Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 181

“No, it has nothing to do with Chen Feng.” Xia Mengyao shook her head and said.
“When did it happen?” Chen Feng frowned. He knew very well that Lin Lan’s so-called embezzlement of public funds was nonsense, and Xia Yunsheng had no right to kick Xia Mengyao out of the position of project leader of Yuquan Mountain, only Xia Mengyao took the initiative. go away.
Is Mengyao still angry with herself? Chen Feng couldn’t help thinking, he didn’t think as deeply as Xia Mengyao, he only felt that Xia Mengyao was angry with him because he concealed his identity.
“Today.” Xia Mengyao paused. In fact, she hadn’t told Xia Yunsheng about this because she was delayed by Lin Lan, but now Lin Lan’s matter was resolved, and she was going to go to Xia Yunsheng’s house immediately.
“It has nothing to do with this waste, who does it have to do with?” Lin Lan seems to have a tendency to break the casserole and ask the end.
“Mom, don’t ask, this matter is my own decision, it has nothing to do with anyone.” Xia Mengyao glanced at Lin Lan impatiently and said: “Well, you go back, I’ll go to the company Up.”
“You…” Lin Lan originally wanted to ask Xia Mengyao why she lived in the mountain villa last night, but seeing Xia Mengyao like this, she knew she couldn’t ask anything, so she had to give up.
Chen Feng sighed and walked to Xia Mengyao: “I will send you off.”
Xia Mengyao hesitated for a moment, then nodded gently.
After the two left, Wang Mei couldn’t help taking a look at Lin Lan and said, “Lin Lan, your son-in-law’s car doesn’t seem to be rented.”
Lin Lan rolled her eyes: “It’s not rented, but can’t it be bought? That’s 26 million. Not to mention that he is the one who delivers food, it is our Xia family, and it will not be able to pay so much money for a while. .”
Wang Mei paused and didn’t say anything. She had a strange feeling in the dark that not only was the car not rented by Chen Feng, even the boyfriend of Xia Mengyao she thought was also Chen Feng himself.
It is very possible that Chen Feng bought a villa on the top of the mountain!
This idea was only fleeting in Wang Mei’s mind, and was then dismissed by Wang Mei because it was too absurd.
On the other side, Lin Zhaozhong and Lin Fang also returned to the Lin family.
When he got home, the first thing Lin Zhaozhong did was to call his third brother Lin Zhaonan, who worked as a superintendent.
“The third child, help me check the individual. The car he drove was Koenigsegg and the license plate number was C0000…” Lin Zhaozhong quickly said the information he saw.
“Second brother, there is only one Koenigsegg in Cangzhou. It is Shen Hongchang’s car, so I don’t need to check it at all.” Lin Zhaonan was a little startled, wondering why Lin Zhaozhong suddenly checked Shen Hongchang.
Lin Zhaozhong didn’t know that the information about every car of a big man like Shen Hongchang and Li Juncheng was printed in the minds of their superintendent’s internal personnel for prevention. In case one day they encounter, they don’t know the true face of Lushan. These big shots.
“Shen Hongchang?!” Lin Zhaozhong exclaimed, actually related to Shen Hongchang!
“Second brother, you won’t… offend Shen Hongchang, do you?” Lin Zhaonan’s heart sank. Why did he listen to Lin Zhaozhong’s tone, as if he had a holiday with Shen Hongchang. If Lin Zhaozhong really offends Shen Hongchang, then the Lin family’s dream of marching into the first-line family, but Shattered.
Even if Shen Hongchang used some tricks, the Lin family might not even be able to keep the seat of the current second-tier family.
“It should be… not offended.” Lin Zhaozhong wiped the cold sweat from his head and said with some uncertainty. He is very lucky now that he stopped Lin Fang at the time and convinced Chen Feng to be soft, otherwise, he can now It is not that it should be, but it must be offended.
However, even if he was subdued and gave Lin Lan 500,000 yuan, he was still a little worried about whether Chen Feng would be the same as him.
“Second brother, what’s going on?” Lin Zhaonan asked in a deep voice. If Lin Zhaozhong really offends Shen Hongchang, then the Lin family must prepare early. Preparation for combat.
“It’s like this…” Lin Zhaozhong didn’t dare to conceal it. He would go to Yuquan Mountain to see the house and have a conflict with Lin Lan, and then later Chen Feng appeared and detailed everything.
After listening, Lin Zhaonan frowned: “Second brother, you mean, it is not Shen Hongchang himself who is driving, but a young man?”
“Well, the third child, is that young man Shen Junwen, Shen Hongchang’s nephew?” Lin Zhaozhong asked, and he still knew that Shen Hongchang had a nephew.
“Impossible, Shen Junwen is not married at all, and he is not A Biao’s opponent.” Lin Zhaonan denied in a deep voice, and then said again: “But you said that the opposite is a door-to-door son-in-law, I think of someone.
“Chen Feng! The son-in-law of the Xia family!” Lin Zhaonan said.
“The son-in-law of the Xia family?” Lin Zhaozhong was a little bit confused, but couldn’t remember which Xia family Lin Zhaonan was talking about.
It’s no wonder that Lin Zhaozhong couldn’t remember that the Xia family in Cangzhou can only be regarded as a small third-line family, not well-known, and naturally cannot enter Lin Zhaozhong’s eyes.
“Some time ago, he appeared in Shen Junwen’s live broadcast…” Lin Zhaonan was very impressed with Chen Feng. He watched the sensational live broadcast of Shen Junwen last time, and that time, he noticed Chen Feng and discovered Chen Feng’s is not simple.
Especially Chen Feng’s skill left him a deep impression. Later, he even made a teaching material about Chen Feng and Shen Junwen fighting a dozen bodyguards so that the police officers in the superintendent could learn Chen Feng action.
Later, when Han Long appeared, the live broadcast was interrupted. I thought Chen Summit was picked up by Han Long and disappeared in Cangzhou.
Unexpectedly, today Chen Feng appeared again, and he also got in touch with Shen Hongchang.
Obviously, Chen Feng himself had a great background, and that Koenigsegg should have been given to Chen Feng by Shen Hongchang.
Lin Zhaonan gave his analysis.
Lin Zhaozhong was sweating profusely. Who could have imagined that a well-known son-in-law would have such a background.
If you can have a relationship with the underground emperor and the richest man in Cangzhou at the same time, what will the Lin family do to provoke such a door-to-door son-in-law?
Lin Fang, who was on the side, was also frightened into a soft mud. After Lin Zhaozhong slapped her, she guessed that Chen Feng’s background was unusual, but she still didn’t expect it to be so unusual.
It is no exaggeration to say that Chen Feng killed her there today, and the Lin family would never say anything about Chen Feng, and even wipe Chen Feng’s ass.
“Lao San, what should I do now?” Lin Zhaozhong asked, wiping the cold sweat from his head. If he hadn’t stopped Lin Fang at that time, but had asked Lin Fang to call Lin Zhaonan, it is estimated that the entire Lin family would be planted in now.
Fortunately, he had good eyesight, saw Koenigsegg’s unusualness, and stopped Lin Fang.

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