Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 27

Naturally, Chen Feng didn’t brag. For a small family like the Xia family, he had 10,000 ways to kill him.
If Xia Yunsheng feels that he can sit back and relax after signing the Yuquan Mountain Resort contract with Lin Zongwei, then he is really too young.
Chen Feng sneered and dialed Chen Zhong’s phone…
Yunsheng Building.
Xia Hao came to the company early in the morning refreshed. In order to celebrate Xia Mengyao’s expulsion, he went to the clubhouse to find two younger sisters to have a good night, so today his mood is particularly comfortable.
I took back all the engineering teams and became the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project. The only thing I need to do now is to lie down and make money.
That little bitch of Xia Mengyao, I am afraid that she is already at home with anger, Xia Hao said triumphantly.
“Son, come with me to Dingfeng Company in a while.” Seeing Xia Hao, Xia Qichao was also blushing.
“Ah? Haven’t the project been negotiated? How can I go back?” Xia Hao couldn’t help being stunned. The last time he was in Dingfeng, Lin Zongwei had left him a psychological shadow, which caused him to hear about Dingfeng now. Frustrated.
“The project is negotiated, but how to implement the project has to be discussed.” Xia Qichao said.
“Dad, can’t you let them go?” Xia Hao asked weakly.
Xia Qichao glared at Xia Hao, and said, “Now you are the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project. Let your second uncle take care of it.”
“Dad knows what you are worried about, but you can rest assured that this time we have a contract in hand, Lin Zongwei dare not do anything to us.”
“I’m afraid that Xia Mengyao, a bitch, will blow Lin Zongwei’s pillow wind and make Lin Zongwei trouble us.” Xia Hao said worriedly.
“Hmph, this is not a project of hundreds of thousands of millions, but a project of hundreds of millions. Lin Zongwei will not make a fuss about this kind of thing if he has a little brain. He is just the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project. It is the Chen family who really controls Yuquan Mountain!”
“If Lin Zongwei dared to make trouble for us, the Chen family would never let him go!” Xia Qichao believed in himself, but I am afraid he would never have thought of killing him. It was not the Chen family that actually controlled Yuquan Mountain, but Chen Feng.
“Dad, let’s go then.”
For the Chen family, Xia Hao is still very envious. He dreams that the Xia family will become a wealthy man like the Chen family, stomping his feet and making the entire China shake three times.
But Xia Hao can only think about it. A family like the Chen family, if you can’t meet you when you are born, then you will never want to catch up in your life.
Xia Qichao and his son came to Dingfeng Company again. The difference from last time is that the beauty front desk of Dingfeng Company was very cold towards them, as if they were dispensable.
But this time, Xia Hao could obviously feel that the beauty front desk looked at him with a lot of enthusiasm.
Xia Hao was in a good mood immediately.
“Mr. Lin.”
Knocking on the door of Lin Zongwei’s office, Xia Qichao smiled and said hello.
But when Lin Zongwei saw the two of them, his face suddenly fell: “What are you doing here?”
Xia Qichao’s face froze, and said: “Mr. Lin, our Xia family and your company signed a contract with Yuquanshan a few days ago…”
“Did you sign the contract?” Lin Zongwei interrupted lightly before Xia Qichao finished speaking.
“This…it’s not.” Xia Qichao smiled and said: “But no matter who signed it, it is our Xia family, so anyone can do it.”
“What if I have to let the person who signed the contract with me come?” Lin Zongwei raised his eyelids and said.
“President Lin, why should it be difficult for others to be strong.” Xia Qichao’s expression was a little stiff. Xia Mengyao had been fired at this moment, how could he come over.
Lin Zongwei shook his head disdainfully, and said, “Go back, I will talk about it when Miss Xia comes over.”
“Mr. Lin, Mengyao has something to do during this time, and she really can’t make it through.”
“Then come back when she is fine, I can afford to wait.” Lin Zongwei said.
Seeing Lin Zongwei’s tough attitude and not giving himself any face, Xia Qichao’s face suddenly became a little ugly.
“Mr. Lin, we signed the contract.” Xia Qichao said again.
“Yes, President Lin, your personal reasons have delayed the construction of Yuquan Mountain Resort, isn’t it?” Xia Hao said, with a hint of threat in his tone.
Lin Zongwei’s face suddenly became cold: “Are you threatening me?!”
Xia Hao’s complexion changed, so she gritted her teeth and said in a low voice: “Mr. Lin, you laughed, how dare I threaten you.”
“Humph.” Lin Zongwei snorted coldly, and said, “I dare not get out of here!”
Xia Qichao and his son’s complexion turned blue and red. They didn’t expect Lin Zongwei to be so confident. Isn’t he really afraid of the Chen family?
Seeing that Xia Qichao and his son were motionless, Lin Zongwei snorted again and said, “Why, do you still want me to invite you out?”
Hearing this, the two dared not pretend to be dead anymore and hurriedly left the office. They didn’t want to be’invited’ out by Lin Zongwei as they did last time.
After leaving Dingfeng Company, Xia Hao’s face was full of resentment: “Grass! This Lin Zongwei, has he eaten a bear-hearted leopard? He is just a dog of the Chen family, why is he so crazy?”
Being humiliated by Lin Zongwei twice in a row, Xia Hao has completely lost his mind.
“Lin Zongwei must have something to rely on in doing this, and it may even have the acquiescence of the Chen family.” Xia Qichao guessed with an iron face.
“In this case, Dad, let’s file a lawsuit with them. After all, the contract has legal effect. If one party breaches the contract, the default payment alone will be more than 300 million.”
“Fool! You’re in a lawsuit with the Chen family, your brain is run over by the car? Even if you can win, the Chen family will give you more than 300 million, do you dare to ask for it?” Xia Qichao cursed.
These words were like a basin of cold water, and Xia Hao was immediately poured out, dare to take the compensation from the Chen family, I am afraid the Xia family will disappear from this world the next day.
“What should I do then?” Xia Hao said unwillingly.
“I don’t know, go back and ask your grandpa.” Xia Qichao shook his head helplessly.
“I blame Xia Mengyao, this stinky bitch, she must have slept with Lin Zongwei again last night, grass!” Xia Hao scolded, and the resentment towards Xia Mengyao deepened.
After returning to the company, Xia Qichao relayed Lin Zongwei’s words to Xia Yunsheng intact.
Xia Yunsheng’s old face was also wrinkled.
Not to mention Xia Qichao, even he didn’t expect Lin Zongwei to even care about the contract.
“Grandpa, it must be Xia Mengyao’s ghost! She must have a grudge against your decision yesterday.” Xia Hao provokes.
Xia Yunsheng frowned and didn’t speak. The situation Xia Hao said was not impossible, but Xia Yunsheng felt that there must be other factors behind Lin Zongwei. Otherwise, Xia Mengyao alone would not be worth Lin Zongwei.
Is it Chen Feng? The figure of Chen Feng suddenly appeared in Xia Yunsheng’s mind, but then he shook his head again. If Chen Feng really had such a great energy, he would not join their Xia family, let alone be trampled on his head for three years. , Without speaking.
“Hao’er, now that things have happened, you can only be wronged.” Xia Yunsheng glanced at Xia Hao and sighed.
Xia Hao’s expression changed and said, “Grandpa, what do you mean…”

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