Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 237

“Lan Lan, it’s been half an hour. Why couldn’t that sister Fang come here?” Xia Weiguo couldn’t help but said. The agreed time is nine o’clock. It’s already half past nine, but Lin Lan said That Sister Fang can’t even see a shadow.
“What are you in a hurry?” Lin Lan glanced at Xia Weiguo, and said: “Sister Renfang is a busy person. It’s normal to delay a few minutes if you encounter something on the road…” As
he said, a white Porsche drove come.
The door opened, and a young man wearing an Armani suit and a Patek Philippe watch stepped down from the main driver’s seat, walked to the front passenger door, opened the door, and then slightly bent over. The gentleman put his hand under the car and made A courteous action.
This scene caused Lin Lan to finish eating and shook her head and slapped her tongue: “Lao Xia, look at the son-in-law of Sister Fang, who knows more about etiquette. You can look at our trash again. Let me say a word, he can I have ten sentences.”
Xia Weiguo pouted, disapproving. Perhaps in Lin Lan’s opinion, the son-in-law of Sister Fang is very gentle and polite, but in his opinion, the son-in-law of Sister Fang is a bit too pretentious. It’s just a car, it’s so grand, people who don’t know think you are welcoming the big leaders of the city.
Sister Fang is a woman with heavy make-up and elegant dress. She may have been in her fifties, but because of her good care, she looks almost like a forty-year-old woman.
After Sister Fang got off the car, Lin Lan immediately greeted her with great enthusiasm: “Sister Fang, you are here.”
“Yeah.” Sister Fang nodded slightly.
“Sorry, I made you wait a long time.” Sister Fang said lightly, embarrassed, but she didn’t show her expression at all, instead she looked arrogant.
“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Lin Lan hurriedly shook her head: “I’m fine anyway.”
After speaking, Lin Lan glanced at Xia Weiguo again, and enthusiastically introduced: “Sister Fang, this is my husband, Xia Weiguo.”
” Sister Fang, hello.” Xia Weiguo pulled a reluctant smile on his face.
“Yeah.” Sister Fang nodded lightly, her expression a little cold.
“This is my daughter, Xia Mengyao.” Lin Lan was not embarrassed, and pulled Xia Mengyao over again.

Hello Aunt Fang.” Xia Mengyao said hello neither humble nor humble.
Sister Fang nodded slightly, her attitude was still arrogant, but there was a touch of surprise in her eyes. Lin Lan didn’t look good, but this daughter was really beautiful.
“Sister Fang, this is me…” Lin Lan still wanted to introduce Chen Feng, but Sister Fang waved her hand a little impatiently, and said, “Okay, no need to introduce me. I can’t remember, let’s go to see the room. I have other things after seeing the room.”
“Okay… okay.” Lin Lan chuckled, and then gave Chen Feng a bitter look, the expression in his eyes was clearly saying. , You trash, as long as you have the slightest ability, you will not be so despised.
Chen Feng was expressionless, this sister Fang looked at people with dog eyes, what could he do?
Along the way, Sister Fang’s reaction was cold, but Sister Fang’s son-in-law Zhang Hong was very enthusiastic and would talk to Lin Lan from time to time.
“By the way, Aunt Lin, your daughter is so beautiful, and your son-in-law must be very good.”
Zhang Hong suddenly brought the topic to Xia Mengyao. He was very curious about what kind of man a goddess like Xia Mengyao would marry.
Lin Lan’s face was stiff. How could she answer this question? Is she going to say that her son-in-law is here, who is a takeaway?
“Aunt Lin, isn’t it convenient to talk about the occupation of your son-in-law?” Zhang Hong couldn’t help but wonder when Lin Lan hadn’t spoken for a long time.
Lin Lan shook her head and said with a strong smile: “No, my son-in-law works in a food delivery company.”
Lin Lan didn’t say directly that Chen Feng was a takeaway, but adopted a more tactful way.
Zhang Hong nodded slightly and smiled: “Then your son-in-law must have a very high position in the company, let me guess, is it the supervisor or the manager?”
Supervisor? manager?
The errands are almost the same!
Lin Lan was a little embarrassed at this time, wishing to dig a crack in the ground and then get in. The supervisor was too embarrassed by the waste.
As the manager of the sales department, Zhang Hong’s ability to observe words and expressions is not weak. Lin Lan’s expression shows that if he still can’t react, then he, the sales department manager, will do nothing.
Zhang Hong raised a faint sarcasm at the corner of his mouth, glanced at Chen Feng, and asked, “Aunt Lin, this brother, who is yours?”
“He…he is my son-in-law! His name is Chen Feng.” Lin Lan gritted her teeth and spoke. Now that there is nothing to hide, let’s be ashamed.
“Oh” Zhang Hong nodded lightly, his tone of surprise deliberately stretched, and smiled: “If Aunt Lin didn’t say anything, I thought he was the driver of Aunt Lin’s house.”
Lin Lan smirked, not knowing how to respond. .
“Looking at the talents of Brother Chen Feng, they must be high-level managers in the company.” Zhang Hong smiled and turned his gaze to Chen Feng. His words were obviously praising and disparaging. From Lin Lan’s reaction just now, he has already I know that Chen Feng is absolutely bad at the food delivery company, so he has absolutely nothing to do with the senior management. The reason why I asked it out was to embarrass Chen Feng.
“I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m not a high-level person. I’m just an ordinary food delivery guy.” Chen Feng said lightly. There is no doubt that Zhang Hong’s words are stabbed because of jealousy. He may not even be himself. It was discovered that his jealousy began to be jealous after seeing Xia Mengyao.
Chen Feng has experienced this situation many times.
“Delivery?” Zhang Hong opened his mouth pretendingly in surprise: “Brother Chen Feng, are you kidding me?”
“No.” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“Brother Chen Feng is really…upright.” Zhang Hong smiled dryly, then changed the conversation, sighed and said: “Brother Chen Feng, to tell you, I actually think the job of delivering food is quite good.”
“Freedom , I can go wherever I want, and I can often climb the stairs and exercise. If I don’t carry a mortgage on my back, I’m planning to quit my job to deliver the food.”
Zhang Hong sighed, someone who didn’t know. I am afraid that he really thinks so.
Chen Feng smiled slightly, Zhang Hong’s pretense is very round.
“Manager Zhang, don’t laugh, how can you quit your such a good job?” Lin Lan said with a smile. Of course she knew that Zhang Hong was mocking Chen Feng, but what could she do at this time, just I can hate Chen Feng in my heart, and he can’t even lie and pretend to be forceful.

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