Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 3

“I said, did you do my dad’s business!” Chen Feng roared. He did not expect that the Chen family was so frantic that he threatened Xia Weiguo’s life in order to get him back to the Chen family.
“Master, you said this yourself, and the old slave said nothing.” Chen Zhong smiled slightly and said.
Chen Feng slammed a fist against the wall, and although he wished to kill Chen Zhong, Chen Feng understood that at this time, only Chen Zhong could save Xia Weiguo. Without Chen Zhong, even if he could find five million, the hospital would not save Xia Weiguo.
What’s more, he couldn’t find five million.
This is a Yangmou, an upright one, but Chen Feng had to jump!
The Chen family has spared no effort for him, he can accept it, but he absolutely does not allow Xia Mengyao’s family to be hurt.
“Master, make a decision quickly, Mr. Xia can’t last long.” Old Chen Zhong showed a peaceful smile on his face. From the beginning, he killed Chen Feng because Chen Feng’s weakness was too obvious. Xia Mengyao. Once Xia Mengyao suffered any harm, Chen Feng would lose his mind.
If Chen Feng watched Xia Weiguo die today, then his relationship with Xia Mengyao would have come to an end.
Chen Zhong was sure that Chen Feng would not make such a stupid choice.
Chen Feng smiled miserably and had to say that Chen Zhong was right to bet. Even without Xia Mengyao, he would not watch Xia Weiguo die, because Xia Weiguo had saved his life!
“Help!” Chen Feng’s voice was cold and terrifying, and he made a decision, “If my dad has something to do with this time, I will take the entire Chen family and pay him his life!”
“Master, from the moment you were born, the noble blood of the Chen family has flowed through your body. Now, you have finally made the wisest decision. I believe that the old slave, the Chen family, can bring you far more Trillions of assets!”
Chen Zhong doesn’t care about Chen Feng’s threat. His words reveal a deep sense of pride. The Chen family is known as the number one wealthy family in Kyoto, but it’s not just as simple as being rich. The true energy of the Chen family is not at all. The worldly people can imagine.
“Wise?” Chen Feng gritted his teeth, a monstrous hatred exuded in his eyes.
Ren Shan was deceived by others, and he repeatedly gave in, but in exchange, it was the Chen family’s gain!
Everyone in the Chen family thought they were a dog, and they would come and leave when they called!
But they didn’t know that dogs would bite people if they were pressed.
At this moment, Chen Feng decided from the bottom of his heart that from today onwards, he will never give in half a step. Between him and the Chen family, either you die or I die!
He wants Chen Zhennan to pay for his self-confidence!
“Chen family, you forced me!”
Chen Zhong didn’t know what Chen Feng was thinking. He took out the contract he had prepared long ago, gave Chen Feng a smile, and said, “Master, this is a meeting gift the master prepared for you. As long as you sign, Our Chen family, all the industries in Cangzhou belong to you.”
Chen Feng glanced at Chen Zhong coldly. The contract stated that the various industries of the Chen family, large and small, including real estate, catering, communications, entertainment, the Internet…Almost all walks of life were involved.
A rough estimate is worth tens of billions!
It was also the first time that Chen Feng knew how terrifying the Chen family, the number one in Kyoto, was.
The industries in Cangzhou, a prefecture-level city, add up to tens of billions.
The entire Huaxia industry adds up…
Really rich and enemy country!
The more you understand, the greater the pressure on Chen Feng.
But the arrow was on the string and he had to send it. Chen Feng had no retreat.
Even if he knew that Chen Zhennan had dug a hole for him, he had to jump down!
Chen Feng no longer hesitated and signed his name on it.
“Congratulations, Master, from now on, Master is the richest man in Cangzhou.” Chen Zhong bowed respectfully.
“The richest man in Cangzhou?” Chen Feng sneered in his heart. For ordinary people, if he became the richest man in an instant, he might go crazy with joy, but Chen Feng didn’t think so.
