Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 2

Everyone in the Xia family was shocked, did Xia Mengyao have a fever? It means that if Chen Feng doesn’t enter the ancestral shrine, neither will you?
“Xia Mengyao, are you going to betray the Xia family for an outsider?” Xia Hao looked a little gloomy. He didn’t expect that Xia Mengyao would say such things for Chen Feng. You know, the ancestor worship ceremony is the most important of the Xia family. One of the activities, every time the ancestor worships, all the Xia family must be present, this is the iron rule!
The descendants of the Xia family are not filial if they don’t sacrifice to their ancestors!
If Xia Mengyao really does not enter the ancestral shrine today, with the temper of the owner Xia Yunsheng, I am afraid that Xia Mengyao will be expelled from the Xia family!
Therefore, the nature of this matter cannot be said to be less serious.
“Meng Yao, go in, cousin is right, this is the ancestor of your Xia family, my surname is Chen, it is indeed inappropriate.” Chen Wei stood up and said again.
He knew that between Xia Mengyao and Xia Hao, one person must regress, otherwise both would be punished.
But there is no doubt that Xia Mengyao will be punished more severely. Chen Feng naturally does not want to. Xia Mengyao was expelled from the Chen family because of himself. At this time, he could only stand up and admit counsel.
Even if it is embarrassing, even if it will be even more despised by everyone, Chen Feng is still willing.
For Xia Mengyao, he can let go of all his dignity.
“Chen Feng…” Xia Mengyao’s eyes were red, and she naturally understood for whom Chen Feng had compromised. But the more this happened, the more unwilling she was and the more she felt sorry for Chen Feng.
“Okay, I’m going to deliver the food, and come back early in the evening.” Chen Feng pretended to be relaxed, and after speaking, he turned and left without looking back.
Although he was severely humiliated by Xia Hao, at this moment, Chen Feng’s mood was surprisingly calm, and even a little bit of joy, because just now Xia Mengyao said, “He enters, I enter!”
This is the first time that Xia Mengyao has stood on her side in three years, choosing herself firmly for the first time.
With this sentence, Chen Feng felt that all the grievances he had suffered were worth it!

