Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 240

Naked provocation.
Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Zhang Hong is provoking Chen Feng.
However, Chen Feng didn’t mind. Zhang Hong’s move was to retreat for advancement. It was indeed a good game, but it could only be used against Lin Lan, not against him!
“Yes, I have opinions.”
Chen Feng said lightly.
The audience was quiet again.
After a while, Lin Lan roared like thunder: “You trash, what do you have to say about it? Did I buy a house or yours?”
” Anything else ? You have a big opinion today, and you have to hold it back. This family, it is not your turn to speak up!” Lin Lan didn’t give Chen Feng any face.
“Mom, this house is a second-hand house.” Xia Mengyao helped Chen Feng with some help.
“What’s wrong with the second-hand house? Can’t live in the second-hand house anymore?” Lin Lan’s eyes widened, and she looked determined.
Xia Mengyao moved her lips, but she didn’t say much. Indeed, as Lin Lan said, even if this house is a second-hand house, it is what they earn.
Because houses in Yuquanshan have always been in demand, even if they are second-hand houses, the price will not be much lower than that of new houses.
“Manager Zhang, don’t deal with this waste. It is me who wants to buy a house, not him. I will go through the formalities with you.” Lin Lan smiled, as if afraid Zhang Hong would regret it.
Zhang Hong’s old behavior is difficult: “Aunt Lin, would you like to think about it? Brother Chen Feng is also a member of your Xia family after all, and his opinion is so firm…”
“He’s just a fart!”
Lin Lan scolded mercilessly: “Manager Zhang, you don’t know how useless this waste is. In my Xia family for three years, except for eating my Xia’s, using my Xia’s, this waste is nothing. It’s done!”
“You tell me, Manager Zhang, if it weren’t for my daughter’s disagreement, I would have let this waste get out of my Xia family. I would never consider him a part of the Xia family for such a waste. ”
Although it was in front of outsiders, Lin Lan did not leave any affection for Chen Feng at all.
Ringland such a statement, but also to Zhang Hong completely calmed down, looked after arrogant Chen Feng, Zhang Hong smiling opening:. “That being the case, that Auntie Lin, let’s go to the sales department the formalities.”
“Ok , Go and go through the formalities.” Lin Lan nodded hurriedly. She was worried that Zhang Hong would not sell her the house because of Chen Feng’s offense. Now it seems that her worry is purely redundant.
Compared with Chen Feng, Zhang Hong didn’t know how magnanimous he was.
“Manager Zhang, are you sure you want to sell the house to my mother?” Chen Feng’s voice fell. Apart from the refurbishment of the house, there are obviously other problems, but Zhang Hong never mentioned it. He made it clear that he wanted to take Lin Lan. Be taken advantage of.
If only Lin Lan was taken advantage of, it would be fine. Chen Feng didn’t bother to take care of it, but Xia Weiguo would live in this house in the future. This made Chen Feng sit back and watch.
“Brother Chen Feng still want to do something to me?” Zhang Hong stopped and sneered as he heard the threat in Chen Feng’s words.
“I’ll give you one last chance to tell the real problem with this house.” Chen Feng squinted his eyes. In fact, he has probably guessed that Zhang Hong is incomprehensible now.
Zhang Hong shook his head and smiled, and did not speak at all, but turned his gaze to Lin Lan: “Aunt Lin, you son-in-law, I don’t seem to want you to buy our house.”
“Chen! Feng!”
Lin Lan gritted her teeth. Anger burst out from his eyes: “Get out of here!”
“Chen Feng, you mean, besides the renovation, there are other problems with this house?” Xia Weiguo frowned. He didn’t doubt Chen Feng very much, knowing that Chen Feng would not be confused about this kind of thing.
“Dad, this house has died.”
Chen Feng said lightly.
The audience was silent for an instant, and the needle dropped silently.
The smile on Zhang Hong’s face abruptly froze, and a huge wave went up in his heart.
Xia Weiguo’s expression also changed wildly. If the house had been dead, then the problem would be really big, let alone a 30% discount, it was Zhang Hongbai’s gift, they didn’t dare to ask for it.
“Chen Feng, what are you saying is true?”
Xia Weiguo asked hurriedly. He didn’t think Chen Summit was joking about this kind of thing, but he didn’t understand how Chen Feng realized that the house was dead.
“It’s true.” Chen Feng nodded.
“How did you see it?” Xia Weiguo couldn’t help asking.
Chen Feng can see that the house has been renovated, and it is forgivable. It may be that people have died in the house. This is very scary. Could there be any blood stains that have not been removed?
“Dad, you’ll know in a while.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. In fact, he was not sure what was wrong with the house. It was just the gloomy atmosphere in the complex, and Sister Fang’s taboo look, thinking that the house had died. People are the most likely, so I cheated Zhang Hong.
As a result, he didn’t expect that this swindle really caused him to swindle. Zhang Hong’s expression obviously changed drastically at the moment he spoke.
“Manager Zhang, go ahead, what’s the matter?” Chen Feng glanced at Zhang Hong calmly.
“Say…say what?”
Zhang Hong was a little flustered, but his mouth was sternly inwardly: “Chen Feng, I warn you, nonsense is legally responsible.”
“Our house in Yuquan Mountain is the best in Cangzhou, let alone people, even a dog has never died!”
“Now you say that people have died in this room, and this matter will be spread. It has affected the reputation of our Yuquan Mountain, can you bear the responsibility!”
At this moment , Sister Fang outside the door couldn’t help but walk in.
“Lin Lan, do you want to buy the house?” As soon as she walked in, Sister Fang shouted at Lin Lan fiercely, her tone extremely unhappy.
Lin Lan is also the six gods at the moment. It is the news that Chen Feng said. It has had too much impact on her. If the house is really dead, she would not dare to buy it if she had a hundred thousand courage.
“Sister Fang, I…” Lin Lan was a little cowardly.
“Lin Lan, do you believe in your trash son-in-law or me?!” Sister Fang gave Lin Lan a cold look.
“I believe in you.” Lin Lan almost blurted out, jokes, one is Sister Fang who lives in more than 4,000 mansion houses, and the other is a trash son-in-law who always fights against him. Do you need to ask whoever believes it.
Sister Fang nodded slightly: “Since you believe me, then I will tell you the truth, this house has never died!”
“He is lying to you!” Sister Fang pointed at Chen Feng, Things are finalized.
“Yes, Aunt Lin, this rubbish is lying to you. He made up this kind of absurd reason because he made it clear that he didn’t want you to sell the house.” Zhang Hong also helped.

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