Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 220

“Mr. Chen, don’t you chase it?” In the blink of an eye, Wu Jiuyou ran 20 meters away, seeing that he was about to climb over the courtyard wall, but Chen Feng was still motionless, Ye Haitang couldn’t help but be anxious. .
“Of course chase it.” Chen Feng took it for granted. Wu Jiuyou has been sent to the door. If he lets Wu Jiuyou run away, he can find a piece of tofu and hit himself to death.
After Chen Feng finished speaking, Ye Haitang wanted to ask how to pursue it, but saw Chen Feng randomly pick a green leaf from the ginkgo tree beside him.
Then it flicked lightly like a dart.
Feiye broke through the sky! Go straight to Wu Jiuyou.
Ye Haitang stomped angrily. She didn’t expect that Chen Feng chased it like this, grabbing a green leaf!
That’s Wu Jiuyou, a warrior in the mid-stage dark Jin.
It’s not an ordinary person, Chen Feng is so contemptuous, isn’t he letting the tiger go back to the mountain? !
Aunt Qing who was lying on the ground also sighed, feeling that Chen Feng was a little too big in the past.
Ye Haitang and Aunt Qing both thought this way, one can imagine how happy Wu Jiuyou is at this time.
Although he did not look back, he could perceive that Chen Feng chased him with Feiye as a weapon.
Simply wishful thinking!
Wu Jiuyou couldn’t help being excited, he was also a veteran dark power mid-term powerhouse, Chen Feng actually despised him so much.
Can a leaf just want to cut him?
When you are the master of martial arts!
As the wall got closer and closer, Wu Jiuyou’s mood became more and more excited, as long as he climbed over this wall, he could escape to life!
Finally, he came under the wall.
Although the wall is two meters high, Wu Jiuyou is not afraid. For a warrior like him in the middle of the dark, the two-meter high wall is no different from a small mound, and he can cross it with his foot.
Thinking about it, Wu Jiuyou was about to lift his foot and cross the wall in front of him.
But at this time, he felt something was wrong. Why were his feet chilly?
Can’t use it at all?
Wu Jiuyou couldn’t help lowering his head and glanced at the lower part of his right calf.
This look immediately made him horrified, and his soul rushed!
His feet…
From the bottom of the calf, it breaks all at once!
When did it break? Wu Jiuyou has no time to think about this problem, because it hurts!
Heart-piercing pain!
The intense pain instantly made Wu Jiuyou unbalanced and fell to the ground.
Wu Jiuyou screamed screamingly, blood was pouring out at the broken right foot!
This horrific scene directly scared Deng Shiqi to the heart, and his soul was gone.
Ye Haitang and Aunt Qing are also petrified like sculptures.
Flying flowers picking leaves!
Flying flowers picking leaves!
The legendary master of martial arts!
Is Chen Feng in front of him a master of martial arts? !
The two were inexplicably horrified, and there was a huge wave in their hearts. Except for the master of martial arts, they could not think of other words to describe Chen Feng’s horror. A green leaf broke the right foot of Wu Jiuyou in the middle of their eyes!
Moreover, looking at Chen Feng’s appearance, it is obvious that he still has his hands left. He doesn’t want to kill Wu Jiuyou directly. If not, his green leaves can run to Wu Jiuyou’s heart!
“Wu Jiuyou, do you know that you are guilty?” Chen Feng said faintly. He could indeed kill Wu Jiuyou directly, but he didn’t intend to do that. He wanted to know whether the Maid Cult, besides Wu Jiuyou, had other relics left.
Wu Jiuyou didn’t answer Chen Feng’s question, but looked at Chen Feng with a horrified face and tremblingly asked, “You…are you a martial arts master?!”
“Does this question… make sense?” Chen Feng smiled slightly. Whether he was a master of martial arts, it didn’t make any sense. No matter what, Wu Jiuyou couldn’t escape death.
“Hahahaha!” Wu Jiuyou laughed madly. Although Chen Feng didn’t admit it, he was still alive and well.
Master of martial arts!
Master of martial arts!
It turned out to be a master of martial arts!
Traveling all over the province, there is not a single martial arts master, but he has encountered it!
He Wu Jiuyou, why is he so unlucky? !
Wu Jiuyou is unwilling, extremely unwilling!
He couldn’t figure out why his life was so bad!
You can meet the legendary master of martial arts by going out at random, and he is still so young!
“How did you learn the Gongnv Gong?” Chen Feng asked with a frown. When he and Xiao Guozhong were in the Miaojiang area, they almost slaughtered the imperial girls without leaving them. The Pope in the middle of the Jin Dynasty was beaten by Xiao Guozhong. She broke her limbs and threw it into the Snake Valley. Xiao Guozhong also burned the temple of the Imperial Girl in a big fire. It stands to reason that there should not be any Imperial Girl’s teaching methods spreading outside, but Wu Jiuyou did the best practice. Chen Feng was puzzled by this pure maiden skill.
“Do you know the female prince?!” Wu Jiuyou was shocked, and Chen Feng even knew the female prince! This is his biggest secret. Even his best friend Deng Fengnian doesn’t know about him practicing the Imperial Girl Gong, but Chen Feng actually knows, is it…
Wu Jiuyou suddenly thought of a possibility!
“Xiao Guozhong! You are Xiao Guozhong’s disciple!” Wu Jiuyou looked at Chen Feng incredulously, feeling that the sky was about to fall.
Chen Feng sneered: “You know my master, it seems that you have a deep relationship with the maiden sect back then.”
“Haha, Xiao Guozhong’s disciple, you turned out to be Xiao Guozhong’s disciple.” Wu Jiuyou laughed wildly, his tears came out, he understood, he understood!
Why is Chen Feng already a master of martial arts at a young age? It turns out that he is a disciple of master of martial arts Xiao Guozhong!
Wu Jiuyou didn’t know what to say anymore, and it didn’t matter if he met the master of martial arts, now even the master of martial arts is involved.
The martial arts master is a thousand times more terrifying than the martial arts master!
Yangyang Huaxia, with a population of 1.4 billion and an area of ​​9.6 million square kilometers, only has nine martial arts masters!
The master of martial arts, to the world, is god, immortal, and invincible!
Only one martial arts master out of 200 million people!
This is the master of martial arts!
The master of martial arts who can control the luck of a country!
Back then, Wu Jiuyou’s master, Lei Qianshan, was a martial arts master in the middle of Huajin!
The fifth existence in the Miao Jiangtian list! Much stronger than Chen Feng now.
But such Lei Qianshan, in the hands of Xiao Guozhong, without even a single move, was interrupted by Xiao Guozhong and thrown into the Snake Valley.
Wu Jiuyou was far abroad. After learning that the Imperial Girl Church had been destroyed, he dared not step into China for ten consecutive years.
Even if separated from Xiao Guozhong by the ocean, Wu Jiuyou was still awake day and night in those ten years!
A master of martial arts can make a warrior in the dark mid-term on the other side of the ocean not sleep well for ten years!
This is the power of the master of martial arts!
Later, Wu Jiuyou dared to return to China because he heard the news that Xiao Guozhong retired from the scene and did not ask about world affairs.
If not, with his 100,000 courage, he would not dare to step into China.

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