Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 202

“Mr. Chen, you should run away. It is best to escape to a foreign country, so that Sun Quan will not be able to find you.”
“What you think is too simple. If they really want to kill someone, this person will escape to the end of the world, and they can also find it.” Chen Feng said sternly.
“Then what to do?” Zhu Jiayan glanced at Chen Feng with some worry.
“Fight hard.” Chen Feng smiled, “Either they die, or I die, it is impossible to escape, and it is impossible to escape in this life.”
Zhu Jiayan glared at Chen Feng irritably, thinking that Chen Feng could come up with a good way to do it, but it turned out to be head-on. You are the one who drives the Audi, so what can you do with the Sun family?
After the two had finished breakfast, Zhu Guangquan got up, and when he saw Chen Feng, Zhu Guangquan smiled and said hello.
He didn’t know about the conflict between Chen Feng and Sun Quan before he came.
Chen Feng would naturally not say.
In this way, the three people came to the racing track after breakfast.
The supercar race was held at 10 o’clock. Although there was still more than an hour to start, the racing track was full of all kinds of luxury cars. There are countless entry-level sports cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.
Chen Feng also saw several modified Bugatti and Koenigsegg.
Those who can afford to drive this kind of supercar are naturally the top rich second-generation in Cangzhou and Nanning.
These rich second generations are surrounded by many young models and stars, as well as dog legs, just like the center of the entire arena.
However, Chen Feng did not pay too much attention to these people. He even wanted to know where Ye Haitang was.
“Brother Chen Feng, who are you looking for?” At this moment, Zhu Guangquan smiled and patted Chen Feng on the shoulder.
Chen Feng shook his head and said with a smile: “I didn’t find anyone.”
“Cut.” Zhu Guangquan curled his lips and said, “Don’t think I don’t know, your kid is looking for Queen Ye.”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly, and Zhu Guangquan really wouldn’t show mercy.
“I advise you not to look for it. Queen Ye will not appear today. She is not interested in today’s supercar race. She will only appear in the professional race tomorrow.” Zhu Guangquan said.
“Don’t think that Queen Ye is a woman, but her driving skills are really not superficial. I saw her in the Asian Summit a few years ago, and it was just four words, one ride! At that time she combined Japan with The so-called car gods in the Bangzi country are called a miserable person. The car gods in Japan and the Bangzi country cannot even eat her exhaust.”
“So Queen Ye is not interested in today’s supercar race. As far as Queen Ye is concerned, these rich second-generation races are like children’s playhouses.” Absolutely, as a big fan of Ye Haitang, he has almost watched most of Ye Haitang’s games, so he also knows Ye Haitang’s level. The rich second generation in front of him is not of the same magnitude as Ye Haitang.
Chen Feng nodded, Ye Haitang, a woman, can play the car to that point, which is indeed remarkable.
“Hey, why does Sun Quan’s dog always look at us?” Zhu Guangquan asked suddenly. Sun Quan was standing not far away from them, but unlike theirs, Sun Quan was surrounded by a large group of people. , Among them, there are quite a lot of young models with waist and hips, and even a second-line female star.
However, Sun Quan’s gaze has been on their side, which puzzled Zhu Guangquan.
“I don’t know, maybe it’s because we are handsome.” Chen Feng smiled. Of course he knew why Sun Quan looked at them, but there was no need to talk to Zhu Guangquan.
Zhu Guangquan glanced at Chen Feng suspiciously. Is this really the case? He always felt that Chen Feng was hiding something from him.
At this moment, there was a burst of exclamation in the crowd.
Many girls began to scream, Chen Feng frowned, and looked in the direction where everyone exclaimed.
However, I saw a tall young man in a red and white motorcycle suit and a black helmet walking over from the crowd. On both sides of the young man, there were many people surrounded. Everyone retreated wherever the young man passed.
Like the emperor of the world.
“Deng Shiqi!” Zhu Guangquan’s pupils shrank, his tone revealed fear.
Deng Shiqi?
Chen Feng frowned. He didn’t know this person, but judging from Zhu Guangquan’s performance, this person was obviously not small.
Even Sun Quan bowed his body and greeted this man with a rare humble smile on his face.
“Brother Chen Feng, remember the appearance of this man. This time, he is the most unprovoked one of all people.” Zhu Guangquan solemnly said.
“Why can’t you mess with it?” Chen Feng became interested.
Zhu Guangquan did not say directly, but asked: “Does the Chen Feng brothers know about the Nanning Deng family?”
Chen Feng shook his head. He only knew that Nanning was an urban area with stronger economic strength than Cangzhou, but he didn’t know anything about Nanning’s influence.
“Brother Chen Feng, Nanning is not the same as ours in Cangzhou. In Cangzhou, there are eight or nine first-line families, but Nanning, there are only three first-line families that are upright!”
“The Deng family is one of them!”
“Nanning is a port city. The main source of economy for the city is sea trade. The Deng family is a ship business. In Nanning, almost two-thirds of the ships are built by the Deng family. In Nanning, the Deng family is well-deserved. Dominant family.”
“According to external rumors, the assets of the Deng family may have reached 50 billion!” Zhu Guangquan solemnly said, 50 billion. This is a figure he would never dare to think of in his entire life, and it is also impossible for most families in Cangzhou to reach. .
Even the Shen family, the richest family, has total assets of only about 30 billion yuan.
Chen Feng didn’t feel much about this, 50 billion, perhaps a lot to Zhu Guangquan, is the extremely powerful Deng family, but for him, it is nothing more than a project investment.
“But the money of the Deng family is second. The most important thing is the social relationship of the Deng family. The Black Dragon Association, one of the five major underground forces in Nanning, is a force cultivated by the Deng family. There are thousands of members of the Black Dragon Association. The family eliminated many opponents, and even a few years ago, a massacre in Nanning was also related to the Black Dragon Association.”
“Deng Shiqi is the only heir to the Deng family, so he must not provoke him!”
Zhu Guangquan had a solemn expression. It was obvious that he was speaking to Chen Feng. He had already noticed that Chen Feng was a restless temperament. He provoked Sun Quan and might not die, but he provoked Deng Shiqi. That is 100% death.
“I’ll try not to provoke him.” Chen Feng glanced at Deng Shiqi, who was in the stars, and said, he doesn’t like to cause trouble, but that doesn’t mean he is afraid of trouble.
“It’s not as much as possible, it is necessary!” Zhu Guangquan was a little speechless. After feeling his emotions for a long time, Chen Feng didn’t listen to a word.

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