Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 20

On the other side, Chen Feng had just delivered a takeaway, and suddenly he felt absent-minded, as if something bad was about to happen.
“You are Chen Feng?” At this moment, a man with a big gold chain and tiger tattoo came over and stood in front of Chen Feng.
“Something?” Chen Feng raised his eyebrows.
“Xia Mengyao is your wife?” The tiger-printed man took a look at Chen Feng and asked.
“Yes, what’s the matter?” Chen Feng suddenly had a bad feeling.
The tiger-printed man shook his head and said, “It’s a pity…”
“What do you mean? What a pity?!” Chen Feng’s tone was suddenly cold.
The tiger-printed man sneered and said: “Your wife is such a beautiful big beauty, marrying you this kind of trash, what a pity?”
“Mengyao is with you?” Chen Feng’s heart suddenly tightened, and a cold killing intent burst into his eyes. He just made several calls to Xia Mengyao but couldn’t get through. Now it seems that something really happened!
“Trash! You’d better take care of yourself first.” The tiger-printed man sneered, “Master Chen said, I want you to have two legs, you do it yourself, or we help you?”
“I said, is Mengyao in your place?!” Chen Feng gritted his teeth, the killing intent in his eyes almost turned into substance.
The tiger-print man finally felt something was wrong, how could this trash have such a terrifying look in his eyes? Although surprised, the tiger-printed man is still confident. He is also a ruthless man with life. He doesn’t think what a door-to-door son-in-law can do by himself.
“Yeah, you trash, your wife is lying on our grandfather Chen’s bed now, haha, what can you do if you know…” the tiger-printed man said with a big grin, “Hey, you trash, it’s ridiculous, even yourself Can’t keep the woman!”
But before he finished speaking, he felt that he was surrounded by a cold killing intent, and then his neck tightened, and the whole person was suspended in the air uncontrollably!
Chen Feng’s eyes were red, and the big hands that pinched the neck of the tiger-printed man’s neck pressed slightly.
In an instant, the tiger-patterned man’s forehead was full of violent veins.
“Ho ho… let go… let me go…”
The tiger-printed man was horrified, what kind of character he provoked, and how could he have such a terrifying power!
“Meng! Yao! Where! Ah!” Chen Feng almost popped these words from his teeth, and his murderous aura hit the tiger-printed man’s mind like a stormy sea.
“Say, or die!”
Chen Feng used a slight force, and the tiger-printed man’s body immediately trembled.
Forced by the suffocation of death, the tiger-print man was finally afraid. The murderous intent in Chen Feng’s eyes gave him no doubt. If he didn’t say anything, he would really die.
“Golden Age!”
“Your wife…in her golden years!”
The tiger-printed man was thrown tens of meters away by Chen Feng, and slammed on the railing in the distance. When he struggled, he looked up again, and Chen Feng was no longer in sight.
Chen Feng ran with all his strength and his eyes were blood-red. He had never felt such an angry mood in Xia’s three years!
Dragons have inverse scales, they will be angry if they touch them!
Xia Mengyao is his Ni Lin!
No matter who it is, if you touch it, you will die!
In extreme anger, Chen Feng rushed to the gate of the Golden Age Club in less than ten minutes.
At the entrance of the clubhouse, three tattooed men stood.
Seeing the angry Chen Feng, the three subconsciously step forward.
“Who are you looking for?”
What responded to him was Chen Feng’s iron fist.
With just a punch, the head of the tattooed man shattered the bridge of his nose, and blood gushed back and flew back.
“Where is Xia Mengyao?” Chen Feng’s voice was cold, like Jiuyou Ligui.
“Grass! Who the fuck are you, dare to break into us!”
“Things who do not live or die, come to make trouble in the golden years?”
The two of them cursed, took out a swing stick from their bodies and rushed towards Chen Feng.
Two loud noises came, and the two men who rushed with their weapons did not react before they flew out and knocked down the door behind them.
“I’ll ask again, my wife Xia Mengyao…where is it?” Chen Feng burst out murderously in his eyes and walked towards the two.
“You… are you Chen Feng?”
The two finally reacted and recognized Chen Feng’s identity.
What surprised them was, isn’t Xia Mengyao a famously useless husband?
Why is it so fierce?
Without giving them too much time to think, Chen Feng took a step forward and stretched out his left and right hands at the same time. The two of them only felt that there was a flower in front of them, and in the next second, they both rose into the air at the same time!
Seeing this scene, several female college students who worked part-time in Golden Age suddenly screamed in panic.
These two tattooed men have a weight of at least nearly two hundred catties, but the man in front of him mentioned two people at the same time like a chicken. Is this a person or a ghost?
In fact, the two people who were picked up by Chen Feng almost cried in horror.
When Gu Dongchen said to find someone to clean up Chen Feng, they all rushed to go, thinking that Chen Feng was a bug without the power of a chicken, and he could just press it on the ground.
The last opportunity was snatched by Brother Hu, and they were very envious.
But now, they don’t envy it anymore.
Where is this TM? This TM is clearly a dragon!
From now on, Brother Hu is afraid that he is worse than them.
“Master Chen is in the leftmost box on the third floor!”
The two men came out of their heads, Chen Feng snorted coldly, threw them to the ground like trash, and then rushed in.
But he didn’t take a few steps when he saw a dozen tattooed men with weapons rushing over.
“Dare to come to the Golden Age to make trouble, and give me abandon him!”
“Bang! Bang! Bang!”
Chen Feng rushed into the crowd, and every time there was a sound, one person flew out, followed by a scream.

At this time, in the box, Gu Dongchen was also full of anger.
He was careless just now!
Seeing that Xia Mengyao was tripped just now, he rushed forward impatiently to take off Xia Mengyao’s clothes, but Xia Mengyao grabbed the wine bottle and smashed it on his head.
Scarlet blood flowed down Gu Dongchen’s forehead.
A fierce light flashed through Gu Dongchen’s squinted eyes, and he was pecked by the wild geese all day long!
“Little bitch, I originally planned to love you well, but if you want to die by yourself, no wonder I am!”
Looking at Xia Mengyao, whose face was flushed and her chest was undulating, Gu Dongchen licked her lips and violently ripped Xia Mengyao’s clothes.
At this moment, a loud noise came!
Gu Dongchen turned his head abruptly, but saw that the solid wood paint door of the box had been torn apart!
At the door, a tall figure stood upright!

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