Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 25

Xia Mengyao was a little heartbroken. She looked at Xia Yunsheng and asked with dim eyes, “Grandpa, do you think I will use the most important innocence of a girl to lie to you in this matter?”
“Hmph, you have slept with Lin Zongwei, what is there to be innocent.” Xia Zilan muttered quietly, with Chen Feng on the side, she didn’t even dare to pant loudly at this moment, but she still had to say what she should say.
Xia Yunsheng frowned, and he naturally understood the meaning of Xia Mengyao’s words, indeed, for a girl, innocence is very important, but he still didn’t believe that what Xia Mengyao said was true.
To put it bluntly, it is partiality.
He favored Xia Hao, because the Xia family was destined to be handed over to Xia Hao in the future.
“Xia Hao, you said Mengyao went to meet Gu Dongchen, and they stayed in the box all afternoon. Do you have any evidence?” Xia Yunsheng glanced at Xia Hao and asked.
Xia Hao stood tall and said: “Grandpa, I don’t have any substantive evidence. But, I know why Xia Mengyao went to Gu Dongchen?”
“Why?” Xia Yunsheng raised his brows.
“For Yuquanshan’s project!” Xia Hao was full of confidence, and said: “Grandpa, after Xia Mengyao heard that you handed over Yuquanshan’s project to me, she was very angry. She came to me for theory and wanted me to transfer Yuquan I can’t agree to Shan’s project back to her.”
“Later, Chen Feng threatened me in the company and slapped me twice. He probably still wanted me to hand over the Yuquanshan project. This is obvious to all. Chen Feng also said that he is not afraid of you.” , Xia Hao took a careful look at Xia Yunsheng, seeming to want to know what Xia Yunsheng’s expression was.
But who knows, Xia Yunsheng’s expression is very calm, and there is no sign of happiness or anger.
Xia Hao continued: “At the time, I was still thinking, Chen Feng is a trash, where his confidence, even you dare to challenge.”
“As a result, at noon, I saw Xia Mengyao in the golden age, and then Xia Mengyao stayed in it for an afternoon. Without coming out, I instantly understood, what is Chen Feng’s confidence!”
“Gu Dongchen! Chen Feng’s confidence is Gu Dongchen! He asked Xia Mengyao to accompany Gu Dongchen to sleep, then establish a relationship with Gu Dongchen, and then use Gu Dongchen’s hand to force me to hand over the Yuquanshan project!”
“It’s a wolf ambition!” Xia Hao pointed to Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng, with awe-inspiring expressions, “Xia Mengyao is not a good thing to say, Chen Feng is not a good thing. In the past three years in my Xia family, my Xia family treats him not badly, but Not only is he not grateful, but he also wants to cooperate with outsiders and embezzle my Xia family. It is really hateful!”
“It’s even more irritating. As a man, Chen Feng doesn’t protect his own woman. For the sake of his own interests, he was so frantic that his woman would go to sleep with other men. First Lin Zongwei, then Gu Dongchen, Chen Feng, you Is this worthy of Mengyao!”
Xia Hao roared, the excitement in his eyes, without concealing it, he didn’t expect that he could say so, and he only wanted to bite Xia Mengyao back, but after all, he got involved with Chen Feng. The key is, It’s also justified. If he didn’t know the whole story, I’m afraid he would believe that Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng are such people.
“I said before that Chen Feng knew that Xia Mengyao was sleeping with Lin Zongwei, why didn’t he get angry? It turned out to be here. Chen Feng, Chen Feng, you are so good, you let your own woman sleep with another man, like you Scum, you really should have been hit by a car when you went out!” After Xia Zilan suddenly gritted her teeth, she started cursing Chen Feng.
Xia Mengyao bit her red lips tightly and shivered with anger. At this moment, one of her heart completely fell into the abyss.
She can see the real ugly faces of Xia Hao and almost ruined her whole life. Now, to protect herself, she beats her back and talks nonsense with her eyes open. Even her innocence will be completely destroyed!
The so-called relatives are a thousand times more cruel and cruel to her than her enemies!
Xia Mengyao’s body is cold, but it is the heart that is colder than the body!
At this moment, a big warm hand was placed on Xia Mengyao’s shoulder, and Xia Mengyao turned back to Chen Feng.
There was a faint smile on Chen Feng’s face, which made Xia Mengyao feel at ease.
Seeing Chen Feng’s gentle eyes, Xia Mengyao suddenly burst into tears. She suddenly felt that she was still dependent on herself. No matter how others treat her, this fool will always stand behind her. Maybe this fool is not as capable as others, but this Fool, but he is the only man in the world who promises her sincerity.
With this true heart, you can make it!
Chen Feng patted Xia Mengyao’s fragrant shoulder lightly. He knew that Xia Mengyao was really sad at this moment. He had the ability to heal Xia Mengyao, but he couldn’t be soft-hearted!
For Xia Mengyao, this is a growing process that must be experienced. Only by thoroughly recognizing the ugly faces of Xia Hao and Xia Zilan can Xia Mengyao make the right choice in the future.
After all, what he wants to give to Xia Mengyao is not just a Xia family!
As for Xia Hao, Xia Zilan…
A cold light flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes, and sooner or later he would let them pay for their stupidity!
“Xia Mengyao, what are you crying for? You have been wronged, right?” Xia Zilan began to arrogantly again.
“Mengyao, is what Xia Hao said is true?” Xia Yunsheng asked with a cold face. If Xia Hao’s words were true, then Xia Mengyao would really touch his bottom line!
He even worked with outsiders to betray the interests of the Xia family!
This is a thousand times more serious than betraying the Xia family!
Xia Mengyao nestled in Chen Feng’s arms and did not speak. Her heart was really tired. She also understood that what she said didn’t really matter. The important thing was who Xia Yunsheng believed, even if she could really come up with conclusive evidence today, Xia What will Yunsheng do to Xia Hao?
will not! Xia Yunsheng would only punish Xia Hao on the surface, and then find an opportunity to release Xia Hao.
“Does the truth matter?” Chen Feng said calmly.
“What do you mean?” A cold light flashed in Xia Yunsheng’s eyes, and an overwhelming majesty swept towards Chen Feng. This is the momentum he cultivated from a high position all the year round, and ordinary people can’t resist it!
Unexpectedly, Chen Feng’s face has not changed, but a faint sarcasm rises at the corner of his mouth, “Don’t you understand what I mean? It doesn’t matter whether the matter is true or false, who do you believe is true? , Whoever you don’t believe is false.”
Xia Yunsheng’s face was cold, Chen Feng’s meaning was obvious, he was favoring Xia Hao!
Indeed, in what Xia Hao said, it was not that there were no doubts at all, but those doubts were ignored by him.
But he must believe in Xia Hao, even if what Xia Mengyao said is true!

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