Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 230

Ye Dongxiao’s former enemy, the assassin sent, arrived at Ye’s house, and none of them could survive three moves in his hands.
In the past few years in Cangzhou, he felt that he had already reached the pinnacle of the martial arts world in Cangzhou.
Because there are no warriors in Cangzhou!
But today, when he saw Chen Feng, he knew what it means to sit in a well and watch the sky!
Although Chen Feng hasn’t made a move yet, he knew that he was not Chen Feng’s opponent, and Chen Feng could run him to death with just one finger!
“Uncle Wang, what are you talking about?!”
“You are a warrior, a warrior!” Ye Haidong roared with an angry face. His greatest confidence was Wang An, a mid-Ming Jin martial artist. Twenty years ago, Ye Dongxiao killed Cangzhou martial arts world. The blood flowed into a river, leading to a fault in the martial arts world of Cangzhou. Since then, there have been few martial artists in Cangzhou, and one occasionally appeared. It was just entering the threshold of Mingjin, or the early stage of Mingjin.
Wang An in the mid-Ming Jin period can completely crush.
With Wang An, he is not afraid of anyone!
But now, Wang An didn’t even dare to fight the opponent, saying that he was not the opponent’s opponent!
What is the origin of the other party!
“Okay! Let’s give it a try!” Ye Haidong’s words also aroused Wang An’s eagerness. Chen Feng in front of him, although his breath is shocking, but his true strength is not necessarily strong. After all, his age is Well, at most, he was only twenty-five or sixteen years old. Even if he started practicing from the mother’s womb, it was only the late Ming Jin stage now.
He Mingjin’s mid-term, it might not be impossible to fight!
Wang An thought so, and he did the same.
But when he came to Chen Feng, he realized how naive he was!
This monstrous Qi machine is simply not what Ming Jin can radiate, and it is impossible even for Dark Jin!
“You want to kill me?” Chen Feng said blankly.
Wang An’s eyes were frightened, and he subconsciously shook his head.
Randomly he was surprised to find that he could not move at all!
Chen Feng stretched out a finger slowly, keeping a little space apart.
An invisible force was close to Wang An’s eyebrows.
Wang An’s pupils suddenly tightened, and his soul shot straight out.
Put your energy out, master of martial arts!
The strength gradually approached, Wang An barely pulled a sorrowful smile at the corner of Wang An’s mouth, and he couldn’t think of killing him, Chen Feng turned out to be a master of Huajin martial arts!
Invisible energy penetrated Wang An’s head, and Wang An crashed to the ground.
The patron saint of the Ye family, Wang An.
One finger to death!
Biting cold!
Wang An’s fall caused everyone in the Ye Family to fall into a bitter cold.
They couldn’t believe that this old man who had stayed in the Ye family for nearly twenty years and wiped out countless powerful enemies for the Ye family died just like this.
And he was poked to death with a finger!
Ye Haidong’s eyes were frightened, and his body trembled like chaff. Seeing Chen Feng walking step by step, his soul began to tremble.
With every step Chen Feng took, his momentum grew stronger.
First like a river rushing.
Like a landslide and a tsunami.
When I stood in front of Ye Haidong, the world was already hanging upside down!
The overwhelming pressure slapped Ye Haidong like a violent wind and huge waves.
There was a “puff”.
Ye Haidong directly knelt on the ground with one knee, his face pale as paper!
“Forgiveness… Forgiveness…” Ye Haidong uttered his tongue and begged for mercy, and his voice was crying. He didn’t know when he got in touch with such a big man. He only knew that his own life should be held now. In the other’s hands.
“Why play Mengyao?” Chen Feng said calmly.
This title made Ye Haidong stunned for a moment, and then his pupils suddenly tightened, and an incredible thought popped up in his mind. The big man who killed Wang An with one finger in front of him seemed to be Xia Mengyao’s rubbish husband? !
Do not! impossible!
Absolutely impossible!
How could Xia Mengyao’s trash husband have something to do with the murderous god in front of him!
Ye Haidong screamed crazy in his heart. Although he had a hundred thousand disbelief in his heart, he couldn’t help but say: “You… are you Miss Xia’s husband?”
“I ask you, why do you want to fight Mengyao?” Chen Feng did not answer, but calmly looked at Ye Haidong and asked.
Ye Haidong’s expression turned pale, really! It turned out to be! Hahaha!
“Mr. Chen, Ye Dong, he… he didn’t mean it.” At this moment, Kang Haibo on the side trembled and defended Ye Haidong. In fact, he couldn’t believe that the man in front of him who looked like a human emperor would be Xia. My son-in-law is abandoned, but the facts are before my eyes, so he can’t help but believe it.
“Did I let you speak?” Chen Feng glanced at Kang Haibo lightly.
This glance immediately made Kang Haibo’s liver and gallbladder torn apart.
“Mr. Chen, I’m sorry…” Kang Haibo knotted his tongue and apologized. It was terrible, Chen Feng was terrible!
He felt that when Chen Feng looked at him just now, he seemed to be watched by the god of death, and he could die at any time!
Chen Feng turned his gaze to Ye Haidong again.
Ye Haidongqiang resisted the fear and raised his head and looked at Chen Feng. He knew that he had little hope of living today, but he still wanted to try.
“Chen… Mr. Chen, I am willing to hand over all the property of the Ye family as compensation to Madam Ling.”
The audience is silent!
The many bodyguards and servants of the Ye family are like sculptures, petrified on the spot.
All the assets of the Ye family are worth tens of billions, right?
Ye Haidong actually said that he would hand over all his property and make amends for that woman? !
Is Ye Haidong crazy!
“Not enough.” Chen Feng shook his head lightly.
The audience was silent again, and there was no sound. Ye Haidong made such a concession. This young man hadn’t said enough.
“Then Mr. Chen…what do you want?” Ye Haidong asked dryly.
“Your life.”
Chen Feng said lightly. He has never been merciful to those who hurt Xia Mengyao.
“Mr. Chen! I am Ye Dongxiao’s son, and my father is not dead! You can’t kill me!” Ye Haidong panicked as he felt the monstrous murderous intention hidden under Chen Feng’s calm expression.
The news exposed at the same time also shocked everyone in the audience.
Ye Dongxiao was not dead? !
Chen Feng is still indifferent, Ye Dongxiao is still alive, what does it have to do with him?
Even if Ye Dongxiao is not dead, if he dares to trouble himself, then he doesn’t mind letting him die again!
Seeing Chen Feng not speaking, Ye Haidong’s heart suddenly rose in hope. He thought Chen Feng was frightened by himself, and continued to persuade him painstakingly: “Mr. Chen, it is true that my father was in the middle of Anjin 20 years ago. Martial artist, now, twenty years have passed. If he leaves the customs again, he is very likely to break through the dark power and become a martial
artist .” “Mr. Chen, you are also a martial artist. You should understand the four words of martial arts master. What does it mean.”
” What’s more, there is no unsolvable enmity between me and you. Although I offended Madam Ling, I have shown my sincerity, so Mr. Chen, you really can’t do it. , For a woman, to offend my father, a martial arts master…”

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