Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 231

“Are you finished?” Chen Feng smiled faintly.
Ye Haidong was taken aback. What did Chen Feng mean? Could he not understand what he said?
I have already broken open the bubbles and explained to him that Ye Dongxiao is a master of martial arts. If he kills himself, Ye Dongxiao will definitely kill him. Is Chen Feng really so confused?
“That’s it.” Although there were a thousand thoughts in his heart, Ye Haidong didn’t show much in his mouth, and his attitude towards Chen Feng was still respectful.
Chen Feng slightly nodded: “It’s finished.”
“Then you go to
death .” Ye Haidong’s pupils suddenly tightened, his face was amazed, and he wanted to say something, but Chen Feng didn’t give him a chance at all, he just gave him a pointer. Above his forehead.
The invisible energy penetrated the center of his eyebrows, and Ye Haidong fell to the ground with a stunned eyes!
As soon as Ye Haidong died, many bodyguards and servants of the Ye family suddenly became birds and beasts, urinating in their butts and fleeing for their lives, wishing their parents to give them more legs.
Naturally, Chen Feng had no intention of chasing these ants. Instead, he walked up to Xia Mengyao and said apologetically: “Dad, Mengyao, I’m sorry, I’m late.”
Xia Weiguo opened his mouth wide and looked at Chen Feng, unable to speak for a while. Come, he really couldn’t connect the man in front of him who was decisive and decisive, like a human emperor, with the family cook who wears an apron and cooks in the kitchen every day.
What happened during the month when he was in a coma? Why was Chen Feng’s transformation so big?
Ye family is a veteran first-line family in Cangzhou, can it be destroyed by Chen Feng in less than three minutes?
Xia Weiguo’s reaction was as expected by Chen Feng, but Chen Feng didn’t know how to explain it to Xia Weiguo.
“It’s okay, you can put your dad down first.” Xia Mengyao paused. She knew about Chen Feng’s skills, so Chen Feng was not surprised to kill Wang An and Ye Haidong, but it was not possible for a while Just accept such a bloody scene.
“Yeah.” Chen Feng nodded, put Xia Weiguo down from the tree, and then filled Xia Weiguo’s body with vigor and relieved Xia Weiguo’s injuries.
“Chen Feng, why are you so confused?” After thinking about it for a long time, Xia Weiguo uttered such a sentence. In his opinion, Chen Feng was too impulsive. Even if Ye Haidong was unforgivable, Chen Feng should not be Killing Ye Haidong in the face of so many people, Ye Haidong was the head of the Ye family after all.
He is the top dignitarian in Cangzhou. Once Ye Haidong died, a major earthquake would be set off throughout Cangzhou.
The police will definitely investigate this matter thoroughly. At that time, where should Chen Feng go.
“Dad, don’t worry, things here will not be leaked out.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Xia Weiguo was worried. He could more or less guess something, but he was not unprepared. Before coming, he had already Han Long and Gu Dongchen were notified, Han Long and Gu Dongchen’s people had already surrounded Yejia Manor, let alone people, just flies, don’t even want to escape one.
He believed that Gu Dongchen and Han Long had the means to shut up these people.
Ten thousand steps back and said, even if things really hit the police station, with his current power, it is not difficult to eliminate the case, so Xia Weiguo’s worries are purely redundant.
“Really won’t leak out?” Xia Weiguo asked suspiciously. He felt that the current Chen Feng, compared with before, has undergone earth-shaking changes. If we say that the former Chen Feng is a rusty iron. As for the sword, then Chen Feng now is a sword with a sharp edge!
“Really not, Dad, just put your heart in your stomach.” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“That’s good.” Xia Weiguo nodded, and then said again: “I heard that Ye Haidong said that I was tied here because our Xia family took some of their Yuquanshan project? What’s the matter? ”
“Dad, Yuquanshan’s project…” Xia Mengyao recounted the events of the month after Xia Weiguo was in a coma from beginning to end. After hearing it, Xia Weiguo was dumbfounded and shocked.
He didn’t expect that he was just in a coma for a month and so many things happened outside.
The Yanjing Chen family actually invested 50 billion yuan in Yuquan Mountain, and the Xia family actually got in touch with the Yanjing Chen family and contracted the Yuquan Mountain project!
Hearing that the Xia family was contracting the Yuquan Mountain project, Xia Weiguo was still very pleased. After hearing that Xia Mengyao was kicked from the seat of the Yuquan Mountain project leader, Xia Weiguo was instantly pale with anger. He was just in a coma, not Dead, why did the Xia family bully his daughter so much?
Immediately, Xia Mengyao explained herself, telling the matter of Chen Feng’s contribution.
Xia Weiguo was shocked again. He thought of Chen Feng’s changes as a pinch, but after hearing what Xia Mengyao said, Chen Feng started to change since he was in a coma.
Xia Mengyao almost told most of Xia Weiguo’s coma during the month, but he still concealed some things, such as his whereabouts in Jinling and the identity of Chen Feng and Chen’s heir.
Xia Weiguo didn’t doubt that he had him. After listening, he patted Chen Feng on the shoulder and said with emotion: “Your kid is so capable, what kind of takeaway you said, let Mengyao follow you for three years.
” Dad, I’m sorry.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. In fact, if it wasn’t for the Chen family who caused the accident and seriously injured Xia Weiguo, he would probably continue to deliver food and endure it.
“Okay, I’m sorry for what the family said.” Xia Weiguo let out a sigh of relief, and said with a smile: “Your kid has become more capable now, and you can treat my daughter better in the future. If you let me know, you fail my daughter, look at me Don’t interrupt your legs.”
“Dad, don’t worry, you won’t.” Chen Feng smiled slightly, his baby Xia Mengyao was too late, so how could he fail Xia Mengyao.
There was also a smile on Xia Mengyao’s pretty face, but in this smile, there was a subtle and far-fetched touch. She didn’t know how long she and Chen Feng’s peaceful days could last. Although Chen Feng did not say anything, She can clearly feel that there is a huge power that has been staring at her, this power, even Chen Feng, is obviously very jealous.
“Dad, Mengyao, I’ll take you to the hospital first.” Chen Feng said. He just stopped Xia Weiguo’s internal injury with his energy, but he had nothing to do with the bone injury on Xia Weiguo’s leg. There was also Xia Mengyao, whose forehead was also affected by Ye Haidong. If you don’t go to the doctor in time, you may have troubles.
“Well, go to the hospital first.” Xia Weiguo nodded, but he was surprised that the airflow that Chen Feng had passed into his body just now was what was it. After the airflow entered his body, he didn’t even hurt at all.

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