Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 265

Jumping from such a high place will definitely smash the ground into a big hole.
“Miss Xia, your rescuer seems to have a bad mind…” Chen Zeli sneered, trying to say that Chen Feng’s mind was not good, but before he finished speaking, he heard a “bang”, and there was an extra face in front of him Emoji figure.
Chen Feng descended from the sky, and then landed steadily like a feather, without arousing the slightest dust.
The smile on Chen Zeli’s face completely solidified, and his unfinished words were swallowed back into his throat abruptly.
The dozen or so mercenaries behind him also stared wide-eyed, their faces full of incredible, as if they had seen a ghost in broad daylight.
Jumping from a height of one hundred meters, nothing happened!
This… is it a man or a ghost? !
“Master of Martial
Arts …” Chen Zewen’s pupils suddenly tightened, and he was the only one in the audience who knew the most about what this scene meant.
Extend your energy and control your strength!
This is the sign of Huajin Warrior!
The shameless young man in front of him turned out to be a master of martial arts!
why? ! why? ! Isn’t it said that there are no high-level warriors in Cangzhou? !
There was a voice in Chen Zewen’s heart ranting frantically.
At this moment, his intestines are almost regretful. If he had known the kidnapping of Xia Mengyao, a martial arts master would eventually be involved, and he would not dare to do that!
“Big brother, sister Jiao, go away!”
Chen Zeli’s eyes were horrified, and he reacted the fastest. Almost instantly, he drew a dagger from his waist and put it on Xia Mengyao’s neck.
Although he couldn’t see Chen Feng’s realm, he knew clearly that he was definitely not Chen Feng’s opponent if they tied the four of them together!
Chen Feng’s strength has definitely reached an incredible level!
So right now, the only way to survive is to take Xia Mengyao as a hostage.
Seeing the dagger resting on Xia Mengyao’s white neck, Chen Feng’s eyes were cold: “Let go of her!”
“Let my elder brother and them leave!”
“My eldest brother and they are safe, I will let them go!” Chen Zeli yelled, looking crazy, absolutely nothing
. Undoubtedly, from the moment Chen Feng appeared, things had been beyond their control.
This time, the four brothers, I am afraid one of them must be handed over here.
“Looking for death!”
Chen Feng’s eyes were completely cold, he hated being threatened by others!
“Ali, let go of Miss Xia!”
At this moment, Chen Zewen suddenly said in a deep voice.
“Big brother?” Chen Zeli was taken aback. Xia Mengyao was the only chance for their four brothers and sisters to survive. Why would Big Brother let her go?
“I asked you to let her go, did you hear that!”
Chen Zewen was angry.
Chen Zeli gritted his teeth and drew back the dagger that was resting on Xia Mengyao’s neck.
Although unwilling, Chen Zewen did not dare to disobey Chen Zewen’s orders.
Xia Mengyao wept with joy, trot to Chen Feng’s side, and hugged Chen Feng.
A smile reappeared on Chen Feng’s face, and he gently tore off the tape that had sealed Xia Mengyao’s mouth.
“It’s okay.” Chen Feng said softly.
“Well, it’s okay.” Xia Mengyao nodded slightly, she no longer knew that this was the first time Chen Feng had rescued her.
Every time, at the most critical moment, Chen Feng will appear, never absent.
At this time, Chen Zewen stepped forward in cold sweat, and said, “Senior, this junior really has no intention of offending Miss Xia, and I ask Senior to forgive
me …” Directly ask for mercy!
This is Chen Zewen’s attitude.
At the moment Chen Feng landed smoothly, he hadn’t thought about threatening Chen Feng with Xia Mengyao.
But this thought only existed in his mind for less than a second, before he wiped it out abruptly.
He knows exactly how terrifying the martial arts master is!
If Chen Feng really angered Chen Feng, none of the people present today would be able to get out of here alive, and even their teachers far away overseas would suffer Chen Feng’s revenge!
He could only catch with his hands, and then bet Chen Feng for their knowledge and spare their lives.
Maybe the chance of survival is only one in ten thousand, but they have to bet!
Chen Feng glanced at Chen Zewen coldly, and did not speak.
The atmosphere in the venue was extremely depressing.
The four brothers and sisters of the Chen family looked down at the ground, as if a Mount Tai was pressed on their shoulders. They were so heavy that they didn’t even have the courage to look up at Chen Feng.
The cold sweat on Chen Zewen’s forehead hit the ground heavily, and even ran into his eyes, a bit sore, but he did not dare to wipe it.
Any one of his actions now may affect Chen Feng’s decision.
The life and death of their four siblings is now between Chen Feng’s thoughts.
After a long while, Chen Feng finally spoke.
“Capital crimes are forgiven, living crimes are inevitable, let him sever his arm.”
Chen Zeli’s heart trembled, and Chen Feng looked at him.
“Thank you senior!”
With a “puff,” Chen Zewen knelt directly on the ground as if he heard the sound of the sky, kowtow in fear.
Chen Zeli’s heart was ashamed, and Chen Zewen had said so, then his arm would definitely not be able to keep it.
Chen Zeli was not an indecisive person. After realizing that his arm could not be kept, he lifted the dagger and slashed towards his right arm without hesitation.
Hand up and down!
The right arm was all broken, and blood was pouring!
Chen Zeli snorted, his face instantly pale, but he was a ruthless person, even so, he didn’t scream.
Chen Feng nodded, Chen Zeli was still very acquainted.
But if he hurt Xia Mengyao just now, then this matter can’t be solved with one arm.
“Let’s go, what did you come to Cangzhou for?” Chen Feng asked calmly. He could tell at a glance that Chen Zewen was in the early stage of Anjin, and Chen Zeli and Chen Zejiao were in the late Mingjin. Even the weakest Chen Zexiong was in the middle of Mingjin. With such a force, it is impossible to be an overseas criminal.
The identity of the so-called overseas criminals is more likely to be just the smoke bombs thrown by them to cover up.
They came to Cangzhou, there must be other ulterior motives.
Chen Feng’s calm gaze made Chen Zewen’s eyes flustered, but he still bit the bullet and said: “Senior, this junior came to visit relatives in Cangzhou.”
“Visiting relatives?”
Chen Feng snorted and glanced at the dozens of people behind Chen Zewen who were scared. The stupid mercenary said: “You brought a bunch of mercenaries back to visit relatives?”
The cold sweat on Chen Zewen’s forehead came down.
“I’ll give you three seconds to tell your purpose.” Chen Feng said lightly. Cangzhou is now his territory. He must know what Chen Zewen and others did in Cangzhou.
“Looking for medicine.”
The corner of
Chen Zewen’s mouth was bitter, “Senior, the younger came to Cangzhou to find medicine.” “Oh? What kind of medicine?” Chen Feng came to be interested.
“Bing Tilian.” Chen Zewen didn’t dare to conceal it. This is Chen Feng’s site. If Chen Feng wants to pinch him to death, it would be easier than pinching an ant.

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