Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 201

“So, is it true that Ye Haitang has chosen a son-in-law this time?” Chen Feng asked, if so many people came, then the news that Gu Dongchen said was circulating within the Ye family, I am afraid it is not groundless. Ye Haitang might really plan to choose a son-in-law this time, and she might have realized that she was going to move her, so she wanted to hug her thighs quickly.
“I don’t know.” Zhu Guangquan shook his head, and said: “Queen Ye is so terrible. She will look for men, only those who are stronger than her, ordinary men, she doesn’t like it at all, although this time Those who came to the Chess Cup were all the dragons among the people in Cangzhou and Nanning. The young talents might have been admired by Queen Ye. I am afraid there are not many.”
“What about you?” Chen Feng asked with a smile, seeing Zhu Guangquan like this, he obviously admired Ye Haitang.
“Me?” Zhu Guangquan pointed to his nose, suddenly laughed, and said: “I’m just a fart, and Queen Renye is blind, and she doesn’t necessarily look at me.”
“That’s not necessarily true. I think you are good.” Chen Feng said. His words were not a compliment to Zhu Guangquan, but he really felt that Zhu Guangquan was a good person. He was loyal and affectionate.
“Hey, thank Chen Feng brothers for looking up, but Lao Zhu, I know what I am. This time I just want to see if I can make some friends and solve the financial problem of our Zhu family.” Zhu Guangquan smiled. , He did not care about Chen Feng, and directly stated the dilemma the Zhu family is facing now.
After listening, Chen Feng nodded and said, “How big is the funding gap of your Zhu family?”
“Five hundred million yuan, mainly because the expansion was too fast in the past few years, too much money was borrowed from the bank, and now the turnover is not open, as long as there are five hundred million yuan, then almost all problems can be solved.” Zhu Guangquan said.
“Five hundred million…” Chen Feng pondered a little and said, “Maybe I can help you figure out a solution.”
“Huh?” Zhu Guangquan opened his mouth wide and was shocked: “Brother Chen Feng, are you kidding me? This is five hundred million, not five hundred thousand.”
Chen Feng shook his head and said with a smile: “I’m not kidding, I do have five hundred million.”
“I don’t believe it.” Zhu Guangquan said bluntly, “Brother Chen Feng, I know you want to help me, but this is not a joke. Even if you have five hundred million, five hundred million may be all your wealth. What I want now is cash, not real estate.”
In fact, Zhu Guangquan felt that Chen Feng didn’t even have five million. After all, Chen Feng’s clothes and the Audi that he drove when he went up the mountain did not look like a rich man.
Say that Chen Feng has five million, Thaksin.
But he didn’t believe that Chen Feng had five hundred million.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Zhu Guangquan didn’t believe him. He had nothing to do. He couldn’t take out his bank card and tell Zhu Guangquan that there were one billion in his bank card, and that one billion was only a thousand of his assets. One part.
“Well, Brother Chen Feng, let’s not talk about this, let’s go to bed, there will be a supercar tomorrow morning.” Zhu Guangquan said.
“Okay.” Chen Feng nodded, Zhu Guangquan can help anytime, but at the moment, his identity cannot be revealed.
No words for a night.
Early the next morning, Chen Feng got up early, and after washing, he left the hotel and came to the restaurant.
Happened to meet Zhu Jiayan who was eating breakfast.
Today’s Zhu Jiayan, the plain and pretty face is still not covered with powder, but she has changed into a beige dress that shows her graceful figure. Seeing Chen Feng, Zhu Jiayan raised a polite smile.
“Mr. Chen, early.”
“Where is my brother, didn’t he get up?” Zhu Jiayan asked with a smile.
“No, he is still sleeping.” Chen Feng said.
“Yeah.” Zhu Jiayan nodded lightly, and then began to eat quietly.
The hotel’s breakfast is all buffet. Chen Feng served a bowl of porridge, and after taking some fruits, he sat with Zhu Jiayan.
Unexpectedly, not long after he sat down, a few uninvited guests came.
It is Sun Quan.
Sun Quan took a few younger brothers and stood in front of Chen Feng with a careless look. After taking a contemptuous look at Chen Feng, he kicked Chen Feng’s stool with his foot and said, “Brother, let me sit here.”
Chen Feng used a knife and fork to slowly fork an apple and put it in his mouth, ignoring Sun Quan.
Sun Quan’s face instantly turned cold, and he said gloomily, “Are you deaf? Can’t hear Laozi?!”
Chen Feng raised his head, glanced at Sun Quan, and said calmly, “I heard it.”
“I heard you, don’t let it!” Sun Quan was a little angry, and Chen Feng’s attitude made him very upset.
“Why should I let you?” Chen Feng asked, narrowing his eyes.
“Why?!” Sun Quan grinned, took out a dagger from his waist and slapped it on the table: “That’s it!”
“You want to kill me?” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Don’t you dare to be an old man?!” The murderous intent in Sun Quan’s eyes surged wildly. Of course he didn’t dare to kill Chen Feng in front of so many people, but it couldn’t be easier to let Chen Feng disappear afterwards.
“Mr. Chen…” Zhu Jiayan glanced at Chen Feng anxiously. There was still room for maneuver between Chen Feng and Sun Quan, but if Chen Feng prevented Sun Quan from coming to the stage in front of so many people, the two In time, there is no longer any possibility of maneuvering.
Sun Quan will definitely fix Chen Feng to death.
“It’s okay.” Chen Feng waved his hand, then took a calm look at Sun Quan, and said: “If you want to kill me, you can do it.”
Naked provocation!
Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Chen Feng is provoking Sun Quan.
For a while, the temperature in the entire restaurant cooled down.
Sun Quan stared at Chen Feng, the murderous intent in his eyes surged wildly, but in the end, he still suppressed the urge to kill Chen Feng here.
In order to kill Chen Feng, it is not worthwhile to put yourself in.
“You…very good!” Sun Quan gritted his teeth and said cruelly.
“Thank you.” Chen Feng smiled faintly.
Sun Quan twitched the corner of his mouth, did not say anything, turned and left, but in his heart, he put Chen Feng on the death list.
After Sun Quan left, Chen Feng picked up the spoon again, took a spoonful of porridge, and put it in his mouth.
Zhu Jiayan sighed and said, “Mr. Chen, you were so irrational just now.”
In her opinion, it is unwise for Chen Feng to do this. In order to fight for a moment of face and offend Sun Quan, this behavior is no different from death.
“Irrational?” Chen Feng couldn’t laugh or cry. If he said that he was irrational, it should be Sun Quan who was irrational. He didn’t even know what his identity was, so he wanted to kill himself with ruthless words. Aren’t he afraid of bringing disaster to the Sun family .
“Well, irrational.” Zhu Jiayan nodded earnestly, and said: “The Sun family is in real estate business. Most of the engineering teams under their hands are inextricably linked to the underground forces in Nanning. They want to kill. It couldn’t be easier for one person.”

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