If possible, he would rather live the lives of ordinary people with Xia Mengyao than be the richest man.
But the Chen family did not intend to give him this opportunity.
From the moment he accepted the Chen family’s Cangzhou property, he could die at any time.
After watching Chen Feng leave, Chen Zhong took out his cell phone and dialed a number.
“Master, he agreed.” Chen Zhong said respectfully.
“Yeah.” The voice on the other end of the phone was a little indifferent, and he was obviously not surprised by the result. “You will stay in Cangzhou during this period to help him control Cangzhou’s industry as soon as possible.”
“Yes, sir!”
“In addition, I will send the ghost servant over to protect him secretly.”
Ghost attendant? !
Chen Zhong’s eyes widened and shocked. He didn’t expect that Chen Zhennan would send a ghost servant to protect Chen Feng.
What is there on this bastard? Is it worth Chen Zhennan to be so careful?
You must know that the Ghost Servant is the core armed force of the Chen family. Chen Zhennan once spent more than 30 billion overseas to purchase a small island specifically as a training base for the Ghost Servant.
Then from around the world, look for young children with good roots and cultivate them from an early age. Every young child must receive hell-style cruel training. Their instructors are either the current martial arts master or the killer king.
There are thousands of people who enter the Ghost Waiter training camp every year, but in the end, only one can become the Ghost Waiter!
One can imagine how scary the ghost servant trained by the Chen family is.
Those so-called soldiers kings and top killers that are well known to the world are just a joke in front of the ghost servant.
Chen Zhennan sent a ghost servant to protect Chen Feng, which Chen Zhong never expected.
Chen Zhong knows very well that even Chen Zhennan’s own son is not eligible for the protection of the ghost servant, but Chen Feng is eligible.
Chen Zhong was shocked. He knew that Chen Feng must have some unknown secret.
This secret is even ten times more important than the trillion assets of the Chen family!
After Chen Zhong’s arrangement, Xia Weiguo’s operation was completed without any risk.
Seeing that there was nothing wrong with Xia Weiguo, Chen Feng went out and bought two breakfasts. Lin Lan and Xia Mengyao stayed in the ward all night, and they should be hungry now.
Chen Feng brought breakfast to the door of the ward, and just about to push the door, he heard Lin Lan’s voice from the ward.
“Meng Yao, after your father recovers this time, you will divorce Chen Feng.”
“Mom, I have said many times that I will not divorce Chen Feng.” Xia Mengyao frowned, her voice a little tired.
“You must leave this time!” Lin Lan was tough, and her tone was firm: “Meng Yao, mother can listen to you other things, but there is no discussion about this matter. This time, you should divorce Chen Feng, From now on I will treat you as a daughter.”
Xia Mengyao stared at Lin Lan in a daze, and clearly understood that this time her mother was serious. Lin Lan had said that she would divorce Chen Feng several times before, but every time she shook her head, Jiang Lan would give up.
But this time, Lin Lan’s attitude was surprisingly tough.
“Meng Yao, it’s not that my mother is cruelly breaking you apart, but that you are really inappropriate and Chen Feng is not worthy of you.”
“I’ve seen it from the day he entered our house. At the beginning, if your father hadn’t promised me, Chen Feng would definitely be promising in the future. I would not agree to your marriage if I was killed.”
“Now, three years have passed, and you said to yourself that Chen Feng has done a decent thing? Up to now, he is still a food delivery guy, earning a dead salary of 6,000 to 7,000 yuan a month, do you really want Spend a lifetime with such a man?”
Chen Feng stood outside the door with a calm expression. What Jiang Lan said was the truth. In the past three years, he did not do a decent thing, nor did he give Xia Mengyao happiness.
Now, it’s time for Xia Mengyao to make a decision. No matter what decision Xia Mengyao makes, he can accept it. Even if it is a divorce, this time, he will leave happily…

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