Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 219

Wu Jiuyou also glanced at Chen Feng in surprise, didn’t he say Chen Feng was an ordinary person? How can ordinary people be so crazy?
When Wu Jiuyou looked at Chen Feng, Chen Feng was also looking at Wu Jiuyou, but Chen Feng looked at Wu Jiuyou’s eyes with a touch of playfulness.
Wu Jiuyou really used his own behavior to vividly demonstrate to him what it means to step on iron shoes and find nowhere to find it. It takes no effort at all.
During the day, he was still thinking about how to find Wu Jiuyou and destroy the maiden sect. He didn’t expect that at night, Wu Jiuyou showed up by himself.
“What do you think the old man is doing?” Wu Jiuyou frowned and was very unhappy. For some reason, Chen Feng’s eyes made his heart a little hairy, as if the prey was being looked at by the hunter.
But Chen Feng is obviously an ordinary person, every ordinary person he doesn’t even look back at.
“Nothing.” Chen Feng shook his head and retracted his gaze. He planned to give Wu Jiuyou a’surprise’ for a while.
After Chen Feng regained his gaze, Wu Jiuyou’s feeling of shock and panic was relieved a lot, but he was still very upset. If he hadn’t agreed to Deng Shiqi and let Deng Shiqi solve Chen Feng himself, he would like to slap Chen Feng directly at the moment. mud.
“Uncle Wu, abolish this bitch!” Deng Shiqi pointed at Ye Haitang and said angrily.
“Okay.” Wu Jiuyou nodded lightly, and then stomped his feet suddenly, and his whole body flashed up to Ye Haitang like a ghost.
Ye Haitang’s complexion changed slightly and he hurriedly backed away.
“Old Monster Wu, I will fight you!”
At this time, Aunt Qing shouted and greeted her.
“The light of the fireflies, how can you compete with Haoyue!” Wu Jiuyou sneered with disdain, and then threw a punch.
Aunt Qing was shocked, and she blocked her movement.
Wu Jiuyou’s cannon fist slammed into Aunt Qing’s arms, and Aunt Qing snorted and flew out like a kite with a broken line!
“Auntie Qing!” Ye Haitang yelled in surprise. The Auntie Qing in the early days of An Jin couldn’t even stop Wu Jiuyou with a single move!
How could Wu Jiuyou be so scary!
“Girl, let’s catch it, I don’t want to do anything to you, after all, you will be a niece for the old man in the future, and the old man doesn’t want to hurt you.” Wu Jiuyou stood with his hand in his hand, with a proud expression. In the middle stage of Anjin, he stayed for seven or eight years, so his combat effectiveness was not much weaker than that of the normal later stage of Anjin, and he was simply able to deal with Liu Qing, who was injured in the early stage of Anjin.
“Dreaming!” Ye Haitang’s silver teeth gritted and creaked. After speaking, she stepped on her foot and Qing Hong glimpsed towards Wu Jiuyou.
“Haha, the girl is so courageous, she dared to do something to the old man!” Wu Jiuyou laughed, and his tone was full of rewards. Ye Haitang really deserves the name of genius. In the late stage of ordinary Ming Jin, he met him in the mid stage of dark power. They all wished that his parents could give birth to a few more legs, and it was too late to run, but Ye Haitang still dared to do something to her, just this courage was enough to make him admire.
At this time, Deng Shiqi also walked up to Chen Feng with a grim face.
“Trash, kneel down now, I can give you a good time!”
“Are you sure you want me to kneel?” Chen Feng raised his eyelids.
“Trash, I let you kneel down, it’s a gift to you! A toad like you shouldn’t have fantasies about Begonia at all!” Deng Shiqi looked extremely vicious, “I heard that your trash has a beautiful flower protector. My wife, her name is Xia Mengyao, don’t you worry, after you die, your wife, Lao Tzu will take care of you, haha!”
“I will find a dozen homeless people and let them one by one…”
Before Deng Shiqi finished speaking, he was’interrupted’ by Chen Feng.
Interrupt with a slap!
Chen Feng’s expression was cold, and Deng Shiqi, an idiot, really didn’t know how to write dead words, so he dared to humiliate Xia Mengyao in front of him.
“You… are you a warrior?” Deng Shiqi covered his face with some horror. He didn’t even react to Chen Feng’s slap just now.
How can this be? !
“So what?” Chen Feng sneered. It was then that he realized that he is a martial artist. Is it a bit too stupid? Deng Shiqi, if he has a bit of a brain, should understand that he is a martial artist after he finishes the professional game. Not now.
“You…you…” Deng Shiqi’s mouth trembled, so shocked that he couldn’t even speak, and he couldn’t think of killing him, Chen Feng turned out to be a warrior!
At the beginning, he didn’t doubt that Chen Feng might be a martial artist, but then he thought about it, if Chen Feng was a martial artist, would he join a small family like the Xia family, and be a puffer for three years?
How can a superior warrior tolerate the humiliation of a bunch of ants?
It is this inertial thinking that made Deng Shiqi subconsciously deny Chen Feng’s possibility.
But now it seems that Chen Feng is indeed a warrior!
“What am I?” Chen Feng smiled and slapped Deng Shiqi’s face directly.
Deng Shiqi turned around like a spinning top for two or three times. Before he could stand still, a few bloody teeth popped out of his mouth.
Of course, if Chen Feng didn’t keep his hands, Deng Shiqi would not have lost his teeth now, but his head would explode like a watermelon.
“Uncle Wu! He is a warrior!” Deng Shiqi panicked and asked Wu Jiuyou for help. Although Chen Feng was a warrior, he didn’t think that Chen Summit had Wu Jiuyouqiang, and Chen Feng was at the same level as Ye Haitang at best. It is the late Ming Jin.
“What? Martial artist?!” Wu Jiuyou, who shot Ye Haitang with a palm, was also surprised, that kid is a martial artist? Why didn’t he see it just now?
Wu Jiuyou couldn’t help but glanced at Chen Feng, but saw that Chen Feng was also looking at him.
For an instant, Wu Jiuyou was shocked and his scalp numb!
Something is wrong!
It’s definitely not right!
Wu Jiuyou’s thoughts turned, and almost instantly, he realized what was wrong.
Chen Feng in front of him is very likely the same person as the owner of the terrifying breath he felt on the mountain yesterday!
The reason why he couldn’t see that Chen Feng was a martial artist when they met was probably because Chen Feng’s realm was much higher than him!
Chen Feng can hide his breath from him!
After reacting, Wu Jiuyou was afraid of the cold, turned and ran.
“Uncle Wu?” Deng Shiqi’s eyes widened. Uncle Wu, why did he run away?
Ye Haitang was also shocked, Wu Jiuyou turned and ran without saying a word? Is Chen Feng that scary?
Chen Feng was also a little dumb, Wu Jiuyou was so persuaded that he ran away without saying anything, and he didn’t even plan to try it out with him.
This person is so persuaded, how did he cultivate to the middle stage of the dark energy?
A few hundred meters away yesterday, Wu Jiuyou ran away without seeing anyone else.
Although I saw other people’s shadows today, Wu Jiuyou’s first reaction was still running.
He likes to run so much, what’s his name is Wu Jiuyou, just change the name to Wu Paopao, Chen Feng thought a little speechless.

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