Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 28

“Go and apologize to Mengyao and let Mengyao return to the company.” Xia Yunsheng said. In fact, he didn’t want to make such a decision. After all, it was not only Xia Hao’s face, but also his face.
“Grandpa…” Xia Hao still wanted to refuse, but facing Shang Xia Yunsheng’s stern eyes, his tone softened again, “Well, I will try.”
“It’s not a try, but Mengyao must forgive me!” Xia Yunsheng said coldly.
“Yes, grandpa!” Xia Hao gritted his teeth and nodded, thinking of bowing to Xia Mengyao, Xia Hao felt as uncomfortable as having eaten a fly.
But now that he doesn’t do this, it means that Yuquanshan, the money maker, will have nothing to do with him.
Half an hour later, Xia Mengyao received a call from Xia Hao.
It was Xia Hao’s number, Xia Mengyao hung up directly.
Xia Hao was so angry, helpless, Xia Hao called again. This time, Xia Mengyao wanted to hang up, but Chen Feng took the phone.
“Something?” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“Where is Xia Mengyao? Let her answer the phone.” Xia Hao’s tone faintly suppressed an anger.
“Sleeping.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Go and wake her up, I have something to tell her.” Xia Hao ordered.
“Silly B!”
Chen Feng uttered two words and hung up.
In the Yunsheng Building, Xia Hao was so angry that he almost dropped the phone to the ground.
“Continue to fight.” Xia Qichao said with a sullen face.
Xia Hao called again, and Chen Feng smiled and pressed to answer.
“Chen Feng, don’t go too far!” Xia Hao said in a low voice. Xia Mengyao didn’t need to hang up his phone. Chen Feng was a trash and dared to hang up his phone. He was really muddled.
“If you have a fart, let it go.” Chen Feng rolled his eyes and said.
“Chen Feng, you tell Xia Mengyao that as long as she is obedient, the family can give her another chance to get back to work in the company.” Xia Hao’s tone was kind of charity.
Chen Feng sneered in his heart, Xia Hao, this stupid, still looks down on the situation!
“What if she is not obedient?” Chen Feng asked sarcastically.
“Then she will never want to return to the company!” Xia Hao said coldly.
Chen Feng almost laughed at the words. It seems that Xia Hao really regarded himself as a person.
This time, Chen Feng didn’t be polite with him, he hung up the phone neatly and pulled Xia Hao’s number into the blacklist.
Xia Mengyao on the side didn’t have any opinion on this, but instead felt that Chen Feng had done so and let out a sigh of relief for her.
“Grass! This waste, I will kill him sooner or later!”
Furious and frantic, Xia Hao directly threw the phone to the ground and roared with red eyes.
“Enough!” Xia Qichao snorted coldly, and said, “Your grandfather asked you to apologize. That’s how you say it?”
“But, Dad, Xia Mengyao, this stinky bitch, she doesn’t plan to answer my phone at all. Even Chen Feng, a trash, dare to shake my face…”
“You have to make it clear that it is you who beg, not you. Since you are asking, you must have an attitude of begging, just say that you just said that it is strange that people forgive you.” Xia Qichao said.
“Then what to do?”
“Buy some gifts, go directly to Xia Mengyao’s house, and apologize to her in person.”
“Dad, let me apologize to that bitch Xia Mengyao, where does this put my face?” Xia Hao was reluctant.
“Is your face important or the Yuquanshan project important?” Xia Qichao glared at Xia Hao dissatisfiedly. After speaking, his tone eased a little and said: “When the Yuquanshan project is completed, your position in Xia’s house will be complete. Steady, when the time comes, you can treat Xia Mengyao as you want, even if you drive her out of the Xia family.”
“But this time, you must be soft with Xia Mengyao, even if you are ashamed!”
“Okay, let this bitch be proud for a few days.” Xia Hao gritted his teeth.
In the evening, Xia Hao and Xia Qichao visited with fruits. Lin Lan opened the door.
This time, Xia Hao was a good student, as soon as he walked in, he called out three aunts and three aunts.
But Lin Lan didn’t give him a good face, after all, just yesterday, Xia Hao almost ruined Xia Mengyao’s life.
Lin Lan is like this, Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng are even more unlikely to take Li Xia Hao.
So Xia Qichao and his son were left alone by the family, and they didn’t even have a place to sit.
Seeing Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao talking and laughing, Xia Hao was so angry that he almost broke his teeth.
But this time, he couldn’t be impulsive anymore.
“Ahem, Mengyao, there may be some misunderstandings between you and Haoer.” For a long time, Xia Qichao spoke dryly.
“What’s the misunderstanding?” Chen Feng said lightly.
There was a gloom in Xia Qichao’s eyes, and he suddenly discovered that now their father and son, the biggest resistance is not Xia Mengyao, but Chen Feng. I don’t know when, Chen Feng, this trash, became bolder, and didn’t say anything against Xia Yunsheng. Now he doesn’t even look at him.
“Chen Feng, this is our Xia family’s own business, what are you talking about?” Xia Hao said coldly. He planned to be soft with Xia Mengyao, but he did not plan to be soft with Chen Feng.
Chen Feng sneered. Just about to speak, Xia Mengyao spoke first: “Chen Feng meant what I meant.”
Chen Feng’s heart warmed and he naturally understood that Xia Mengyao had handed over the decision-making power to him.
Xia Hao gritted his teeth, but didn’t say anything. Xia Qichao also turned his gaze to Chen Feng. He also understood that now in Xia Mengyao’s family, Chen Feng is in charge, not anyone else.
“Chen Feng, what do you mean?” Xia Qichao asked.
Chen Feng did not answer Xia Qichao’s question, but instead asked: “Are you here to apologize?”
“Yes, Haoer spread some false rumors because of impulse yesterday, which caused a lot of harm to Mengyao and caused Mengyao to be expelled from the family. Haoer did something wrong.” Xia Qichao said calmly.
Xia Hao also spoke at the right time: “Meng Yao, what happened yesterday was that my cousin did something wrong. My cousin apologizes to you and hopes you can accept it.”
Xia Hao bent down, the bitterness in his eyes, making no secret of it.
“Is it just a rumor?” Xia Mengyao said coldly. Until now, Xia Hao refused to admit that this matter was simply designed by him.
Xia Hao’s face changed, and he asked knowingly, “Meng Yao, what do you mean by this?”
“I don’t mean anything, Xia Hao, you can go away!” Xia Mengyao sneered. Since Xia Hao refused to admit it, she didn’t bother to talk nonsense with Xia Hao.
However, Xia Qichao glanced at Xia Hao in a puzzled way, and couldn’t help but wonder. Could it be that yesterday’s thing was not what Xia Hao said, but something else?
Or even Xia Mengyao framed by Xia Hao’s design? ! Xia Qichao was startled by the thought that suddenly popped up in his own mind. If that was the case, then I would apologize for the fart.
Xia Mengyao would be fine without killing Xia Hao.
Xia Qichao suddenly felt that things were very difficult, but at this time, he could only bite the bullet and said: “Mengyao, no matter what Xia Hao does, we are all a family, and we can discuss things slowly between the family.”
“A family?” Chen Feng raised a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and said, “Uncle, since it is a family, let’s discuss it, how about giving Mengyao the responsibility for the Yuquanshan project?”

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