Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 24

The two came to the chairman’s office together. After opening the door, Xia Hao’s eyelids twitched. Sure enough, Xia Mengyao had found Xia Yunsheng one step ahead of him, and seeing Xia Yunsheng’s extremely gloomy expression at the moment, most of them had already listened to Xia Mengyao’s words.
Just as Xia Hao was thinking about how to speak, Xia Zilan had already started to win.
“Xia Mengyao, you shameless thing, do you dare to come to grandpa?!”
Looking at the domineering Xia Zilan, Xia Mengyao’s red eyes flashed with doubt.
Chen Feng, who was on the side, couldn’t help but narrowed his eyes. When Xia Mengyao was going to come to Xia Yunsheng by himself before, he was a little worried. He felt that Xia Hao would not wait to die. Sure enough, looking at Xia Zilan’s current battle, it was obvious that Xia Hao was also ready. Rhetoric.
This is interesting!
“Xia Zilan, what do you mean?” Xia Mengyao asked suspiciously.
“What do I mean?” Xia Zilan sneered and asked, “Did you go to Gu Dongchen’s golden years at noon today, and stayed with Gu Dongchen in the box all afternoon!”
Xia Mengyao was stunned, and said, “I went to the Golden Age, but I did not stay in the box with Gu Dongchen all afternoon!”
“Fart! Xia Hao has seen him, he said you entered the box, and then did not come out all afternoon!” Xia Zilan arrogantly said, she did not expect Xia Mengyao to be so stupid, and dare to admit that she had gone to the Golden Age.
“Xia Hao!” Xia Mengyao turned back abruptly, biting her silver teeth, and staring at Xia Hao coldly. She understood that Xia Hao was going to beat her back and in turn slander her.
In the face of Xia Mengyao’s cold eyes, Xia Hao was completely worthwhile.
“Xia Mengyao, what do you think I do? Why, dare to do it or not?”
“What did I do!” Xia Mengyao was so angry that she was about to explode.
“You know what you have done.” Xia Hao said with a cold snort.
“Xia Mengyao, don’t treat everyone as fools. You slept with Lin Zongwei before, just forget it. After all, it was for our Xia family. But this time, you slept with Gu Dongchen, but it was too much. What do you think of your body? , Is it a public toilet? Whoever wants to use it…”
Before Xia Zilan finished speaking, Chen Feng’s big hand slapped her face.
“Speak as you speak, don’t have such a dirty mouth.” Chen Feng said lightly. He had had enough of Xia Zilan, a stupid woman who was used as a gun, and she was so proud. If she didn’t teach her a lesson, she might not know herself. Last name.
Xia Zilan covered her face and was stunned. Chen Feng, this trash, even dared to hit herself?
After reacting, Xia Zilan suddenly became a little hysterical.
“You trash, why are you hitting me!”
“You are useless, you are wearing a green hat, why do you let your anger on me!”
“Why don’t you fight Xia Mengyao, a tens of thousands of people riding a show…”
Chen Feng slapped Xia Zilan’s face again, and Chen Feng sneered: “I can’t speak human words, I can teach you!”
“Hey, grandpa, did you see it? This Chen Feng, he doesn’t treat the Xia family as human beings. He just beat Xia Hao in the morning and beat me again in the afternoon. Will he even beat you tomorrow!” Xia Zilan cried and looked at Xia Yunsheng. She didn’t expect that Chen Feng was so courageous that she dared to slap her twice in front of Xia Yunsheng, completely not putting Xia Yunsheng in her eyes.
At this time, Xia Yunsheng’s face was also gloomy and terrifying. Originally, Xia Mengyao came to complain, and he was already upset enough. Unexpectedly, Xia Hao and Xia Zilan were here again, and what they said was completely different from what Xia Mengyao said. He didn’t know who to believe.
But what makes Xia Yunsheng even more unbelievable is that Chen Feng! The son-in-law of the Xia family that he almost forgot, and all the insufficiency of the Xia family’s population, jumped out again at this time.
I beat Xia Hao in the morning and didn’t say anything, but also said, not afraid of myself! Completely defiant.
Is this provoking yourself?
However, at this time, Xia Yunsheng was too lazy to be familiar with Chen Feng. After this time, he would let Chen Feng see, Xia family, who had the final say!
Xia Yunsheng slapped the table fiercely, and said majesticly, Xia Zilan immediately stopped speaking.
“About Chen Feng, I’ll talk about it later.” Xia Yunsheng glanced at Chen Feng coldly and said.
“More importantly now, I want to know, Xia Hao, Mengyao, you two, who is lying to me!”
Xia Yunsheng asked, indeed, compared to Chen Feng’s matter, what Xia Hao and Xia Mengyao were arguing with was the top priority, after all, it was the Xia family’s face.
Xia Mengyao’s pretty face turned pale, and Xia Yunsheng said so, which means that he has not believed in himself from beginning to end.
“Mengyao, you said that Xia Hao threatened you with Chen Feng’s life and told you to go to Golden Age, and then he put medicine in your wine glass to make you have a relationship with Gu Dongchen. Do you have any evidence?” Xia Yunsheng asked majesticly Tao.
“Yes!” Xia Mengyao took a deep breath, took out the phone, and found the text message Xia Hao had sent to her before,’Xia Mengyao, half an hour later, you won’t come, don’t blame me being rude to Chen Feng! ‘.
Seeing this text message, Xia Yunsheng’s face immediately fell cold, looked at Xia Hao, and asked: “Nie Hu, do you have anything else to say?”
But Xia Hao didn’t panic at all. Instead, he said calmly: “Grandpa, I didn’t send this text message to her. Look carefully at the phone number. It’s not mine at all. Xia Mengyao wanted to frame me.”
Xia Yunsheng looked at Xia Mengyao again.
Xia Mengyao frowned slightly. Indeed, she ignored this. This phone number was not the phone number Xia Hao usually uses.
“Grandpa, before texting, Xia Hao called me and told me to go to Golden Age.” Xia Mengyao could only speak truthfully.
“Have I called you? Xia Mengyao, don’t talk nonsense!” Xia Hao pretended to be angry, but he was a little excited. Obviously, Xia Mengyao, who is not deeply involved in the world, is not his opponent. Long before he planned to design Xia Mengyao. He asked someone to reissue a calling card, and even if Xia Yunsheng asked someone to check it now, nothing could be found.
So things become very simple. Everyone has no evidence. At this time, it’s up to who can tell.
“You…” Xia Mengyao was so angry that she clenched her silver teeth, Xia Hao refused to admit that she really had nothing to do.
Chen Feng sighed, his wife is still too innocent, and he never thought that the human heart would be so sinister, even if it is a relative, sometimes it will push you off the cliff.
He naturally has evidence, and Gu Dongchen is the biggest evidence!
As long as he called Gu Dongchen over and confronted him, Xia Hao would never deny it.
But Chen Feng didn’t want to do this. He wanted to take this opportunity to let Xia Mengyao grow up a little, too kind, sometimes it may not be a good thing.
“In other words, you don’t have any definite evidence?” Xia Yunsheng’s tone became colder.

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