Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 284

Lin Lan lost her voice in an instant, as if she was suddenly pinched in her throat, swallowing all the swear words she had prepared.
“Who are you? What are you doing by kicking my house?” Lin Lan forced her anger and asked. The reason why she suppressed her anger and didn’t explode was because she could see that these people were not easy.
The price of this famous brand worn by the tall woman headed by the tall woman can’t come without hundreds of thousands.
Behind her was an old man in a white outfit. Although he was squinting at the moment, it was obviously not easy to mess with.
There were also three bodyguards in black suits, and Lin Lan didn’t dare to get angry at all with the solemn look.
“You are not qualified to know my name.” The tall woman looked proud, as if being known by Lin Lan by her name was an insult to herself.
There was a touch of shame in Lin Lan’s eyes, this bitch is too pretending.
“Where is that savage man?” The tall woman glanced in the living room and found that Chen Feng was not there.
“Who do you say is a wild species? Everyone in our family has a name. No one is a wild species.” Lin Lan raised her brows, she couldn’t stand it. The tall girl kicked her home as soon as she came. She opened her mouth and closed her mouth for wild species, really when she was so bullied?
The tall woman Liu’s eyebrows frowned: “Do you dare to talk back?”
“I…” Lin Lan’s eyes widened, and she wanted to explode, but after facing the tall woman’s cold gaze, she was instantly stunned and her tone softened instantly. He came down: “I didn’t talk back, you misunderstood.”
“Misunderstanding?” The tall woman sneered: “If you misunderstand, tell me immediately, where is the wild species?”
“Chen Feng, my lady said that the wild species is Chen Feng.” At this moment, the old man in white clothes behind him faintly said. Chen Yingrou has hated Chen Feng since she was a child. She hates to call Chen Feng directly. She prefers to call Chen. Peak wild species.
Lin Lan suddenly realized: “You are talking about that trash?”
“He is not at home now.”
Lin Lan said with some joy, the tall woman in front of him, at first glance, was looking for Chen Feng’s trouble. The enemy’s enemy, that is, a friend. .
Lin Lan’s attitude immediately became enthusiastic, and even the look at Chen Yingrou was pleasing to her eyes a lot.
“When will he come back?”
Chen Yingrou raised a sneer at the corner of her mouth. It was not difficult to see from Lin Lan’s reaction that the rumor within the Chen family was true.
During the three years when Chen Feng was the son-in-law of Xia’s family, he had a bad life and was rejected by the Xia family, especially his mother-in-law Lin Lan.
“I don’t know, but if you need it, Miss, I can call him back now.” Lin Lan said flatteringly. Recently, Chen Feng made her show a lot of ugliness and beat her a few days ago. Slap, this hatred, she has always wanted to repay, and today she just borrowed the hand of the tall woman in front of her to clean up Chen Feng.
“Fight, let him get back right away!” A cold light flashed across Chen Yingrou’s beautiful eyes.
Lin Lan smiled and took out the phone, but at this
moment, a cold voice came from behind: “No hitting!” It was Xia Mengyao.
Chen Yingrou shifted her gaze to Xia Mengyao, and she smiled playfully: “Are you the wife of that wild species?”
“Keep your mouth clean!” Xia Mengyao’s face was cold, although she and Chen Feng’s relationship appeared to be cracked, but she never Allowed, anyone scolded Chen Feng in front of her.
Chen Yingrou didn’t care, took two steps forward, walked to Xia Mengyao, sneered and provoked: “What if I don’t?”
“I’ll call him wild species, what do you want to do with me?”
Xia Mengyao’s beautiful eyes were cold, and she raised her hand and prepared to slap Chen Yingrou.
But Chen Yingrou is faster than her! After a crisp sound of
, Xia Mengyao was slapped to the ground, a blood-red palm print appeared on her fair and pretty face, and a few blood stains were blown out from the corners of her mouth.
“Bitch, you are quite defending that wild species.” Chen Yingrou sneered. Xia Mengyao’s reaction was still a little bit beyond her expectation. In her opinion, if Xia Mengyao is smarter, she should see that she is not simple.
Shouldn’t offend her for Chen Feng.
But Xia Mengyao was not only offended, but also so unwilling to turn back.
It can only be said that Chen Feng’s position in Xia Mengyao’s heart is very lofty, already lofty enough that it cannot be insulted at all.
“Lan Lan, are there any guests at home?”
At this time, Xia Weiguo came out of the bedroom sleepily. When he saw the scene in the living room, his expression suddenly changed.
“Who are you and why did you beat my daughter?”
Xia Weiguo immediately turned his attention to Chen Yingrou.
“Your daughter?” Chen Yingrou sneered at Xia Weiguo, then slapped Xia Mengyao’s pretty face with another slap.
“I’m hitting her!”
“This bitch deserves to be hit!”
looking for death!” Xia Weiguo was furious, picked up the bench on the ground, and rushed towards Chen Yingrou.
“Old Xia!”
Lin Lan was startled, just about to stop Xia Weiguo, but Chen Yingrou’s bodyguard jumped high, and directly kicked Xia Weiguo’s nose with a whip leg.
There was a “click”.
Xia Weiguo flew out and smashed into the hallway. His nose bone instantly broke, and the bridge of his nose was full of blood.
“Why are you beating people? Is there any king law!”
Lin Lan was angry and annoyed.
“Wang Fa?” The beating bodyguard sneered: “My lady is Wang Fa!”
“Mom, call the police!”
Xia Mengyao bit her silver teeth, and the arrogance of the people in front of her surpassed her imagination.
“Haha, report to the police?”
“You report, you just report it, I want to see, which police dare to catch me Chen Yingrou.”
Chen Yingrou sneered again and again, extremely arrogant.
Chen Yingrou?
Xia Mengyao’s pupils shrank, and she couldn’t help but set off a shocking wave in her heart. It turned out to be from the Chen family!
“Okay, wait! I’ll report it!”
Lin Lan was furious, and she didn’t believe it anymore. This so-called Chen Yingrou was so powerful that even the police could ignore it.
Chen Yingrou’s expression was relaxed and free, and she didn’t even put Lin Lan’s threat in her eyes.
It was Li Juncheng, the top leader in Cangzhou, who came to see her face and called her Miss Chen respectfully, not to mention a few police officers.
“Mom, you don’t need to report it.” Xia Mengyao said in a deep voice. If it was from the Chen family, it would be useless to call the police at all, it would just be humiliating.
“Not reported? Why did you not report again?” Lin Lan’s eyes widened, not knowing why.
“There is no why.” Xia Mengyao took a deep breath and turned her gaze to Chen Yingrou: “What are you looking for Chen Feng for?”
“You are not qualified to know.” Chen Yingrou glanced at Xia Mengyao disdainfully, although Xia Mengyao is Chen Feng’s wife, but In the eyes of the Chen family, Xia Mengyao’s status is similar to that of Chen’s servants.
After another glance at Xia Mengyao, Chen Yingrou said in a cold voice:
“Bitch, if you are acquainted, call that trash as soon as possible!”
“I will give you ten seconds. After ten seconds, if you don’t fight, I I will break your leg!”

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