Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 283

“Should?” Chen Feng smiled bitterly, it seems that Huo Hongyan still can’t represent the Huo family.
“Young Master Chen, I can ask Grandpa, and Grandpa will agree.” Huo Hongyan looked at Chen Feng weakly.
Chen Feng shook his head and smiled: “No, Miss Huo, regardless of whether the Huo family agrees to my request, I will sell this ice tyrannossum to Miss Huo. Let’s make a good relationship.”
As for Chen Feng, Although Bing Tilian was important, it was not so important that it was inseparable. On the contrary, with the help of the Huo family, Chen Feng was even more lacking.
“Thank you Chen Shao.” Huo Hongyan smiled like a flower. She didn’t expect Chen Summit to speak so well.
“Uncle Huo, what is the market price of Bing Tilian?”
Huo Hongyan asked.
“About 1.5 billion.” After pondering for a moment, Huo Qingsong reported a number.
Huo Hongyan couldn’t help exclaiming, 1.5 billion? ! Why is it so expensive?
“Miss, such natural treasures as ice tyranids are generally unforgettable. At an international auction held on the cruise ship Monterina in France a few years ago, there was an ice tyllus for sale. With a high price of 1.3 billion yuan, the market price of Bing Tilian will only be high but not low in the past few years…” Huo Qingsong smiled bitterly, he knew that Huo Hongyan didn’t have that much money at all.
“Chen Shao, I only have 500 million in my hand. I have one billion left. Can I make an IOU? I will pay it off within three years.”
Huo Hongyan glanced at Chen Feng in embarrassment and said.
She really doesn’t have that much money. Although she is the little princess of the Huo family and has a pivotal position within the Huo family, she doesn’t care about managing the companies under her name. She makes two or three in a year. Billion, this time I came to the mainland, and it was almost spent.
“No need to pay IOUs, Miss Huo, Bing Tilian, I will sell you five hundred million yuan.” Chen Feng smiled and said, although one billion yuan is a lot, but now he is not bad money. Hongyan personal feelings.
Five hundred million?
Huo Hongyan was dumbfounded, did Chen Feng sell things like this? Other sellers were afraid that their things would not be able to sell at high prices, but Chen Feng turned out to be better, one billion less.
It is one billion, not ten dollars.
Even in Huo’s family, one billion is not a small number.
“No, no.” Huo Hongyan waved her hand hurriedly, her face flushed, and said: “Chen Shaoneng sold Bing Tilian to Hong Yan, Hong Yan is already grateful, how can I take advantage of Chen Shao’s advantage, only 1.5 billion , With the one billion left, Hong Yan will make an IOU, and within three years, Hong Yan will definitely return it to Shao Chen.”
Seeing Huo Hongyan’s firm face, Chen Feng nodded helplessly: “Okay, then Chen was disrespectful.”
Huo Hongyan smiled on her pretty face.
“Zewen, you ask Gu Dongchen and Lao Han to bring a few brothers and get a few heavy trucks to come over and transport the black snake back.”
Chen Feng shifted his gaze to Chen Zewen. Actually, this trip to Yuquan Mountain, The biggest gain is not the ice lotus, but the black snake in front of him.
To be precise, it was the body of this black snake.
In terms of body size, the life span of this one must exceed two hundred years.
What is the concept of two hundred years?
Even a pig will become a unique pig after two hundred years of life.
Not to mention the black snake that can absorb the essence of the sun and moon.
In two hundred years, the black snake has long evolved into a species of another level. Its scales are invulnerable. If it is made into an inner armor, its protection is incomparable even with the world’s most advanced nano-body armor.
In addition to the scales, the gall of this black snake is also a rare treasure.
Ordinary people only need to swallow a little to prolong their life and protect against poison.
Coupled with Bing Tilian, such a natural treasure, even if it is a martial artist, it is of great benefit.
In short, this black snake is full of treasures.
Its value is not less than that of the three ice lotus.
A few minutes later, Chen Zeli emerged from the water, with three snow-colored lotus in his hand, crystal clear, with distinct root petals.
It is Bing Tilian.
“Shao Chen, I found it.”
Chen Zeli was a little excited, ice lotus is the nemesis of fire poison, as long as there is ice lotus, the fire poison of Huang Lao San can be cured soon.
“Install it.”
Chen Feng smiled and asked Chen Zewen to take out the jade box he had prepared long ago, put the three ice lotus plants separately, and then gave a box to Huo Hongyan.
After thanking him again and again, Huo Hongyan brought everyone from the Huo family down the mountain.
Three hours later, Gudong Chen and Han Long arrived with Jishihaoren hand, when you see the mountains as black snake-like bodies of all people, are instantly petrochemical, shocked face Words can not describe ……
in Gudong Chen When He Han Long was shocked by the black snake body, a white private plane landed on the airport runway in Cangzhou City.
The hatch opened, and a tall woman with black sunglasses, a Givenchy shirt and a black skirt and stockings appeared on the bottom.
The woman’s skin is as radiant as jade, and the face of a melon seed is exquisite as if God himself carved it.
In addition to her face, the woman’s figure is also very exquisite, and the curve is extremely attractive.
After getting off the plane, the woman took off her sunglasses, revealing a pair of narrow and beautiful eyes. At this moment, these beautiful eyes were full of coldness.
“Where is that wild species now?” the woman said coldly, her tone without any emotion.
“Miss, he went to Yuquan Mountain early this morning and has not returned yet.” Behind the woman, a man in a black suit and headset replied respectfully.
“Go to his house and wait for him!” There was a
sneer at the corner of the woman’s mouth, and then everyone got on a Rolls Royce.
At this time, Lin Lan was cooking in the kitchen, cutting vegetables while humming, obviously in a very happy mood.
In fact, Lin Lan has always maintained this mood since living in Yuquan Mountain.
From the envious eyes of outsiders, it is not difficult to find that Lin Lan is now a master of humanity and has entered the upper class.
Those neighbours who had mocked her before, now they are all respectful when they see her, with a sentence from Sister Lan on the left and Sister Lan on the right.
Lin Lan felt that her life had reached the peak.
“Bang Bang Bang”
at this moment, there was a dense and rough knock on the door.
“Come here.”
Lin Lan shouted, put down the kitchen knife in his hand, and walked towards the door.
“Bang Bang Bang”
the people outside the door seemed to be a little impatient, and the knock on the door increased again.
Now Lin Lan couldn’t bear it anymore, and she started to curse with her throat: “Knock on what?! You knocked on my door. Can you pay for it!” The
words “bang”
just fell, and the solid wood security door was caught. With a kick open, the door panel fell apart and sawdust flew across.
Lin Lan’s eyes widened suddenly, furious and stunned, walked a few steps to the door, ready to yell, but then met a cold, unsentimental gaze.

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