Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 241

Seeing that Lin Lan was still struggling, Zhang Hong continued to speak:
“Aunt Lin, don’t you want to think about where we are?”
“Yuquan Mountain!”
“Our developer, but Shen Hongchang, the richest man in Cangzhou, Shen Hongchang!”
“What do you think? Our boss, Shen, will sell the house of the dead?”
“Do you think our boss, Shen, will be short of the money for this house?”
Zhang Hong asked twice, completely suppressing Lin Lan.
Even Xia Weiguo couldn’t help wondering whether Chen Feng said this to prevent Lin Lan from buying a house.
After all, Yuquan Mountain is the most high-end community in Cangzhou. Developer Shen Hongchang is still the richest man in Cangzhou with more than 30 billion assets.
Xia Weiguo didn’t think that people like Shen Hongchang would ruin his reputation for a ten million house.
“Manager Zhang, Sister Fang, I’m sorry, I was misled by this waste.” Lin Lan took a deep breath, bowed, and apologized.
Then he glanced at Chen Feng in disgust, and cursed: “Trash, don’t roll over and apologize to Sister Fang and Manager Zhang!”
Chen Feng’s expression became cold: “Why should I apologize? Where did I go wrong? ”
You trash, how dare you say that you are not wrong?” Lin Lan said sharply, her teeth clenched.
“In order not to pay for me to buy a house, you can even say that the house is dead, you…you still say that you are not wrong?!” Lin Lan trembled with anger.
“Chen Feng, you said that people died in the house, do you have any evidence?” Xia Weiguo said in a deep voice. If Chen Feng has no evidence, then this time, he will not stand by Chen Feng’s side.
Chen Feng shook his head: “Not yet.”
“Not yet?” Zhang Hong sneered: “When will we have it?”
“Next year, or the year after, or wait for you to go to hell?”
“Zhang Hong, you have to die?!”
Chen Feng’s expression suddenly fell cold. If he could, he didn’t want to find Shen Hongchang, but if Zhang Hong didn’t understand it, he could only call Shen Hongchang and ask the cause and effect.
“Looking for death?” Zhang Hong sneered, and said sarcastically: “I said Chen Feng, you take yourself too seriously, you are just a small food delivery, who gave you the courage to say such things?”
“Liang Jingru?”
“You will know soon.” Chen Feng’s expression suddenly calmed down.
“Really?” Zhang Hong’s mouth was playful, with a look of confidence. This is Yuquanshan. He Zhang Hong, and even the sales manager of Yuquanshan’s sales department, is a deliveryman who threatens him on his site. I don’t know how to write dead words.
“President Shen, I’m in Yuquan Mountain now.” Chen Feng called Shen Hongchang.
“President Shen?” Zhang Hong sneered. He really knew how to pretend, even Mr. Shen called.
“Shao Chen?!” On the other end of the phone, Shen Hongchang stood up from the sofa, “When did you come here.”
“I just came here soon.” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“Chen Shao, why don’t you come over and say so, I’ll pick you up.” Shen Hongchang hurriedly got up, with an unusually respectful attitude. Chen Feng killed the Ye family’s affairs. Among the high-level Cangzhou, it has long been no secret, so this At the time, Shen Hongchang was unprecedentedly jealous of Chen Feng.
“I came to buy a house with my father-in-law and mother-in-law.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly, meaning that he didn’t want to trouble Shen Hongchang.
“Buy a house?” Shen Hongchang was stunned. Didn’t he give Chen Feng a villa? Why did Chen Feng still buy a house?
But soon, Shen Hongchang reacted. Chen Feng bought the house for Xia Weiguo and Lin Lan, not for himself.
“Shao Chen, you said buying a house is a bit serious. You just tell Lao Shen which suite you are interested in. Lao Shen will give you away. Lao Shen has nothing else, but there are many houses.” Shen Hongchang smiled. .
The relationship between Chen Feng and Lin Lan, he is very clear in his heart, and he also understands that Chen Feng does not want to expose his identity in front of Lin Lan, so the gift of the house is just a polite remark. Feng sent, Chen Feng would not want it either.
“President Shen, I really like your house now.” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“Huh?” Shen Hongchang opened his mouth wide. He didn’t know why, so he was polite with Chen Feng. Why is Chen Feng still serious?
“Chen Shao, which house you are interested in, I will bring you the key now.” Although he was surprised in his heart, Shen Hongchang didn’t show any signs on his face.
“16 buildings with 3 units 508.”
“16 buildings?” Shen Hongchang frowned. Isn’t 16 buildings an ordinary residential area? How could Chen Feng look at a house in an ordinary residential area?
No, 3 unit 508!
Shen Hongchang was shocked, his face pale instantly.
Isn’t that a haunted house? Four people had just died at the beginning of the year, why would Chen Feng fall into that murderous house? !
The cold sweat on Shen Hongchang’s forehead couldn’t help falling down. Almost instantly, he thought of a possibility. It was not that Chen Feng had taken a fancy to the suite, but someone in his company wanted to sell the suite to Chen Feng!
Damn it!
“Chen Shao, you just like the villa where Old Shen lives now. Old Shen can vacate the villa for you without frowning, but Old Shen really can’t give you the suite you mentioned.” Shen Hongchang wipes Wiping the cold sweat on his head.
“What does Mr. Shen mean?” Chen Feng asked knowingly.
“Shao Chen, let’s
not hide it from you, that suite died!” “A family of four, on the Lunar New Year’s Eve, the robbers entered the house and destroyed the door.” Shen Hongchang did not dare to conceal everything, and explained everything.
Not many people in Cangzhou knew about this massacre.
Because on the day of the incident, Shen Hongchang used his contacts to catch the murderer and moved the murderer to the prosecution. After that, Shen Hongchang worried that this incident would affect the sale of the Yuquanshan real estate. He used his relationship to suppress the matter. Go down.
In the end, few people knew about this case.
Even the people who lived in the opposite door of 508 did not know that someone died on the opposite side.
In addition to several senior managers in Yuquanshan, there are also sales managers responsible for the sales of 16 buildings.
“Mr. Shen, are you going to sell the house where people have died?” Chen Feng’s tone became cold.
“Shao Chen, you wronged me.” Shen Hongchang smiled bitterly.

Old Shen, no matter how money I am, I can’t do such a thing as giving birth to a son without an asshole.” “It’s true that after something happened, I asked someone to seal up the house. I simply I never thought about selling the house.”
“How do you explain it now?”
Chen Feng asked. In fact, he knew in his heart that it was unlikely that Shen Hongchang would sell the house, but Zhang Hongyang was more likely to violate it. Shen Hongchang sealed the house, but Zhang Hong, who is the sales manager of the sales department, still has the key, and if the title certificate is relevant, Zhang Hong can easily handle it.

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