Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 257

Chen Feng frowned, “You promised me to protect Mengyao.”
“Yes, I promised you, but what I said seems to be that after you left Cangzhou, when Xia Mengyao encountered an irresistible danger, I will save her once.”
“And only once. After once, Xia Mengyao is dead or alive. It has nothing to do with me.” Ye Haitang
‘s words were a bit cold, but Chen Feng was unable to refute it because he was indeed like Ye Haitang at the beginning. Said.
“Thank you for the news.”
Chen Feng smiled and got up and left.
Ye Haitang, who stayed in place, had a complicated face.
When Chen Feng almost got out of the bar with his front foot, Xia Zilan jumped out with his back foot.
“Chen Feng, what are you doing here?” Xia Zilan asked knowingly.
“Does it have anything to do with you?” Chen Feng gave Xia Zilan a cold look.
“What are you doing so aggressively?” Xia Zilan was a little dissatisfied, and then she joked: “It has nothing to do with me, but it has something to do with Xia Mengyao that bitch.”
Chen Feng’s tone sank: “What do you mean?
” It doesn’t mean anything. Just in the bar, I accidentally saw a couple of
dog men and women drinking together. The man of the dog men and women still looks a bit like someone.” Xia Zilan gave Chen Feng lightly.
Chen Feng frowned.
“Chen Feng, that dog man, wouldn’t it be you?” Xia Zilan sneered.
“What are you going to do?”
Chen Feng asked faintly, Xia Zilan must have tried to stop him here.
Xia Zilan did not respond to Chen Feng’s question, but jokingly said: “Chen Feng, you said, if Xia Mengyao saw you and a woman drinking in a bar so late, what would she look like?”
“You threatened me? “Chen Feng’s tone became cold.
“Haha, threatening? Chen Feng, you too value yourself. What are you worthy of my threat?” Xia Zilan sneered and said: “To tell you the truth, Chen Feng, I never thought of threatening you. , Because I have sent the video to Xia Mengyao and Lin Lan a long time ago.”
“Now your house must have been jumping around.” Xia Zilan’s face was gloating, and her tone was full of revenge.
“Xia Zilan, you are looking for death!” Chen Feng’s eyes flashed coldly. Although he is not afraid of the shadow leaning, it is difficult to tell this kind of thing. If Xia Zilan really sends the video, Xia Mengyao doesn’t know it will What was the reaction, but Lin Lan would definitely believe it.
“Why, you can’t kill me if you are a trash?” Xia Zilan’s unscrupulous provocation: “I can tell you that there is surveillance here, and some of my best friends are watching in secret. You have to dare to touch my finger, I You can’t eat and walk around.”
“Get out!”
Chen Feng glanced at Xia Zilan in disgust, and directly pushed Xia Zilan away.
“You trash, you still have the face to push people!” Xia Zilan became angry and yelled: “Xia Mengyao did not cheat. You trash derailed first. Who gave you the confidence…”
Chen Feng ignored Xia Zilan’s insults. Go straight back to Yuquanshan Villa.
Pushing the door open, the villa was as dark as ever, and Xia Mengyao was not at home.
Chen Feng was a little upset, took out his cell phone and dialed Xia Mengyao’s number.
Xia Mengyao hung up directly.
Chen Feng sighed, a little helpless.
Xia Mengyao has a sensitive personality, but now that she sees Xia Zilan’s video, she will definitely think more.
Shaking his head, Chen Feng had to drive to Lin Lan’s house.
As soon as the door opened, he saw Lin Lan’s angry face: “You are a trash, and you have a face to come back!”
“Mom, where is Mengyao?” Chen Feng asked in a deep voice, he had to explain clearly to Xia Mengyao himself.
“What are you asking my daughter for?! You continue to drink with that bitch!” Lin Lan yelled.
“Mom, she is my friend, not what you think.” Chen Feng explained patiently.
“Friends? What friends will go to the bar with you for a drink in the middle of the night?” Lin Lan sneered again and again: “Which friends would you fight against a bunch of rich second-generation people for the sake of others?”
Lin Lan took out her mobile phone and turned on it. The video sent by Xia Zilan.
The scene of the video is a bit dim, but it is vaguely able to see that Chen Feng and Ye Haitang are sitting together drinking, and Xia Zilan uses the angle to deliberately shoot the drinking poses of the two in an extremely ambiguous manner when shooting. Generally no different.
“Trash, do you still have the face to say this is your friend?” Lin Lan sneered, and before Chen Feng could explain, she clicked on another video.
The content of the video is exactly the scene where Chen Feng played Duan Chao and Wang Kun in the afternoon, which was filmed by the audience.
Then it was named “Rich and Kuo Shao fight for the beauty in the street and hit a few luxury cars.”
The video is very vague, but anyone who is familiar with Chen Feng can recognize it at a glance. This is Chen Feng.
Ye Haitang was standing not far away, obviously the beauty in the video.
Of course, the most eye-catching is undoubtedly Duan Chao’s crashed Maserati. After all, it is a luxury car of five or six hundred, but now it has become a pile of scrap iron. It is conceivable what kind of shock it will have.
Once this video was shot, it went viral in Moments and Weibo.
Ye Haitang stays simple and simple, so few people know her identity.
However, many people know the identity of the abandoned son-in-law of Chen Feng’s Xia family.
A waste son-in-law, for a woman, fought a bunch of rich second generations in the street.
It is conceivable that such a topic will trigger more explosive traffic.
However, the Xia family at the center of the whirlpool was not so happy.
After all, Chen Feng is now fighting for another woman and the rich second generation, and even in the eyes of those who care, this is Chen Feng’s cuckolding Xia Mengyao, revenge for what the Xia family did to Chen Feng in the past.
“Trash, what else do you have to say?!” Lin Lan asked sharply.
Chen Feng was silent. He did not clearly explain this matter. With these videos, he couldn’t clean up even if he jumped into the Yellow River.
Taking a deep breath, Chen Feng said solemnly: “I want to see Mengyao.”
“Fuck! Mengyao doesn’t want to see you now.” Lin Lan scolded.
“I want to listen to her personally.” Chen Feng frowned, and regardless of Lin Lan’s reaction after speaking, he went straight in.
After entering the door, I found out that Xia Mengyao was sitting on the sofa.
Her pretty face was full of coldness, and she didn’t even glance at Chen Feng.
“Daughter, you could not listen to mom before, but this time, you must listen to mom and divorce this trash!” Lin Lan was afraid that the fire was not big enough, so she added a handful of firewood.
Chen Feng paused and asked, “Mengyao, do you believe me?”
Xia Mengyao did not speak.
Lin Lan refused to give up: “What do you believe? There are only zero and countless derailments. This waste has been out once, so he will be out for the second time, the third time…”

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