Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 228

“Don’t worry, he will show up. If he doesn’t show up, then I’ll kill this old thing!” The man named Ye Dong said with a gloomy face. Ye Mingwen is the chief butler of the Ye family and has always represented the Ye family. Ye Mingwen’s face and the affairs of the Ye family are all handled by Ye Mingwen.
He also handed over the Yuquanshan project to Ye Mingwen.
In his opinion, if the Xia family were acquainted, they should offer Yuquanshan’s engineering hands to them for nothing.
Unexpectedly, the Xia family knew each other, but the door-to-door son-in-law who lived in the Xia family was not as good as a dog, but he slapped his nose on his face!
Tied Ye Mingwen!
He simply didn’t pay any attention to Ye Family.
How could Ye Haidong not be angry!
“I hope this rubbish can be acquainted.” Kang Yunbo sighed. He didn’t believe it at first when he heard the news. How could a son-in-law come to the door so courageously to do things like kidnapping people, but later, I heard about the Xia family After his remarks, he had to believe that Chen Feng was really a bold son-in-law.
He even dared to say something like another Lixia family.
But this time, he has to face it, not a small Xia family!
“Wait another ten minutes, if they can’t come, they will interrupt one leg of this old man!” Ye Haidong glanced at Xia Weiguo who was hanging on the tree, and said coldly.
“Yes, Dong Ye!”
Several bodyguards nodded respectfully.
At this time, Xia Weiguo was quite miserable. When he was tied up from the hospital, he was only wearing a thin medical gown.
He had not healed from his injury. After being hung on a tree for more than half an hour, the wound spontaneously split open, so a lot of blood has leaked out of his medical suit at this moment.
Xia Weiguo’s lips were pale and his eyes were weak.
The physical torture is all trivial. What Xia Weiguo can’t accept is the pointing and ridicule of the servant Ye’s house under the tree. After all, he is a long old man who should have enjoyed the good fortune at home, but now he is humiliated like a monkey. tease.
From the conversation between Ye Haidong and Kang Haibo, it is not difficult to know that the reason why he was brought here is inseparable from Chen Feng.
This made Xia Weiguo very puzzled, what happened during his coma.
Why is my son-in-law who only cooks vegetables now so courageous that even the Ye family dare to tie him?
Soon, ten minutes passed, and there was still no sign of anyone coming at the gate of the Ye Family.
Ye Haidong gave a grin, lifted a steel pipe, and slapped it heavily on Xia Weiguo’s lap.
“Kacha” The
crisp sound of fracture sounded, and Xia Weiguo snorted, his face instantly defeated.
His right leg, when he was a soldier in his early years, had been wounded, and it was difficult to walk. This time he was knocked on by Ye Haidong, I am afraid it would be broken.
“Old stuff, it’s quite hard.” Ye Haidong made a strange sound of yin and yang. He was still a little surprised. Xia Weiguo’s reaction was that Xia Weiguo hadn’t said a word since he was taken in. He didn’t ask why they brought him over, nor Begging them for mercy is as if you have long looked down on life and death.
“Ye Dong, why do you have a general knowledge of a small person like me?” Xia Weiguo smiled miserably. In fact, since being brought into the door of the Ye family, he knew that this time he might have to peel off if he didn’t die. He knew the strength of the Ye family. , It was not something the Xia Family could resist. Even if the Xia Family could resist it, the Xia Family would not offend a behemoth like the Ye Family because of his such a waste.
“Old stuff, if it wasn’t your trash son-in-law who wanted to die, do you think I would have the same knowledge as you?” Ye Haidong sneered. What he meant was to find Chen Feng directly and torture Chen Feng, but Chen Feng has been with The world had evaporated, and there was no trace at all. Xia Mengyao didn’t show up in Xia’s house either, so helpless, he had to pay attention to the disabled Xia Weiguo.
“Ye Dong, I know exactly what my son-in-law is capable of. He is a takeaway. He can’t do anything except take out. He can’t do anything like kidnapping, and he doesn’t have the guts to do it. Yes, Dong Ye, you are probably being used?” Xia Weiguo sighed. He didn’t think that Chen Summit had done kidnapping. In the past three years in the Xia family, Chen Feng said that he had always watched In my eyes, there are no other shortcomings except for a little bit of frustration.
He was a man of good order and his mind was not bad. He did not believe that Chen Shanfeng kidnapped others. Xia Weiguo felt that it was more likely that someone from the Xia family had planted Chen Feng.
“Is it being used? I know it in my heart!” Ye Haidong snorted coldly, and said, “Besides, if your trash son-in-law is innocent, what would he hide? In front of Lao Tzu, just make everything clear.
Got it .” Xia Weiguo sighed and said no more. Ye Haidong has already determined that Chen Feng did the job, so he has nothing to do.
At this time, a blue taxi stopped in front of the gate of Ye’s house, and Xia Mengyao hurriedly got out of the car.
When she saw Xia Weiguo who was hung on a tree, Xia Mengyao’s beautiful eyes immediately turned red.
“Mengyao, why are you here?” Xia Weiguo was a little surprised. It wasn’t Chen Feng that came, but Xia Mengyao. Could it be that Chen Feng really did this thing. He didn’t have the guts to come over?
Xia Mengyao did not answer Xia Weiguo, but her beautiful eyes flickered, looking at Ye Haidong and roared: “Let go of my dad!”
“Let go of your dad?” Ye Haidong looked at Xia Mengyao interestingly, and the lust in his eyes flashed past. He had only heard of Xia Mengyao’s name before, but he had never seen Xia Mengyao’s real person.
She’s such a great beauty, even her angry look is so beautiful.
Ye Haidong licked his lips and said: “Miss Xia, if you let me let me go, wouldn’t I
lose face.” “Ye Haidong, I can give you whatever you want, including the Yuquanshan project. You let go of my dad.” Xia Mengyao said anxiously. Xia Weiguo’s body is already weak, and she is still hung on a tree. She doesn’t know how long she can last. If she is hung for too long and leaves the root of the disease, she might regret it forever.
“Yuquanshan’s project?” Ye Haidong raised a joking gesture at the corner of his mouth, and said, “Miss Xia, Yuquanshan’s project was originally mine.”
“Then what do you want?!” Xia Mengyao asked anxiously.
“I want to…” Ye Haidong paused, staring at Xia Mengyao naked and said: “I want Miss Xia to accompany me to sleep.”
Xia Mengyao bit her angry silver teeth, but still suppressed the anger in her chest. Said: “Ye Haidong, I am married, I am a married woman…”
“A married woman?” Before Xia Mengyao finished speaking, she was interrupted by Ye Haidong’s sneer: “Miss Xia, it’s not what kind of thing. In my opinion, Chen Feng’s trash is not worthy of being your husband.”
“Your father has something wrong, and he can’t be a big man. Instead, let you be a woman in front. What kind of garbage is your husband.” Ye Haidong sneered and sneered.

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