After delivering the food, Chen Feng returned home and started cooking.
His culinary skills are very good. Three years ago, after being taken in by Xia Weiguo, he was recognized by Xia Weiguo with his culinary skills.
In Xia Weiguo’s words, men who can cook are good men.
At that time, Xia Mengyao had a good impression of him. With the help of Xia Weiguo, once and twice, he became the son-in-law of the Xia family.
However, after getting married, many contradictions slowly broke out.
Xia Weiguo was not taken seriously in the Xia family, and the family’s business was getting bleak. Chen Feng had no talent in business and could not help Xia Weiguo, so he could only make a living by delivering food.
Life at home is becoming more and more difficult, and mother-in-law Jiang Lan is also increasingly dissatisfied with Chen Feng. She often scolds Chen Feng as useless and feels that Chen Feng is not worthy of Xia Mengyao.
Without Chen Feng, with the appearance of Xia Mengyao, he would marry into a wealthy family, and the family would not be in the present situation.
Chen Feng couldn’t refute this. He was an illegitimate child, and he wanted money, no money, and no academic qualifications. He was indeed inferior to Xia Mengyao who graduated from a famous university and spent four years in school.
The only thing he can give Xia Mengyao is his true heart.
But in this world, sincerity is often the least valuable thing.
After bringing the cooked food to the table, Chen Feng couldn’t help being a little confused. At this point in weekdays, Xia Weiguo and his wife had already returned. Why is it so slow today?
At this time, a phone rang.
“Chen Feng, woo, my dad… my dad was hit by a car…”
Chen Feng’s expression changed drastically, Xia Mengyao’s voice was on the phone, but the news that came out made Chen Feng unbelievable.
The old man had a car accident?
“Don’t worry, Mengyao, I’ll come to the hospital right away.” Chen Feng pacified quickly, hung up the phone, and rode the electric car to the hospital.
When he arrived at the hospital, Chen Feng found out that Xia Mengyao was sitting on the bench and was crying.
Mother-in-law Lin Lan hurried around at the door of the emergency room.
“Mengyao, what’s the matter?” Chen Feng trot to Xia Mengyao and asked anxiously.
Before Xia Mengyao spoke, Lin Lan walked up, and a crisp slap was firmly printed on Chen Feng’s face.
Chen Feng’s face suddenly felt hot and painful.
“Do you dare to ask what’s going on?!” Lin Lan was full of anger, “You trash, what did you do this afternoon, why not pick up Lao Xia?”
Chen Feng was stunned. On weekdays, after Xia Weiguo got off work, he used to work as a driver for Xia Weiguo and took Xia Weiguo back. Because Xia Weiguo’s leg had been injured before, he was not flexible when driving.
But today, Xia Weiguo went to the Xia Family Ancestral Temple and did not call him after offering sacrifices to the ancestor.
Chen Feng thought that Xia Weiguo would not be back today, so he forgot to pick him up.
“Mom, I’m sorry.” Chen Feng apologized. He was indeed responsible for the Xia Weiguo accident.
“I’m sorry, is it useful? You’re a trash. After coming to my Xia family for three years, nothing can be done well!” Lin Lan collapsed emotionally and said hysterically, “If something happens to Lao Xia this time, you will immediately. Divorce my daughter and get out of the Xia family!”
Lin Lan’s voice was very sharp, which attracted a lot of onlookers.
But at this moment Chen Feng couldn’t afford to lose face. Xia Weiguo was not only his old man, but also his lifesaver. Chen Feng would never allow Xia Weiguo to be involved.
“Who is the patient’s family?” At this moment, a doctor in a white coat came over.
“I am what I am.” Lin Lan and Xia Mengyao hurriedly greeted them.
“The patient is now bleeding from internal organs. The condition is very serious and requires immediate surgery.” The middle-aged doctor said seriously.
Hearing this, Lin Lan’s eyes went dark and almost fainted. Xia Mengyao’s pretty face was pale as if struck by lightning.
“Doctor, please arrange the operation as soon as possible, no matter what the cost, we can accept it.” Chen Feng said solemnly.
“Okay, sign first. After signing, go and pay the operation fee.” The middle-aged doctor said and took out an exemption agreement, and Chen Feng scribbled his name on it.
But when he saw the fees to be paid on the surgery list, Chen Feng’s pupils suddenly tightened.
five million!
This is an astronomical number!
It’s just a surgical operation, why would it need five million?
Chen Feng felt something was wrong. Given Xia Weiguo’s economic situation, not to mention five million, even five hundred thousand.
Could it be a wrong print? Chen Feng came to the payment office with a fluke.
But immediately, the toll collector told him that there was nothing wrong.
That’s five million!
Chen Feng’s heart sank. He was the one who delivered the food, and he took 6,000 yuan a month to die. How could it be possible to take out five million all at once.
Xia Weiguo’s condition was very serious, and it was too late to be transferred at this time.
Where should I collect five million?
Ask someone to borrow, who will lend him?
Chen Feng was very irritable, and he never felt that money was so important for a moment.
“Young Master…” At this moment, a familiar voice appeared behind him.
Chen Feng turned around and found that Chen Zhong was looking at him with a smile.
In an instant, Chen Feng reacted.
“What did you do?!” Chen Feng clenched his fists angrily. At this moment, if he could not think of Chen Zhong again, then he would be really an idiot.
Sudden car accident, 5 million yuan for surgery…
Every step is carefully designed.
In order to let him return to the Chen family!
Chen Zhong shook his head and smiled: “Master, what are you talking about, the old slave didn’t understand…”
Before Chen Zhong finished speaking, Chen Feng slammed his nose on the bridge of his nose with a vicious fist, blood flowing.

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