Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 199

Chen Feng suppressed the urge to do something, intending to see the development of the situation first.
“Fatty, do you want to be more nosy?” The mighty man stood in front of the man in the flower shirt and said in a deep voice. Unlike Chen Feng, the man in the flower shirt drives a high-profile Ferrari. The background looks unusual, but this night Where the black wind is high, he is not afraid.
It’s really going to be dead, killing one is killing, killing two is killing.
“Fatty?” The man in a flower shirt raised his brows, pointed to his nose, and said, “You call me Fatty?!”
“Why? Is there a problem?” The mighty man twitched his mouth, and Nima was almost three hundred catties. If you don’t call you fat, would you be thin?
“What Xiaoye hates most is that others call Xiaoye Fatty!” The man in the flower shirt seemed a little angry.
“Then I want to call you Fatty, Fatty, Fatty, Fatty!” The mighty man sneered and shouted Fatty several times.
“Hey, do you believe I’m pulling you?” The man in the flower shirt raised his brows and rolled up his sleeves as he said, ready to do it.
“Brother.” At this moment, the gentle woman next to her gave an angry look at the man in the blouse, and said, “Did you promise your mother that you won’t fight?”
“But, this kid he scolded me to be fat, why don’t I teach him a lesson, where should I put my face?” The man in the flower shirt said angrily.
“I don’t care, brother, if you dare to fight, I will tell mom about your fight, and let mom clean up you.” The Wen Wan woman Qiong pointed her nose and said.
Hearing this, the man in the flower shirt suddenly became a little bit guilty.
“For the sake of my sister’s face, I won’t clean up the few of you today, don’t hurry up!” The man in the flower shirt glanced at a few masked men and said.
“I said fat fat man, did your brain kick the donkey? Can’t you see how many people there are on Lao Tzu?” the mighty man sneered. Is this fat fat man really stupid or pretending to be stupid? The situation is obvious right now. Yes, the fighting power on my own side is stronger, this fat man, if he doesn’t roll himself, he dares to let them roll.
“Many people? A lot of people are awesome? Believe it or not, I will flip you with one hand?” The man in the flower shirt sneered.
“One hand? If you TM can overturn us with one hand, I will call you father!” said the mighty man.
“I want to be beautiful! I don’t have a son like you.” The man in the flower shirt hummed and said.
“Okay! Very good!” The mighty man sneered again and again, and said: “Fatty man, since you don’t know each other, I will teach you how to behave today!”
“Go! Interrupt the legs of the dead fat man and turn this woman!” The mighty man waved his hand and said.
When the words fell, the masked men behind him rushed out like red eyes.
“Sister, look?” The man in the flower shirt glanced at the gentle woman, quite asking for instructions from the gentle woman.
The gentle woman’s white teeth lightly opened, and sighed: “Fighting is okay, but no life is allowed.”
“Good!” The man in the flower shirt looked happy and rushed over.
Chen Feng watched from the side with a lot of time, with a bit of playfulness in his eyes.
When the man in the flower shirt got out of the car, he saw that the man in the flower shirt was not simple, he had some traces of warriors on his body. Even if he is not a warrior now, he also has a tendency to step into the gate of warriors immediately.
Next, the man in the flowered shirt confirmed Chen Feng’s guess.
With only one hand, in less than ten seconds, he flipped a few masked men.
After flipping through a few masked men, the man in the flower shirt turned his attention to Chen Feng: “Brother, are you okay?”
Chen Feng shook his head and said with a smile: “It’s okay, thanks.”
The man in the flower shirt waved his hand and said, “Thank you, what I don’t understand most is this kind of obscure stuff. And these idiots are throwing nails on the mountain road. It’s me who may suffer.”
“If you want to say thank you, I have to thank you, brother, for taking the muddy water for me first.” The man in the flower shirt smiled.
Chen Feng smiled and didn’t say anything. It was obvious that the fat man in this flower shirt was a very good person. Although he was also a rich second-generation, he didn’t have much air.
“By the way, brother, you also went up the mountain to participate in the Chess Cup, right?” the man in the flower shirt asked.
“Yeah.” Chen Feng nodded.
“That’s right, let me give you a ride. Look at your car’s tire. It was also punctured by these idiots and the car can’t be driven.” The man in the flower shirt was very enthusiastic.
“Then… trouble you.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. If the man in the flower shirt didn’t say anything, he hadn’t noticed. When checking the brake just now, the tire happened to run on the spike.
Of course, he can also leave the car here and run up the mountain, but it would be bad if someone saw it.
“No trouble, what’s the trouble, but for your car, you may have to wait for tomorrow to be dragged by yourself.” The man in the flower shirt looked at Chen Feng’s Audi again and said.
“I’ll find a way for the car.” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
Then Chen Feng got in the car.
This Ferrari in the flower shirt is different from the normal two-seater Ferrari. It is a four-seater Ferrari California, so Chen Feng can just sit behind.
“By the way, brother, don’t you know what your name is?” the man in the flower shirt turned his head and asked.
“Chen Feng.”
“Chen Feng?” The man in the flower shirt frowned and was a little confused: “I seem to have heard this name before.”
Although familiar, but after thinking about it for a long time, the man in the flower shirt didn’t think of a reason, but he is not the kind of person who is inquisitive, since he can’t think of it, he simply doesn’t think about it.
“Brother, my name is Zhu Guangquan, and this one next to me is my sister, and her name is Zhu Jiayan.”
“Hello.” The gentle woman turned her head and smiled politely at Chen Feng.
“Hello.” Chen Feng responded politely, and he probably guessed the origin of the two brothers and sisters in his heart.
People from Zhu’s family in Cangzhou.
The Zhu family is in the catering business, and the family assets fluctuate around 2 billion. It can barely be considered as the first half of the second-tier family, Chen Feng, once read the information given by Han Long.
Soon, Zhu Guangquan drove the car to the door of a luxury hotel on the top of the mountain.
Bohai Hotel.
In front of the hotel, there is a huge boulder nearly three feet high. On the boulder, there are the words “Bohai Hotel” written in dragon and phoenix.
Although it is night, there is still a welcome waiting at the hotel entrance.
After leading Zhu Guangquan to park the car, the three of them entered the hotel gate.
Go straight to the front desk.
“Yeah, isn’t this our Young Master Pig? It’s not good for Young Master Pig to take pig food at home, so how come we came to Bohai Bay to have fun.” A strange voice of Yin and Yang sounded behind the three of them.
Hearing this voice, Zhu Guangquan’s face suddenly became gloomy and terrible, and Zhu Jiayan’s pretty face also had a look of disgust.

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