Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 262

“The phone you dialed is turned off~”
“It ‘s turned off .” Lin Lan shook the phone in front of Chen Feng.
Chen Feng frowned and didn’t say much.
Wang Menglong’s suspicion was still not cleared.
In any case, he would let Gu Dongchen and Han Long continue to look for them.
At the same time, the suburban industrial zone.
“Brother, why do you want Meng Long to lie to that bitch? Why do you want a ransom if you lie?” Chen Zeli asked suspiciously.
Wang Menglong on the side was also puzzled. He was planning to open his mouth to Lin Lan Lion, but Chen Zewen asked him to deny the kidnapping.
Chen Zewen did not pay attention to Chen Zeli, but instead turned his attention to Chen Zexiong and Chen Zejiao who had just returned with Xia Mengyao.
“Axiong, you said that the other party was guarding downstairs when you went?”
Chen Zexiong nodded, and said: “Well, brother, that kid is good at skill and has rich fighting experience, if not martial arts I’m almost in a realm. I’m really not necessarily his opponent.”
Chen Zewen’s face was slightly solemn. He still knows Chen Zexiong’s strength very well. In the past few years abroad, Chen Zexiong has spent almost every day fighting. Chen Zexiong was not much worse than him in combat experience.
One can imagine how difficult it is to get A Hao who Chen Zexiong commented on.
Even if it was only the early days of Ming Jin, he had to treat it with caution.
He has to consider who is behind Ahao.
“A Jiao, at the time, besides the one mentioned by Axiong, were there other warriors in the field?” Chen Zewen asked.
“No.” Chen Zejiao’s expression was a little cold, compared to Chen Zexiong, she was obviously a bit taciturn.
“Sister Jiao, why didn’t you let me kill that kid?” Chen Zexiong couldn’t help but ask. Originally, he wanted to kill A Hao, but Chen Zejiao said that he should not kill and let him beat him out of force. Collected it back, leaving Ahao’s life.
“Did you forget what the big brother said?” Chen Zejiao gave Chen Zexiong a blank expression.
“I haven’t forgotten, it’s just itchy hands.” Chen Zexiong chuckled. Before coming to Cangzhou, Chen Zewen told them not to kill the martial artist if they had to.
“Achon, not quick to kill.” Chenze Wen Ze looked somewhat helpless bear one, said: “There Ali, you too.”
“You two brothers, to do more with the mind, not just by brute force.”
“Know Why should I let Meng Long lie?” Chen Zewen asked.
“I don’t know.” Chen Zeli and Chen Zexiong shook their heads together.
“I let Meng Long lie because that Xia Mengyao or the family behind her had problems.” Chen Zewen said.
“Brother Wen, what’s the problem?” Wang Menglong couldn’t help asking.
Chen Zewen sighed and said, “Meng Long, have you ever heard of a martial artist?”
“Martial artist?” Wang Menglong was confused. Isn’t that a character in a martial arts novel? Is there a warrior in the real world?
“Meng Long, let’s not lie to each other, Ali Ahxiong and Gillian, the four of us, are all warriors now…” Chen Zewen said to the world of warriors.
After listening, Wang Menglong’s eyes widened and his face was full of incredible.
He didn’t expect that there really are martial artists in this world!
Moreover, according to Chen Zewen, a warrior who has cultivated to a certain level can be invulnerable to weapons, fire and water, and can even catch bullets!
In this world, the energy and status of a warrior with a profound realm is beyond ordinary people’s imagination!
Wang Menglong’s mood at this time was extremely complicated. He finally understood why the Chen brothers and sisters had killed nearly a hundred people more than 20 years ago and escaped unharmed.
It turns out that they are warriors.
“Meng Long, in this society, the number of warriors is very rare. Because of the scarcity, the status and status of warriors are much higher than normal people.”
“That Xia Mengyao, she is just an ordinary person, and logically speaking, she is next to her. It’s impossible to have a martial artist’s bodyguard, but when Ah Xiong and Gillian went there, there was a warrior guarding her downstairs.”
“So she must have a problem.”
After listening to Chen Zewen’s words, Wang Menglong immediately understood, Chen Zewen Why did you let her lie just now.
“Meng Long, what does Xia Mengyao’s father do? Is it possible that he knows the martial artist?” Chen Zewen asked. He has always been cautious in his work and absolutely does not allow any unexpected factors,
“Impossible.” Wang Menglong shook his head and said: “Brother Wen, Xia Mengyao’s father is a soldier. The Xia family where she is located is a small third-line family in Cangzhou. It is impossible for anyone in their family to have anything to do with the kind of warrior you mentioned. ”
Wang Menglong is very determined. According to Chen Zewen, those who can afford martial artists are at least a first-line family.
As for the Xia family, it has not even fallen into place in the past few years, even the third-line family is inferior.
“Impossible?” Chen Zewen frowned further.
“Well, it’s impossible. Even if the Xia family really has a warrior, that warrior cannot be sent out to protect Xia Mengyao. Because Xia Mengyao hired a wasteful son-in-law three years ago, she was not taken seriously in the Xia family, even To the point of being squeezed out by the Xia family.” Wang Menglong knew everything inside the Xia family.
“What the hell is going on?” Chen Zewen was a little uneasy, and he always felt that something was wrong.
“Big brother, what do you want to do so much? Didn’t Ah Xiong say it? The other party was in the early stage of Ming Jin. In the early stage of Ming Jin, I can pinch to death with one hand.” Chen Zeli said with a grin. In the late Jin period, like A Hao’s in the early period, he could play ten.
Chen Zewen shook his head: “I’m not worried about this early Mingjin period. What I am worried about is the people behind this early Mingjin period.”
“There are not many warriors in this place in Cangzhou, but it’s not uncommon. If we kill it rashly. In the early days of Ming Jin, if the people behind him were involved, then our mission this time will probably add a lot of changes.”
When it comes to the mission, Chen Zeli’s expression suddenly became more solemn.
“The reason why I do not let you and Ah Xiong try not to kill martial artists is because of this consideration. I should have told you before that the Chinese martial arts world is different from the martial arts world of other countries in the world. Every movement is under the supervision of the Wumeng.”
“If there is a warrior who died abnormally, the people of the Wumeng will come out to investigate. It’s okay if we can’t be found. If we find it, let alone us, it means we are far away. I am afraid that all teachers overseas will be destroyed.” Chen Zewen’s tone revealed an unprecedented fear.
The Wumeng he referred to was the Wudao Association that Chen Feng once said.
The Budo Association is the official name.
People in the martial arts world prefer to call the martial arts association a martial league.

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