Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 238

“Auntie Lin, my job is good. I can earn more than 3 million yuan a year, but it’s too tired. Every day I have a social gathering in various wine bureaus. Sometimes it depends on the faces of some big people, unlike the Chen Feng brothers delivering food. Although the salary is low, it is easy and free.” Zhang Hong’s remarks were of a very high standard. They showed his salary without a trace, and indirectly mocked Chen Feng.
“And the most important thing is that the Chen Feng brothers will definitely be healthy in the future. In these years, health is worth more than anything.” Zhang Hong smiled and looked at Chen Feng again, pressing the word health very seriously.
Health is worth?
Worth the money!
Lin Lan cursed secretly, if someone is willing to give her 100 million, she is willing to contribute her health on the spot.
Although she thought so in her heart, Lin Lan did not show it on her face. Instead, she smiled and said: “Manager Zhang, don’t say that. The health of the poor is really the least valuable thing. Compared with health, I even hope that our Chen Feng’s salary can reach half of yours. If he has a chapter manager and you are half excellent, then I am a mother-in-law, I am afraid I can wake up in dreams.”
“Aunt Lin, you are serious, I think. Brother Chen Feng is very good. If he works hard, he can be the general manager of their company within ten and a half years. At that time, his salary should be about the same as mine.” Zhang Hong smiled. Dao, after speaking, glanced at Xia Mengyao inadvertently, seeming to want to know how Xia Mengyao reacted.
Xia Mengyao had a cold expression on her own, and she didn’t even glance at Zhang Hong.
Zhang Hong’s expression froze, he pretended to be forced for a long time, didn’t Xia Mengyao see it? Lin Lan saw the feelings alone?
Zhang Hong couldn’t help being annoyed. He actually thought about Xia Mengyao a little bit carefully. He felt that Xia Mengyao’s flower could not just be inserted into Chen Feng’s dung.
Instead, he should take care of it.
In the end, looking at Xia Mengyao’s appearance, from beginning to end, he didn’t care about him at all, which made Zhang Hong feel uncomfortable to punch the cotton with all his strength.
Several people were talking, the house to see has arrived.
The residences of Yuquan Mountain are divided into three areas, the villa area at the top of the mountain, the high-level residential area at the mountainside, and the ordinary residential area at the foot of the mountain.
Right now, what Zhang Hong took Lin Lan to see was an ordinary residential area.
Although it is an ordinary residential area, the decoration in the community is extremely luxurious, with swimming pools, tennis courts, badminton courts, basketball courts, all kinds of facilities, and even supporting private kindergartens and hospitals.
The house that Lin Lan wants to see is at the northernmost part of the complex, unit three, on the 11th floor.
This building seems to have just been completed, and the exterior walls still smell of fresh paint.
After Zhang Hong entered the password, everyone entered the elevator.
In the elevator, Zhang Hong smiled and said, “Aunt Lin, the house you want to see has three bedrooms and one living room, as well as a bathroom and a kitchen. In addition, the house faces south, with good lighting, warm in winter and cool in summer. There are almost no shortcomings.”
“What is the area of ​​the house?” Lin Lan asked, this is her most concerned question.
“120 levels.” Zhang Hong smiled slightly.
120 square meters, Lin Lan began to calculate in her mind, the ordinary house in Yuquan Mountain, the price is 100,000 square meters, 120 square meters, even if a normal person can get a 10% discount, they would need 10.8 million to buy it. If she discounts 30%, she needs 8.4 million.
Similar to what she had previously calculated at home, Lin Lan felt a lot more settled. She was also worried that if the house was too big, she would not have enough money. Although it is not enough now, it is only two million yuan short. Feng got two million out.
In the presence of so many people, even if Chen Feng had no money, he still had to give her money today, unless Chen Feng didn’t want the face of the family.
When the elevator reached the 11th floor, Zhang Hong took the lead to go out and made a please gesture.
Lin Lan followed.
As soon as he got out of the elevator, Chen Feng frowned. Why is the corridor… so gloomy?
As a martial artist, Chen Feng’s perception is far superior to that of ordinary people, so he found something wrong as soon as he got out of the elevator.
After the door was opened, Lin Lan and Xia Weiguo led the door, Zhang Hong followed closely, but Sister Fang didn’t enter, and even took two steps back unchecked.
Chen Feng squinted his eyes, interesting.
In fact, starting from Lin Lan talking about the preferential quota in the car, Chen Feng felt that this matter was a bit strange.
According to Lin Lan, she and Sister Fang have known each other for less than ten days.
Chen Feng didn’t think that a savvy person like Sister Fang would dig his heart out for someone who had only known him for ten days.
Although it was Lin Lanhua who bought the discounted quota of 500,000 yuan, no matter how it was calculated, Sister Fang was losing money.
Because houses in Yuquanshan have always been scarce, Sister Fang can ask a relative to take out the money, buy a house with a 30% discount, and then resell it. How can she make more than half a million in this way.
Sister Fang must be conspiring.
At first, Chen Feng thought that Sister Fang got his information from where, and wanted to attack him through Lin Lan.
But Sister Fang completely ignored his reaction after getting out of the car.
Now Chen Feng knew that Sister Fang was indeed not directed at him, but at Lin Lan.
There was a problem with the house she showed Lin Lan!
“Aunt Fang, why don’t you go in?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.
Sister Fang glanced at Chen Feng, her eyes flashed with insignificant disgust, and then coldly explained: “The newly renovated house has a big smell. I have bronchitis and I feel uncomfortable going in.”
Chen Feng nodded lightly, without saying anything, and followed in the door.
As soon as he entered the door, a ghastly breath rushed toward him, which was several times more intense than what I had just felt in the corridor.
It looks like the house has just been renovated, and it even smells of baking paint.
The lighting in the room is indeed as Zhang Hong said, extremely transparent and bright.
The apartment layout is also very good. Lin Lan looked very satisfied and nodded frequently.
Chen Feng did not follow Zhang Hong to look at the house, but started to observe the corners of the room.
When passing the kitchen, Chen Feng’s mouth rose.
At the kitchen sink, the wall cracked slightly, revealing a slightly smoky yellow wall.
The house has been renovated. Although only a small corner is exposed, you can’t even see it if you don’t look carefully, but Chen Feng can still be sure that this house has been renovated.
It’s not a new house at all, it’s very likely to have lived in it!
This Zhang Hong is bold enough to sell the second-hand house as a new house.
And looking at what Sister Fang looked like just now, this house is probably more than just a second-hand house!
There must be other oddities!
Chen Feng left a mind.
At this time, Zhang Hong had already started to inquire about Lin Lan.
“Aunt Lin, look, are you satisfied with the house?” Zhang Hong asked with a smile.
“Satisfied, I’m very satisfied.” Lin Lan nodded with a red face, more than satisfied, she was completely satisfied. Originally, she was worried that the 30% discount would have any pits that she could not see, such as problems with the apartment layout and lighting. It’s not good, or something is leaking in the house.
After seeing the house, all her doubts disappeared instantly.

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