Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 261

Lin Lan’s face was uncertain, she didn’t know how much Chen Feng knew about her and Wang Menglong.
If it’s just a little bit, then she will tell everything together, and she will give the handle to Chen Feng for nothing.
But if Chen Feng knew everything, then she was not telling the truth and angering Chen Feng, Chen Feng would surely ruin her.
So Lin Lan is very tangled now.
“I know Wang Menglong, but I don’t know him well, so I don’t have his phone…” After hesitating for a moment, Lin Lan hesitated.
“Moreover, what did you ask Wang Menglong for calling? Mengyao was kidnapped, and it has nothing to do with him.” Lin Lan looked at Chen Feng suspiciously, and she suddenly reacted. Chen Feng meant that Xia Mengyao was kidnapped. It was Wang Menglong who did it.
“How do you know this has nothing to do with Wang Menglong?” Chen Feng asked coldly.
“Why don’t I know? Wang Menglong’s courage is smaller than a mouse, so he wouldn’t dare to kill a chicken, let alone kidnap someone.” Lin Lan almost blurted out. After speaking, she suddenly regretted it, she seemed to say Wrong words.
“Aren’t you unfamiliar with Wang Menglong? How do you know that he is less courageous than a mouse?” Chen Feng sneered. He just dug a hole casually, and Lin Lan, a idiot, jumped off without thinking.
“I…I just said that casually…” Lin Lan forced her defense, but her intestines were about to repent, and she was tripped by Chen Feng’s trash.
“Just say it casually?” Chen Feng sneered: “Lin Lan, don’t treat everyone as a fool.”
“I knew everything about you and Wang Menglong a long time ago. The reason why I didn’t say it was entirely because of Mengyao and My dad’s face is up, so don’t be shameless!”
“Now, I will give you the last ten seconds to call Wang Menglong! Otherwise, I will poke you and Wang Menglong completely!”
“Don’t poke, I will fight, I will fight.” Lin Lan panicked. She didn’t dare to bet. If she loses the bet, everything she has now will be vanished.
Lin Lan took out her phone in a panic and dialed Wang Menglong’s number.
“Lan Lan, what’s the matter?”
Wang Menglong’s cautious voice came on the other side of the phone. Lin Lan’s face blushed, and anyone with long ears could hear it. How ambiguous Wang Menglong called her.
“Wang Menglong, my daughter was kidnapped. Did you do it?” Lin Lan asked straightforwardly. If Wang Menglong did this, Wang Menglong must have planned something, so he won’t deny it.
“Lan Lan, what are you talking about?” Wang Menglong’s tone sounded a bit shocked: “Your daughter was kidnapped?!”
“Don’t you know?” Lin Lan frowned and couldn’t help but glance at Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng frowned at this moment.
“Why should I know?” Wang Menglong was surprised.
Lin Lan was speechless.
“No, Lin Lan, what do you mean! Do you doubt me?!” Wang Menglong seemed a little angry.
“I…I don’t…” Lin Lan subconsciously denied it.
“No? You asked if I did it, haven’t you?” Wang Menglong was a little excited: “Lin Lan, do you think I kidnapped because you didn’t borrow money from me a few days ago and became angry. Your daughter?”
“No…no…” Lin Lan denied it, but she had to say that she had indeed doubted it in her heart because this was Wang Menglong’s only motive for kidnapping Xia Mengyao.
“Don’t quibble! Lin Lan, let me tell you that Wang Menglong is a gambler. It is true that I am indeed short of money, but Wang Menglong can’t do this kind of wicked kidnapping!”
“If you suspect me, you can call the police now and let the police arrest me.”

Pop ” Wang Menglong directly hung up the phone.
Lin Lan couldn’t help but shifted her gaze to Chen Feng, angrily: “Trash, what else do you have to say? Mengyao was kidnapped, and it has nothing to do with Meng Long!”
“I think all of this is your trash. Self-directed and self-acted!” Lin Lan’s chest kept rising and falling, obviously she was very angry.
In fact, deep down in her heart, she is more inclined to be Xia Mengyao, whom Chen Feng had kidnapped, in order to prove that what she said an hour ago about foreign criminals was correct, so as to remove suspicion for her derailment .
Chen Feng frowned and did not speak. He had to say that Wang Menglong’s reaction was beyond his expectation.
According to the information provided by Ye Haitang, Wang Menglong kidnapped Xia Mengyao for money. Since he is asking for money, Lin Lan should call him. He should admit it openly before asking Lin Lan for a ransom.
In the end, he denied it and said that he didn’t even know about it.
Is it true or not?
Chen Feng felt that things began to become confusing.
From A Hao’s description, it is not difficult to know that the person who robbed Han Long’s treasury and the person who kidnapped Xia Mengyao were the same people.
Among this group of people, there is a warrior in the middle of Ming Jin, and a female warrior who can’t even see Ahao.
It is no exaggeration to say that this force can sweep most of the current first-rate forces in Cangzhou.
Wang Menglong is just a small gambler, how could he get involved with such power?
If he really had something to do with such power, would he still care about Lin Lan’s ransom?
“If it weren’t for Wang Menglong, who would it be?” Chen Feng was a little irritated. He didn’t say much about the enemies he offended, but he said less, and definitely a lot.
Some second-tier small families in Cangzhou, as well as the Bai family Du family in Jinling, and even the Deng family in Nanning, are likely to take action on Xia Mengyao.
And the Chen family!
Chen Feng was surprised, and the Chen family is also possible!
Moreover, the possibility of the Chen family is still the largest among all the forces, because apart from the Chen family, it is difficult for other forces to make such a big deal.
But if it’s the Chen family, they can just tie Xia Mengyao, why do they want to grab Han Long’s treasury?
Why do you want to do this?
Or do you mean to cover it up?
Perhaps it was because he cared too much about Xia Mengyao, so Chen Feng thought a lot at this moment.
Thinking too much, my thoughts will naturally be messy.
In response to that sentence, the authorities were confused and bystanders were clear.
After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng shook his head, trying to calm himself down.
“You call Wang Menglong again and ask where he is.” Chen Feng said. It is very simple to verify that Wang Menglong has nothing to do with this matter. Just find someone else.
“Trash, are you still pretending to be here? Meng Long said it has nothing to do with him!” Lin Lan was a little angry.
Chen Feng’s face became cold: “Don’t talk nonsense, I let you hit you!”
“You…” Lin Lan gritted her teeth, wishing to tear Chen Feng, but at this moment she didn’t dare to confront Chen Feng, so she had to Take out the cell phone and dial Wang Menglong’s phone number again.

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