two identities of the Xia family’s children and the Chen Feng woman, she chose the identity of Chen Feng woman.
She would rather see Xia’s loss than Chen Feng.
The only way to prevent Chen Feng from losing money is to leave the position of Yuquanshan project leader. Once she leaves, Chen Feng will inevitably reclaim the Xia family’s control of the Yuquanshan project. Then, Chen Feng can hand over the Yuquanshan project. Give it to a more powerful family, so that both parties can benefit from each other instead of only Chen Feng losing money.
“You are not the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project?!” Lin Lan was shocked, then pointed to Chen Feng in anger and asked, “Did your grandfather discover that you embezzled public funds for this waste? That’s why your grandfather didn’t. Let you be the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project?”

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