Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 222

Chen Feng probably knew very well that if he had been living under the eyes of the Chen family, it would be difficult to escape the control and surveillance of the Chen family, so he fled the Chen family.
Only by avoiding the eyes and ears of the Chen family will he have the opportunity to wrestle with the Chen family.
It now appears that Chen Feng has succeeded!
He concealed the Chen family!
Although Aunt Qing did not know how many people Chen Feng had concealed from the Chen family, as far as she knew, the senior Chen family who contacted her was concealed by Chen Feng.
That Chen family senior, until now, thinks that Chen Feng will die in the late stage.
Therefore, Chen Feng was not taken seriously.
In the late stage of Anjin, placed outside, maybe you can be the overlord of the land of a state, but in the Chen family, the late stage of Anjin is a high-level subordinate!
Therefore, the Chen family is not afraid of the late Dark Jin.
It can be the early stage! That’s not ordinary!
Even the Chen family, Huajin masters, there are not many, each of them is a strategic force.
If the Chen family has always thought that Chen Feng is the late stage of the dark Jin, then one day, the Chen family will have a big somersault on Chen Feng!
After leaving the courtyard of the Ye family, Chen Feng wanted to tell Zhu Guangquan brothers and sisters individually, but as soon as it was late at night, Chen Feng gave up the idea of ​​saying goodbye to Zhu Guangquan brothers and sisters, and asked the front desk to leave his mobile phone number to Zhu Guangquan Later, Chen Feng went straight down the mountain.
After Chen Feng left, the courtyard of the Ye family was very quiet.
After a long while, Aunt Qing sighed faintly, and said first: “Ms. Chen is in love with Mr. Chen?”
Ye Haitang stiffened and did not admit it, but instead asked, “How about you like it?”
Aunt Qing sighed: “Miss should understand that there is no possibility between you and Mr. Chen.”
“Not to mention that Mr. Chen has been married, and the young lady can’t get in. Even if he is not married, just because of his intricate relationship with the Chen family, it is impossible for the young lady to have anything to do with him.”
“Aunt Qing, you think too much, I don’t like him, I just… I admire him a little.” Ye Haitang’s voice was a bit deserted. She used to be proud and arrogant, thinking that men in the world are nothing but you today. After seeing Chen Fenghuo, she knew that she underestimated the world.
Chen Feng is the same age as her, but she is already a martial arts master who is regarded as an immortal god in the world, and a talented man who can rule the roost in a province.
And she, who is also regarded as the proud woman of heaven, is a dragon and phoenix among the people, but she is only in the late Ming Jin period.
What’s more ridiculous is that in the later period of Ming Jin, she was still complacent in the past, thinking that the world’s elites were nothing but this.
When I saw Chen Feng today, she only knew how many frogs in the bottom of the well she had.
Feihua picks leaves, wastes the dark mid-term master Wu Jiuyou!
Strategizing, facing the No. 1 giants of China, also comfortable and not afraid!
Whether it is strength or tolerance, Chen Feng is more than a hundred times better than her.
Moreover, Chen Feng’s disposition was also beyond her reach.
In the Xia family for three years, she was regarded as a disused son-in-law by tens of thousands of people, and she was so ridiculous that she would have been able to deal with the Xia family if it were her. The course, in the past three years, has never shown her strength. once.
Just this forbearance is enough to be a hero!
“Appreciation…” Aunt Qing sighed and didn’t say anything. In fact, with Ye Haitang’s arrogant disposition, appreciation is actually a kind of liking, but she may not even notice this subtle emotion. Change.
Early the next morning, Zhu Guangquan woke up early and came to Chen Feng’s room. Seeing that the room was empty, Zhu Guangquan was immediately astonished.
“This guy didn’t come back all night?”
“Will he put Queen Ye to sleep, right?” Zhu Guangquan whispered. In his opinion, Chen Feng has not returned all night, there is only one way to see it, and that is Sleeping Ye Haitang.
As soon as Zhu Guangquan finished speaking, he felt a little chill in his back, as if he was being stared at by something.
“Brother…” At this moment, Zhu Jiayan’s silly voice sounded.
“Sister, what are you…” Zhu Guangquan turned around, just about to ask why Zhu Jiayan came, but a pretty face covered with frost that came into his sight made all his words swallowed back into his stomach.
“Ye… Queen Ye…” Zhu Guangquan’s tongue was a little knotted. He didn’t expect that not only Zhu Jiayan would come, but also Ye Haitang would come together. Seeing Ye Haitang’s pretty cold face, he clearly heard it. He muttered that sentence just now.
Zhu Guangquan’s mouth was bitter, and when he was thinking about how to explain to Ye Haitang, Ye Haitang said coldly: “Chen Feng has already left. Before he left, he left a phone call for you so that you can give it to He called.”
“Brother Chen Feng is gone?!” Zhu Guangquan opened his mouth wide. At this moment, he couldn’t care about what caused Ye Haitang just now. He even wanted to know why Chen Feng left suddenly.
“I left last night. The phone number is at the front desk.” Ye Haitang said coldly. After speaking, he left the room without looking back.
The brothers and sisters of Zhu Guangquan looked at each other. After a while, Zhu Guangquan said in a puzzled manner: “Brother Chen Feng, why did he leave without saying goodbye? Is he afraid of hurting us?”
“I don’t know.” Zhu Jiayan shook her head and sighed again: “Brother, you still think about it. After you go home, how can you tell your uncles, uncles, grandfathers and the others, and confess you to the Sun family and the Deng family. Right.”
When I heard of the Sun family and the Deng family, Zhu Guangquan also had a headache.
“What else can I say, I can only take the initiative to surrender the identity of the heir of the Zhu family.” Zhu Guangquan said depressed. When he went up the mountain, he rushed to make a few friends and solve the problem of Zhu family bank loans. In the end, friends were I made it, but this friend, not only could not solve the problems of the Zhu family, but pushed the Zhu family into a dire situation.
But Zhu Guangquan does not regret it. Even if he is asked to come again, he will still choose to be friends with Chen Feng, and choose Chen Feng between Chen Feng and Deng Shiqi.
“I’m afraid that giving up the identity of the heir of the Zhu family will not solve this problem.” Zhu Jiayan sighed. If Zhu Guangquan provokes only the grandson family, it will be fine, but by the way, Zhu Guangquan provokes even Deng Shiqi together, Deng Shiqi, The three giants in Nanning, the heir to the Deng family, with a net worth of more than 50 billion, are simply not something that the Zhu family can provoke.
If you provoke Deng Shiqi, the Zhu family’s senior management will be furious, and their anger cannot be held by a small Zhu Guangquan.
“Could it be possible that they could still kill me?” Zhu Guangquan curled his lips. Soldiers came to block and the water came to Tutun. He still didn’t believe it, what could the Zhu family really do to him.
Zhu Jiayan was a little speechless, “Brother, do you really think they dare not kill you? If they kill you and get forgiveness from the Deng family, they will never be soft.”
“No, younger sister, grandpa and others, are they so cruel?” Zhu Guangquan was frightened.
“What do you mean?” Zhu Jiayan rolled her eyes, “Do you think your life alone can be compared with that of the Zhu family?”

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