Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 256

After coming out of Queen Street, Ye Haitang seemed a little uninterested.
“Are you still shopping?” Chen Feng couldn’t help asking.
“Don’t go shopping.” Ye Haitang said irritably.
“Then Mengyao…”
“I don’t know.”
Ye Haitang didn’t know, and choked back all the words of Chen Feng.
“I’m going to the bar, are you going?” Ye Haitang glanced at Chen Feng coldly.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly: “Do I still have an option?”
He knew that if Ye Haitang is not satisfied today, then don’t want to know the news about Xia Mengyao.
As the busiest street in Cangzhou, Queen Street has no shortage of bars.
After walking a few steps, Chen Feng saw a bar.
Ye Haitang went in without saying a word, followed by Chen Feng.
After entering the door, a lustful breath rushed towards him.
The lights are dim and the music is harsh.
On the dance floor in the distance, a couple of men and women, hugging each other, shaking wildly.
But all this has nothing to do with Ye Haitang.
At this time, she was very quiet.
I found a bar by myself, ordered two cocktails, and started to daze.
Chen Feng sighed and sat opposite Ye Haitang.
Ye Haitang glanced at Chen Feng expressionlessly, and pushed the ordered cocktail to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng picked up the wine and tasted nothing.
“Am I beautiful?”
Ye Haitang suddenly leaned forward, staring at Chen Feng’s eyes in an extremely aggressive posture, and asked seriously.
Chen Feng couldn’t help smiling wryly. Although he didn’t want to admit it, he had to say that Ye Haitang was indeed a rare beauty embryo, not much worse than Xia Mengyao.
“Compared with Xia Mengyao?” Ye Haitang continued to lean forward, almost to the point where it was close to Chen Feng’s face.
Seeing the charming face close at hand, Chen Feng couldn’t help shook his head and sighed: “You know the answer.”
“I want you to tell me in person.” Ye Haitang’s little face has an inexplicable stubbornness.
“Xia Mengyao.” Chen Feng said Xia Mengyao’s name without hesitation.
A smile suddenly appeared on Ye Haitang’s pretty face. She retracted the forward leaning motion and did not continue to ask, but picked up the cocktail in front of her and drank it.
“Zi Lan, isn’t the man over there the trash son-in-law of your Xia family?”
At this time, in another corner of the bar, Xia Zilan was also drinking with a few girlfriends.
After hearing this from her best friend, Xia Zilan subconsciously frowned: “Zhang Lin, you read it wrong, how could that waste appear here.”
“I can’t read it wrong, I gave it to you at Cangzhou Hotel last time. When the old man celebrated his birthday, your family sat at a table for dinner, and then that waste and your servant driver sat at the same table for dinner. You pointed out him at the time. How could I have misunderstood him.” Lin was conclusive.
“Where is he?” Xia Zilan couldn’t help asking.
“Over there.” Zhang Lin pointed to Chen Feng.
Xia Zilan looked in the direction pointed by Zhang Lin. When she saw Chen Feng’s back, her eyes widened immediately.
What a waste!
“The woman opposite him doesn’t seem to be Xia Mengyao.” Zhang Lin said uncertainly.
“It’s really not Xia Mengyao!”
Xia Zilan sneered. She didn’t expect that Chen Feng would appear in such a place, and he would appear with another beautiful woman.
“So, this rubbish wears a green hat for Xia Mengyao?” Zhang Lin’s mouth opened wide, and she felt a little unbelievable. How courageous the son-in-law who came to visit these days?
“I’m more curious now, what kind of expression the slut Xia Mengyao will have when he knows about this.” Xia Zilan sneered again and again. In recent days, the Xia family was panicked. Although they were going back to the Yuquan Mountain project, the Xia family’s situation was not obtained Get better.
Instead, the river is going downhill.
Banks forced debts, Dingfeng Company was held accountable, everything made the Xia family fall into an extremely difficult situation.
Even the department in charge of Xia Zilan has experienced a massive loss of personnel.
Therefore, Xia Mengyao came out with a few of her best friends to sorrow through wine.
But I didn’t expect to see this scene.
Chen Feng, who has been honest in the Xia family for three years, would come to a bar for drinks with a woman!
Xia Zilan took out her mobile phone and silently recorded everything in front of her.
Chen Feng didn’t notice everything, he still chatted with Ye Haitang.
“Someone wants to kidnap Xia Mengyao.”
At this moment, Ye Haitang said suddenly.
Chen Feng frowned and his heart sank. He didn’t doubt the authenticity of Ye Haitang’s news.
He didn’t think Ye Haitang would make jokes about this kind of thing.
“Who is it?” Chen Feng said in a deep voice, his instinctive suspicion was Xia Hao, but he could not think of Xia Hao’s purpose.
“A group of foreign criminals.”
Ye Haitang’s answer made Chen Feng even more puzzled. Why did overseas criminals kidnap Xia Mengyao?
“You should know about your mother-in-law and Wang Menglong?” Ye Haitang asked.
Wang Menglong?
After pondering for a while, Chen Feng nodded.
Wang Menglong and Lin Lan are college lovers, and they have a deep relationship, but after Lin Lan graduated, they married Xia Weiguo.
Afterwards, Wang Menglong used gambling to eliminate his sorrows, and soon lost his family.
To repay the gambling debt, he found Lin Lan again. Lin Lan, who couldn’t bear it, borrowed it by himself, and also borrowed a lot of money to Wang Menglong.
The two of them had been doing all this in secret, and had not been discovered by Xia Weiguo and Xia Mengyao.
Except for Sun Guifang.
After Sun Guifang discovered everything, he kept an eye on the matter and regarded it as a threat to Lin Lan.
She also successfully took 500,000 yuan from Lin Lan, and finally caused a series of troubles to Chen Feng.
But in the end, both mother and son were dealt with by Chen Feng.
As for Wang Menglong.
Chen Feng had almost forgotten this number, but he didn’t expect that he jumped out again today.
“The fact that Shen Hongchang gave your mother-in-law a
house these days is known to everyone by your mother-in-law.” “Wang Menglong thought that your mother-in-law became rich, so he went to borrow money from your mother-in-law, but was rejected by your mother-in-law. ”
So he wanted to threaten your mother-in-law by kidnapping Xia Mengyao.” Ye Haitang calmly talked
about everything. Although she has been behind the scenes in recent years, she has not lost much control over the entire Cangzhou. .
Compared with her, Gu Dongchen and Han Long are not on the same level.
“Where are the robbers?”
Chen Feng’s eyes were calm, but the murderous intent in his eyes was self-evident.
Ye Haitang shook his head: “I don’t know.”
“You don’t know?” Chen Feng frowned. Ye Haitang’s control of Cangzhou is obviously to an unimaginable level. Several foreign criminals may be able to fool the police. , But I deceived Bu Ye Haitang at all. Ye Haitang
smiled suddenly: “Why should I know?”
“They went to tie Xia Mengyao, not me.”

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