Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 264

“It’s okay, I can understand.” Ye Haitang also calmed down. Xia Mengyao is gone now, and Chen Feng is also normal to be anxious, but, for some reason, Chen Feng’s attitude just made her feel very uncomfortable.
“Do you suspect that the one who kidnapped your wife is the same group as that group of foreign criminals?” Ye Haitang asked. The one who kidnapped Xia Mengyao was obviously a group of warriors, and in the information she knew, Wang Menglong had good friends. Several foreign criminals have nothing to do with the martial artist. Chen Feng is obviously rushing to the doctor.
“It’s possible.” Chen Feng said.
“I don’t know the location of those foreign criminals. I only know that they are going to do something to your wife. The news was provided by a creditor of Wang Menglong. He said that when he was collecting debts from Wang Menglong, Wang Menglong told him vaguely. I met a few foreign criminals and prepared to let them help kidnap Xia Mengyao.” Ye Haitang said lightly, the largest casinos in Cangzhou were opened by the Ye family, so the Ye family has absolute control over the news from all over Cangzhou. The dead king Meng Long couldn’t even think that his creditor would be from the Ye family.
“Can you find Wang Menglong now?” Chen Feng asked in a deep voice.
“No, Wang Menglong’s phone is turned off.”
“Okay, I see.” Chen Feng frowned. It now appears that Wang Menglong is very suspicious. The few foreign criminals he knows are really likely to be warriors.
“I will let people from the Ye family find Xia Mengyao for you.” Ye Haitang said lightly.
Chen Feng was stunned, and said, “Thank you.”
“Don’t thank you. At this time, you paid for drinking with me yesterday.” Ye Haitang’s tone was still calm, as if he was talking about a trivial matter that had nothing to do with him.
Chen Feng was a little speechless.
Almost at the same time Ye Haitang hung up the phone, the whole Cangzhou began to surging.
Hundreds of thousands of people walked out of their respective sites, starting from the city center, and began investigating outward.
Gu Dongchen, Han Long, Zhang Family, Shen Family, Ye Family… Under
Chen Feng’s hands, almost all the power that can be used began to use.
This night, the entire Cangzhou was turned upside down.
Early the next morning.
Chen Zeli received the news.
“Big brother, this time, we are probably in trouble. The people behind this little girl are indeed very difficult…” Chen Zeli recounted the joint investigation of many families of Gu Dongchen, Han Long, Ye Family, Zhang Family, and Shen Family.
After listening, Chen Zewen’s expression became serious.
He had already overestimated the power behind Xia Mengyao as much as possible, but he did not expect that he still underestimated him. He could simultaneously mobilize veteran families such as the Ye family, the Shen family, and the Zhang family, and the underworld giants such as Han Long, Gu Dongchen.
This is definitely not the power that the first-line family can have.
“Brother, the other party will investigate us soon, I am afraid we can’t stay.” Chen Zeli said in a deep voice. The people he brought this time were all elite mercenaries who had retired from the battlefield and possessed excellent anti-reconnaissance capabilities. But even so, they couldn’t bear the three-foot investigation of the Ye Family Zhang Family.
Chen Zewen frowned: “Okay, let your people hurry up, let’s set off in half an hour.”
“Big brother, what should I do with this little girl? Should I always take it?” Chen Zeli couldn’t help but glance at Xia Mengyao, Xia Mengyao is indeed It’s a burden.
“Take it first.” Chen Zewen also had a headache. Obviously, the people behind Xia Mengyao are not small. If he dared to move Xia Mengyao, it would be okay not to be found. If he is found, he will face an endless situation.
“I knew that, I didn’t let Jiao Sister tie her up.” Chen Zeli said with some annoyance. What he said was a bit of an afterthought. When Wang Menglong asked to kidnap Xia Mengyao, no one thought that Xia Mengyao was behind. , Will involve such a large force.
Because of one person, the entire Cangzhou was in turmoil.
“I found it, in the industrial zone north of the city.” Ye Haitang called.
“Okay, I’ll go over immediately.” Chen Feng immediately got up.
“It’s best to hurry up, the other party has noticed something is wrong and is packing things up. If you are late, I’m afraid you won’t see anything.” Ye Haitang said lightly.
“Yeah.” Chen Feng nodded, and went straight out to the grass in front of the door.
There was an Apache helicopter parked here. It was Shen Hongchang’s private helicopter. However, after hearing that Xia Mengyao was kidnapped last night, Shen Hongchang drove the helicopter over overnight and put it here at Chen Feng. Be prepared for emergency.
Unexpectedly, it really came in handy.
After boarding the helicopter, Chen Feng went straight to Chengbei Industrial Zone.
The mercenaries of Chen Zeli’s men are indeed very well-educated. Although Chen Zewen gave it for half an hour, they packed everything up in only 20 minutes and wiped out all traces of life on the ground. net.
Five Jinbei vans stopped at the door, and the Chen brothers were preparing to board the car.
At this time, there were bursts of rumblings above the head.
Chen Zewen’s complexion changed first.
He is the one with the highest cultivation level among the four and the one with the most acute hearing, so he heard the roar of the helicopter for the first time.
“Brother, people seem to be here.” Chen Zeli was the second to discover.
Ten seconds later, the black Apache hovered above everyone like an eagle.
The dozen or so mercenary men under Chen Zeli were very tactical. They were not panicked, and quickly formed a formation.
“What does it mean that the helicopter has been parked on it? Why doesn’t it come down?” Chen Zeli couldn’t help but ask.
Almost as soon as he finished speaking, the helicopter’s hatch was opened.
An expressionless figure appeared in the hatch, condescendingly looking down at the Chen brothers on the ground.
“What does this guy mean by opening the hatch now? Does he want to jump directly from a hundred meters high?” Chen Zeli sneered, somewhat disapproving.
As soon as his thought fell, Chen Feng at the door of the cabin jumped directly from a height of 100 meters!
No equipment is used!
All in an uproar!
The dozen or so mercenaries under Chen Zeli’s eyes were almost falling off.
They would never have thought of killing them. Someone would dare to jump directly from a height of 100 meters.
Are you not afraid of throwing yourself into mash?
“Dodge, get away!”
Someone yelled in a panic in bad English. This guy who jumped from a height of 100 meters wanted to die, but they didn’t want to.
Chen Zeli’s expression at this time was a wonderful one. He didn’t expect that if he just thought about it, someone would actually jump.
You don’t want to bring it to death, right?
Chen Zewen, who has always been calm, is not calm at the moment.
The impact of the scene before him was too great.
That is a hundred meters high in the sky, equivalent to a thirty-three-story building!

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