Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 19

Xia Hao was stunned, and it took him a moment to realize that Gu Dongchen wanted to take the Yuquan Mountain project’s rake.
After thinking about it, Xia Hao’s forehead was covered with cold sweat in an instant. Gu Dongchen was really a lion’s mouth wide open, and it was 30% at once. When converted, it would be more than one billion.
“Master Chen, are you kidding me?” Xia Hao pulled out a smile that was uglier than crying. You must know that although the Yuquan Mountain project is a lot of oil and water, there are hundreds of people in the Xia family, and they are divided among everyone. , It’s not much. To put it more exaggeratedly, their father and son are not divided into 30%.
“Do you think I’m joking with you?”
Gu Dongchen glanced at Xia Hao faintly. Xia Hao’s heart trembled, and immediately felt a biting chill rise from the tail of his spine.
Gu Dongchen was not an ordinary social gangster. He had only a few lives in his hand, and he had carried a few of them. Xia Hao suddenly regretted that he shouldn’t ask a jackal like Gu Dongchen to cooperate.
After being slapped in public by Chen Feng, Xia Hao only thought about revenge. He wanted to smash Chen Feng immediately, so he came to Gu Dongchen non-stop, completely unexpectedly, in the eyes of people like Gu Dongchen, He is a little lamb.
“Master Chen, 30%…too much, I can’t take out so much.” Xia Hao was weak.
“Haha.” Gu Dongchen laughed suddenly, he patted Xia Hao on the shoulder, and said: “Ahao, don’t be so nervous, is Lao Tzu an insatiable person? Just kidding, kidding, haha!”
Xia Hao smiled dryly: “Master Chen, you are so humorous.”
“Let’s talk about it, how should I deal with that little lady Xia Mengyao?” Gu Dongchen said sternly.
Xia Hao smiled and said, “Use your favorite way to deal with it.”
“Lao Tzu’s favorite way?” Gu Dongchen glanced at Xia Hao suspiciously, and suddenly understood: “Do you want Lao Tzu to fuck her?”
“Yeah, Lord Chen, haven’t you been thinking about Xia Mengyao? I asked someone to bring a few bottles of fairy water from the black market in Thailand a few days ago. The medicine is violent. As long as you drink the water, you will be a chaste lady or a good martyr. They will all become lewd sluts, at the mercy of others, and can do whatever shameful actions they want!
“Xia Mengyao, this stinky bitch, has always liked to pretend to be tall, I want to see, she drank water this time, she still can’t pretend to be tall in front of you.”
Gu Dongchen rubbed his hands in excitement, the lust in his eyes did not hide. The women he had played with were not a hundred, but also 80, students, nurses, white-collar workers, young women from good families…everything, those women are beautiful and beautiful, but without exception, they all have a gust of dust on their bodies.
Gu Dongchen is always unhappy.
But Xia Mengyao is different, not to mention her perfect face and body, her temperament is still cold and dusty, she is almost like a fairy in the sky, even if he is dreaming, Gu Dongchen wants to be such a fairy.
In the past, he was afraid of the Xia family’s forces, and he dared not do anything to Xia Mengyao. Now, it is someone from the Xia family who personally sent Xia Mengyao to him. If he doesn’t go, he feels a little sorry for himself.
“If you fuck with her, nothing will happen, right?” Gu Dongchen asked.
“Master Chen, rest assured, absolutely not! When you go to her, you can make a video. After the filming, threaten the little bitch with the video, she dare not say anything. As for her waste husband, Master Chen , You may not know, just yesterday, he knew that the little bitch Xia Mengyao had sex with Lin Zongwei, and he didn’t even dare to put a fart.” Xia Hao said.
“True trash!” Gu Dongchen cursed, “If I dare to cuckold Lao Tzu’s wife, I will definitely break her leg and destroy the bastard who dares to cuckold Lao Tzu.”
