Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 259

“It should be a warrior.”
Chen Feng frowned . Although the shooting speed of shotgun bullets is much slower than that of pistols, no matter how slow it is, it is also a bullet. Ordinary people can’t hide it at all. The opponent is at least in the early stage of Ming Jin.
“Warriors? There aren’t many warriors in Cangzhou? Where did they come out, and the warriors are all people with status and status, so how could they do such a thing as a treasury robbery?” Han Long wondered.
Although there is a lot of money in his vault, it is definitely not much. It only costs two to three billion to die. For ordinary people, this money may be a huge sum of money, but to a warrior, it is not worth a lot. mentioned.
Any warrior, as long as he thinks about it, he can get so much money in some big families.
“They are very likely to be the group of foreign gangsters that Ye Haitang said.” Chen Feng said, and only this explanation can make sense. The group of foreign gangsters just came to Cangzhou, and they dare not rob the official money. Yes, because it will alarm the Wushu Association.
He can only eat black money, grabbing money from an unknown source like Han Long.
If Han Long is robbed, he will swallow.
“Shao Chen, what should I do now?” Han Long asked, facing the martial artist, only Chen Feng, who is also a martial artist, could make up his mind.
“Let your people continue to search, don’t act rashly if you find it, I will deal with them personally.” Chen Feng said solemnly, no matter whether the other party is the group of overseas criminals or not, people like Han Long and Gu Dongchen can’t deal with it.
“Yes, Shao Chen.”
At the same time, in a steel mill in an abandoned industrial area in the suburbs.
A dozen shirtless men were drinking and punching, and they shouted loudly.
Behind him was a beer bottle.
Not far away, there were three middle-aged men standing.
Two of them were tall and mighty, with an obvious fierce air on their faces.
The remaining person, compared with these two people, looked a little thin and looked as if a gust of wind could blow down.
At this moment, two tall and mighty men are talking.
The thin man listened with a flattering smile on his face.
After a while, a phone rang.
One of the mighty men with scars on his face answered the phone, and after hearing a few words, the scared man hung up.
“Big Brother, it’s done.” The Scar Man looked at another tall man excitedly.
The tall man nodded lightly, without the slightest surprise on his face, as if he should have been.
Immediately, he turned his gaze to the thin man in front of him and smiled slightly: “Meng Long, thank you for the news, Axiong and Ajiao have succeeded.”
“Brother Wen, you are very polite. Even if there is no news from me, Xiong. Brother and sister Jiao can also easily find Han Long’s vault.” The thin man said flatteringly that he is Wang Menglong. The tall man in front of him is Chen Zewen and the scared man is Chen Zeli.
They are two of the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family. As the name suggests, there are four people in total. In addition to Chen Zewen and Chen Zeli, there are two others named Chen Zexiong and Chen Zejiao. These two people should have just joined Han Long’s vault at this moment. Kill back there.
Chen Zewen shook his head and smiled, somewhat noncommittal, if it weren’t for the gambler Wang Menglong to provide news. He is a foreigner, and it is really not easy to find Han Long’s treasury.
“Meng Long, Axiong and A Jiao grab the money, I will share with you.” Chen Zewen smiled.
Wang Menglong was frightened and waved his hands hurriedly: “Brother Wen, no need. The money was taken back by Brother Xiong and Sister Jiao. I didn’t do anything. I just provided a piece of news, so I can’t ask for a single point. .”
Chen Zewen shook his head: “Providing information is also a contribution. Besides, even if you don’t provide information, I intend to give you a copy of the money. Because back then, if your dad hadn’t helped, the four of our brothers and sisters would have long been He was beaten to death by the villains in the village.” When
Chen Zewen mentioned his father, Wang Menglong’s eyes flashed a touch of remembrance. He and Chen’s four brothers and sisters are fellow villagers, and the relationship between the two is very good. About thirty years ago, The Chen family even wanted him to kiss Chen Zejiao.
But later, there was an accident in the Chen family. Chen Zewen’s parents had an argument with others because of land problems, and they were beaten to death by several squires and bullies in the village.
Afterwards, the other party not only did not have the slightest remorse, but went to the Chen family overnight, intending to eliminate the roots of the Chen family’s four brothers and sisters and destroy the Chen family.
After a fight, the Chen brothers and sisters fled to the Wang family. Under the protection of Wang Menglong’s father, they were able to survive.
The next day, Wang Menglong’s father gave Chen’s four brothers and sisters a sum of money, so that Chen’s four brothers and sisters escaped from the village.
This escape is ten years.
Ten years later, the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family returned again, and they did not know where they learned their skills.
In short, none of the squire bullies in those days survived.
All are slaughtered!
Wang Menglong, who went to university in Cangzhou, was frightened when he heard the news.
He didn’t expect that Chen’s four brothers and sisters would kill hundreds of people overnight!
After committing a monstrous crime, the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family disappeared without a trace again.
Some people say that they have fled abroad, and some people say that they have been operating within China.
In short, the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family have become synonymous with terror.
Wang Menglong thought that he would never meet Chen’s four brothers and sisters again in his life. Who would have thought that when he was collected a few days ago, he just ran into Chen Zewen.
“Meng Long, our four brothers and sisters all owe your dad a life. Now that your dad has passed away, this kindness can only fall on you.” Chen Zewen said solemnly.
“Brother Wen…” Wang Menglong seemed to be moved. He didn’t expect that after so many years, Chen Zewen still remembered the kindness of the year. Looking back at Lin Lan, he was a little too ungrateful.
When he was in college, he put his heart to Lin Lan and gave Lin Lan almost everything he had.
As a result, Lin Lan did well. As soon as she graduated from university, she dumped him without a trace and ran to marry Xia Weiguo.
“Both brothers, why are you thanking me?” Chen Zewen waved his hand, and said: “Meng Long, our four brothers and sisters, this time we come to Cangzhou, we have a mission, so I won’t stay too much. If you have any trouble that needs to be dealt with, just speak up, and I will let
Axiong and Gillian do it.” “Yes, Meng Long, don’t be polite with your eldest brother, except for kidnapping the little lady named Xia Mengyao, what else is there? You said everything else, let Axiong and Ajiao do it easily.” Chen Zeli smiled.
The understatement of the two made Wang Menglong shocked for a while. He didn’t know what adventures had happened in the thirty years since the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family disappeared. Their current strength is so shocking.

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