Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 260

The treasury of the local snake Han Long said that he would grab it, without the slightest drag.
The kidnapping of Xia Mengyao seemed to be a trivial matter for several people.
“No…no, Brother Li.” Wang Menglong shook his head. Although he is a gambler, he still dare not do murder and arson. Originally, the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family kidnapped Xia Mengyao, but only wanted to get from Lin Lan. Need some money to spend.
But now, looking at the methods of the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family, money is not a problem at all, it is almost at your fingertips.
If it weren’t for punishing Lin Lan for his ungratefulness, he would not let the Chen brothers and sisters tie Xia Mengyao.
“Nothing? Meng Long, didn’t you say that the bitch named Lan dumped you back then? Would you like me to let Axiong and Gillian bring her and her husband here, so that you can vent?” Chen Zeli said .
Wang Menglong hesitated, but in the end he shook his head: “No, Brother Li, that bitch and I have passed, and she has helped me several times over the years…”
Chen Zeli sighed and patted He patted Wang Menglong on the shoulder and said: “Meng Long, men can’t be so indecisive. If you want me to say, you should kill her man and her daughter directly in front of that slut, and make her regret it for life.”
“Ali !” Chen Zewen glared at Chen Zeli with some dissatisfaction. Chen Zeli’s murderous intent was too heavy, almost to the point of killing people if they didn’t agree with them.
“Brother, I’ll make a joke, make a joke.” Chen Zeli sneered, and he respected his eldest brother Chen Zewen.
“Okay, call Ah Xiong and Gillian again, let them stop by Yuquan Mountain and tie that Xia Mengyao back together.” Chen Zewen ordered.
“Okay, brother, I’ll fight now.”
Almost as soon as Ahao led the people to the vicinity of Xia’s house, Chen Zexiong and Chen Zejiao led a few strong men into Yuquan Mountain.
The two groups collided in the first place.
“Who are you?” Ah Hao’s pupils suddenly tightened. Although he had already guessed in his heart, he was still a bit shocked. He didn’t expect that there were two warriors, and the female warrior among them, he could not see the depth at all. !
Chen Zexiong didn’t talk nonsense with A Hao, he stomped his foot suddenly and rushed towards A Hao like a tiger. The moment the
fists met, Ah Hao took three steps uncontrollably, his complexion flushed.
“In the early days of Ming Jin?” Chen Zexiong’s mouth had a sneer, not enough!
He clenched his hand into a fist, took a sliding step, and rushed towards Ahao again.
“Don’t kill.” At this moment, Chen Zejiao faintly exhorted behind him.
Chen Zexiong’s footsteps paused, and the strength of the shot recovered a few points.
Chen Zejiao knocked on the door of Xia’s house without expression.
Naturally, Lin Lan opened the door. Seeing Chen Zejiao, her expression suddenly became wary: “Who are you?”
Chen Zejiao ignored Lin Lan, she pinched Lin Lan’s neck and lifted Lin Lan in the air.
“Where’s your daughter?”
“Ho…Ho…” Lin Lan’s eyes were frightened, her complexion flushed, and she pointed her finger to Xia Mengyao’s bedroom without hesitation.
Lin Lan was thrown out and hit the wall.
The movement here naturally attracted Xia Mengyao’s attention.
Xia Mengyao’s face was suddenly startled, and she suddenly remembered what Chen Feng had said an hour ago. At that time, she thought the so-called robber was an excuse for Chen Feng.
But now…
Xia Mengyao pressed Chen Feng’s number in a panic, and then dialed.
At this moment , the door was kicked open.
Chen Zejiao walked in blankly.
“Who are you?” Xia Mengyao forced herself to calm down.
Chen Zejiao did not speak, she walked directly to Xia Mengyao, and a hand knife made Xia Mengyao lose her resistance…
“Mengyao?” After
Chen Zejiao left, Chen Feng’s voice came from the phone on the ground.
On the road, Chen Feng was so anxious that he almost stepped on the accelerator pedal.
There is no doubt that something happened to Xia Mengyao.
Chen Feng has no time to think about whether it is to adjust the tiger away from the mountain or accidentally.
He is rushing home with all his strength.
The half-hour journey, today Chen Feng only took less than ten minutes to finish.
Once downstairs, Chen Feng saw Ahao.
At this moment, Ah Hao was leaning against the wall, his face was pale, and the corners of his mouth still had some blood stains. It was obvious that the injury was not light.
“Chen Shao.” Seeing Chen Feng, Ahao wanted to stand up a little ashamed, but Chen Feng held him down.
“How many people are there?” Chen Feng’s voice was cold and terrifying.
“There are seven in total, one man and one woman take the lead. The strength of a man should be in the middle stage of Ming Jin. As for a woman, I really can’t see her depth.” Ahao said.
Chen Feng nodded: “You go to the hospital first,
and leave the rest to me.” Chen Feng took a deep breath, and then went upstairs. He wanted to see if the other party left any clues in Xia Mengyao’s room.
After entering the door, Lin Lan lay on the ground and groaned in pain.
Seeing Chen Feng, Lin Lan suddenly burst into anger: “Aren’t you a trash guy?”
Chen Feng didn’t respond to Lin Lan. Lin Lan obviously felt that the robbers were pretended by him.
“My mother is asking you something, are you deaf!” Lin Lan refused to give up, walked in front of Chen Feng, raised his hand, and prepared to fan Chen Feng.
But before her slap fell on Chen Feng’s face, Chen Feng slapped her back with a backhand.
“You still have the face to ask me?” Chen Feng’s face was as deep as water. If it weren’t for Lin Lan to show off his wealth and make everyone know about buying a house, Xia Mengyao would never be targeted.
“Trash, you hit me?!”
Lin Lan covered her face, her face full of disbelief.
“Hit you? It’s easy to hit you! If Mengyao had something to happen this time, I would make you regret coming to this world!” Chen Feng’s voice was a little cold.
Lin Lan couldn’t help but shudder. For some reason, Chen Feng at this time gave her an unprecedented sense of fear.
“What is Wang Menglong’s phone number?” Chen Fengchen asked coldly.
Hearing the words Wang Menglong, Lin Lan’s body shook sharply, and a look of shock flashed across her eyes.
“What Wang Menglong, I don’t know.” She dodged her eyes and denied it.
“Lin Lan!” Chen Feng was furious: “It’s this point, do you still want to hide?!”
“What are you hiding? I’m hiding something from me, Chen Feng, don’t spit people!” Lin Lan bit her scalp and continued to deny .
“Lin Lan, my dad is not here now, I will give you one last chance to tell Wang Menglong’s phone number, otherwise, don’t blame me for shaking this out!” Chen Feng threatened coldly, Lin Lan was already selfish to the extreme. In her eyes, her own face is the most important, and everyone else is dispensable.

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