“Master Chen, it’s not that that man is as bloody as you. To tell the truth, that trash, married Xia Mengyao for three years, and neither of them had ever been in bed. Just before yesterday, Xia Mengyao was still a stranger.” Ho Dao.
“Grass!” Gu Dongchen cursed, “What is this rubbish doing in the world, why didn’t he die!”
Leaving Xia Mengyao such a superb stunner by his side for three years, and in the end, let other men get on the ground first, Gu Dongchen now has the heart to kill Chen Feng, how can there be such a waste in this world.
Seeing that his success aroused Gu Dongchen’s anger, Xia Hao raised a successful smile on the corner of his mouth, and said the true purpose of his trip: “Master Chen, do you want to see this waste?”
“What do you see him doing? Seeing this kind of waste, I just dirty my eyes.” Gu Dongchen cursed.
“Master Chen, you don’t understand that, it’s because Chen Feng is trash that you want to see him.”
“Think about it, when you go to Xia Mengyao, let Chen Feng’s trash look on the sidelines. If he sees his wife who has never kissed his mouth for three years, he will turn into a slut in front of you. To ravage wanton, what would be the mood of that trash?”
“Also, isn’t that stinky bitch Xia Mengyao pretending to be innocent? What would she look like if you met her in front of her husband, haha.”
Xia Hao smiled wickedly. This was the easiest way to avenge Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao that he could think of.
Chen Feng, Chen Feng, waste should be treated as waste safely, because the price paid on impulse is far from what you can afford!
Gu Dongchen was stunned. Xia Hao, this kid, was so bad that he was so bad that he could think of such a vicious way.
However, it is really exciting…
Gu Dongchen’s face flushed. He had played with many women, but none of them had played in front of this woman’s husband.
Gu Dongchen’s lower abdomen immediately became hot, “Okay, just do what your kid said, haha, after it’s done, your kid will be Lao Tzu’s eldest brother-in-law, and Lao Tzu will definitely not treat you badly.”
“Thank you, Lord Chen.” There was a touch of excitement across Xia Hao’s face. With Gu Dongchen as his backer, Xia Family, no one would dare to oppose him, even Xia Yunsheng!
“In addition, Chen Ye, Chen Feng’s trash is still a bit brute force. To be on the safe side, I suggest you abolish him first, and then bring him over, so that he will not disturb your interest when you ravage Xia Mengyao. “Xia Hao said insidiously, Chen Feng’s two slaps made his face still sore and painful now. At this moment, it happened to borrow Gu Dongchen’s hand to teach Chen Feng a lesson.
“Okay, no problem.” Gu Dongchen said with a big wave of his hand. Many of his brothers were ruthless people who licked blood with knife-heads, making them useless, no different from trampling an ant.
“Then Chen, I will call Xia Mengyao now and let her come over.” After Xia Hao finished speaking, he walked out of the box and took out his mobile phone. He has already inquired about. Xia Mengyao is at home now, and Chen Feng is still Deliver food outside.
Just call Xia Mengyao over first, and Gu Dongchen will deal with Chen Feng.
Xia Hao dialed Xia Mengyao’s phone.
“Xia Mengyao, I’ll give you half an hour to come to the golden age immediately!”
When Xia Hao’s voice was heard, Xia Mengyao hung up.
Xia Hao gritted his teeth, this bitch, shameless!
“After half an hour, you won’t come, don’t blame me being rude to Chen Feng!” Xia Hao sent another text message.
Xia Mengyao frowned her eyebrows, Xia Hao’s threat, she couldn’t help but care.
It’s just that he wants to go to the Golden Age for himself.
After hesitating again and again, Xia Mengyao decided to get up and go there. She didn’t think what would happen to Xia Hao. With a greater possibility, Xia Hao still wanted the engineering team in her hands.
Xia Mengyao quickly took a taxi to the Golden Age.
After being led into the box by the cheongsam woman, Xia Hao was found sitting in the box alone, with a bottle of red wine on the table in front of Xia Hao.
“What do you want me for?” Xia Mengyao said coldly.
Xia Hao glanced at Xia Mengyao and said lightly: “Sit down.”
Xia Mengyao frowned slightly and sat on the sofa.
Xia Hao poured a glass of wine and pushed it in front of Xia Mengyao.
“Xia Hao, just tell me if you have anything!”
“Meng Yao, I’m your cousin, can’t you speak a little better to me?” Xia Hao smiled bitterly.
Xia Mengyao glanced at Xia Hao suspiciously. Why was Xia Hao’s attitude a little strange?
“In fact, it’s okay, Mengyao, at noon, Chen Feng slapped me in front of so many relatives. It’s impossible to just let it go, right?” Xia Hao said lightly.
“What do you want?”
Xia Mengyao gritted her teeth and said, she was very clear about Xia Hao’s character and the flaws must be reported. Chen Feng’s attack on him would never give up if he couldn’t explain it to him. He might think of some way to deal with Chen Feng. .
“Simple, return the engineering team that belongs to my dad!”
“Impossible?” Xia Hao sneered, “You are not afraid, one day Chen Feng will be hit by a car when he is walking on the road!”
Xia Mengyao’s pretty face suddenly changed color. She knew very well that Xia Hao was threatening her, but she did not dare to gamble on Chen Feng’s life.
“Okay, I can give you the engineering team, but you must guarantee that you will not trouble Chen Feng in the future!” Xia Mengyao gritted her silver teeth and said, although handing over the engineering team to Xia Hao means that she has lost the last bargaining chip in her hand. The Yuquanshan project will have nothing to do with her, but compared with Chen Feng’s life, she can accept it!
“I promise, as long as you give me the engineering team, Chen Feng’s trash, I won’t look at him later.” Xia Hao smiled.
“You’d better do what you say!” Xia Mengyao gave Xia Hao a cold look.
“Don’t worry, Xia Mengyao, who can’t live with money, come, do this glass of wine, the grievances between us and the two of us will be wiped out!” Xia Hao smiled and poured a glass of wine and pushed it in front of Xia Mengyao.
Xia Mengyao didn’t doubt that he had him, so he took the wine glass and drank it in one go.
After drinking, she was ready to get up and leave.
But at this moment, the box door was pushed open, and a man wearing a flowered shirt with a scar on his face walked in.
Xia Mengyao immediately felt something was wrong.
“My great beauty, how does the wine taste?” Gu Dongchen walked over with a wicked smile.
“Xia Hao, who is he?!” Xia Mengyao scolded angrily.
Xia Hao smiled, walked to Xia Mengyao, smiled and said: “Cousin, he is the husband I found for you, how about it, is it ten times better than Chen Feng’s trash?”
“You are shameless!” Xia Mengyao was so angry that her chest trembled, and as she said, she stretched out her hand to fan Xia Hao’s face.
It was Xia Hao’s slap that slapped her pretty face first, and her white face immediately turned blood red.
“Smelly bitch!” Xia Hao smiled grinningly, “Isn’t I giving you a face! Chen Feng’s trash beater, you bitch, do you want to beat me too!”
“Xia Hao! You can’t die!” Tears rolled in Xia Mengyao’s beautiful eyes, her legs were soft, her feet were weak, and she couldn’t even stand firmly.
“Ahao, how can you hit your sister-in-law, your sister-in-law has such a beautiful face, it’s not good to be beaten up.” Gu Dongchen stood up with a smile.
“Master Chen, I’m sorry.” Xia Hao hurriedly apologized.
Gu Dongchen waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, you can go ahead, I’ll make friends with your sister-in-law first, haha!”
“Yes, Chen Ye, you play slowly.” Xia Hao bowed his head respectfully, and after speaking, he closed the door and walked out.
“Big beauty, I’m coming!”
Gu Dongchen smirked and rushed towards Xia Mengyao.
Xia Mengyao took two steps back in horror, but tripped over the sofa behind him…

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